Amazing American Business Class Fares To South America

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While this is probably a pretty niche deal, I still think it’s worth sharing. It’s not often you see (intentionally) published roundtrip long haul business class fares of under $1,000, which is why this is so noteworthy.

American Airlines fares to South America

Today only (through 11:59PM CT) American Airlines is offering sub-$1,000 business class fares from the United States to Latin America:

  • This is valid for tickets originating in the lower 48 US, and to select destinations in South America
  • Eligible destinations include Buenos Aires (EZE), Rio de Janeiro (GIG), Sao Paulo (GRU), Lima (LIM), Montevideo (MVD), and Santiago (SCL)
  • This is valid for travel between January 19 and April 30, 2021
  • There’s no minimum stay requirement, so you could turn right around if you wanted to
  • This is only valid for flights operated by American Airlines and American Eagle, and not for codeshare flights

Availability with these fares seems to be wide open, whether you’re looking to travel from Seattle to Santiago, New York to Buenos Aires, or Miami to Rio de Janeiro. I see availability a vast majority of dates during the offer period.

Fly American business class to South America for under $1,000

My take on this deal

I’m writing about this deal not because traveling internationally is necessarily the best idea right now, but rather because we almost never see paid business class fares this low. Some people may have reasons to travel between the United States and Latin America, and for those people that could be a good option.

A few more general thoughts:

  • Obviously there are concerns about the new strain of coronavirus in South America; while it’s a rough winter in the US, if you are going to travel, at least it’s the summer in South America, which makes it easier to stay outside
  • Flying as such doesn’t seem to be too risky (thanks to the precautions taken); I know some people are mileage running, so for those people this could be a decent option (to be honest I don’t really understand the concept of mileage running with modern day frequent flyer programs, but that’s a whole different topic)
  • The US has a new testing requirement for arriving international travelers; keep in mind all the other general risks and challenges of international travel nowadays

These business class fares are valid for travel through April 30

Bottom line

American Airlines has business class fares of under $1,000 roundtrip between the US and Latin America. These are some incredibly low fares, though the catch is that you have to travel in the next few months.

I doubt this will be of value to many, though for those who do have reasons to travel between the two continents, these fares are tough to beat.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of these American business class fares?

  1. I’m not sure about this. You’re aware the U.K. has banned all flights from South America? Much more travel like this and North America will be added to the list.

    You posted a couple days ago about how thrilled you were your parents had been vaccinated. That’s why the U.K. has banned travel from South America. How would you feel if they aren’t protected from the new strain there, brought over by your readers jumping on this fare?

    Please don’t make excuses for travel to South America. It’s just not responsible.

  2. Unless you’re a key worker travelling on essential business (of which I can’t imagine there’s many on this route) then please please just stay at home and try to reduce the spread until we can all be vaccinated!

  3. Alan, you’re more than welcome to make decisions for you and your own family. Also if you’re scared stay at home.

    Pretty simple advice, and you don’t even have to act like you are some sort of authoritative keeper either!

  4. If I take covid test at DFW or lax or MIA, would it be accepted back to USA since it’s less than 72 hours? I am looking at this as turnaround option but not sure if it’s really worth to stay at GIG or GRU from morning till evening. Crappy airports to start with.

  5. I bet we’ll see more of this type of pricing with the US testing standards that will interrupt any trip outside the USA.

  6. Cool, let’s promote irresponsible and probably impossible travel.

    No one should be planning trips between the US and South America in 1Q or 2Q 2021 for anything other than emergency purposes.

    Buying these fares is a great way to give AA some advance cash. Nothing more.

  7. It will be a good time to be a leisure traveler post Covid. Not so good for elite member upgrades and business people with expense accounts. Little Johnny who purchased that $87 fare is going to be offered a $100 upgrade to first class at checkin.

  8. I wish these fares were available last fall as I would have taken advantage of them! Thank you Lucky for sharing though!

  9. @capn obvious I like the way you combined being offended that a stranger gave you advice and then giving him advice.

    The great thing about being a human being is that instead of being an awkward sarcastic coward all the time, you can actually use your brain once in awhile if you choose. Clearly you chose the other path. Bummer!

  10. Haha great reply, Ryan. I’ve already been vaccinated so my concern is not for myself but for the healthcare systems having to try and cope with the massive numbers of Covid cases and the knock on effects this has on both Covid and non-Covid care. It would seem sensible to just cut back on non-essential travel for a bit and let’s get this thing under control.

  11. How do any of AAs cancellation/rebooking policies work with this fare? Can’t change it beyond that date range without paying fare difference right?

  12. I actually just bought some rt business class tickets on LATAM from NYC to SCL for a trip to Patagonia in October for $1500USD, which is pretty great too, pretty sure I’ll be vaccinated by then.

  13. What happens if AA has to cancel the flight if restrictions to/from a given country increase? Will they honor a change of dates without increased fare if it is involuntary? Or just give a travel credit?

    I have no intention of traveling by April, but could be tempted to take a chance on being able to voluntarily cancel for credit if the flight is operating, if there might be some chance of switching dates at no extra cost if AA cancels.

  14. FWIW those with 25% off codes that expire tonight can stack this on top bringing fares down even more. Priced JFK-EZE around $750pp

  15. @Alan if you are hiding under your desk in fear anyway why were you so selfish to get a vaccine when there are numerous medical workers that haven’t had one yet?

  16. These were sub-$500 a few weeks ago. I booked two – one for Jan, one for May. I canceled the January one (obviously). AA put the credit voucher almost immediately into my accout.

    The big issue with these is the last days are late April… not sure it is worth it even then.

  17. Wish.
    Can’t wait.
    Have been to Hawaii twice.
    Fingers crossed Mexico next.
    Naysayers can stay out of my business.
    What I so is none of their concern.

  18. Actually Dave, whatever you do is 100% other people’s concern when your actions potentially impact them. You can shoot yourself in the head any time you want, but when you start shooting other people, it’s a problem.

    I hope you get away with it, and don’t cause any further problems in an already stressed system. But getting away with it won’t detract from your apparent disdain for other people.

    Thank you to those who are respecting the situation properly. If everyone had done that from the start, we’d all be in a better place now.

  19. Lol @dave you seem to be making a bit of an assumption there about the job I do – perhaps there’s a good reason why I have an insight into the medical world and have had a vaccine?

  20. @Kenny I had the same question. Would it be worth booking the flight knowing that you really want to go later in the year? Even though there’s no change fee there could be a big difference in the fare?

  21. There’s a bunch of hypocrites here, they must be trump losers.
    The USA is the country with most Covid19 cases and most deaths and you come here with these xenophobic comments.
    Wednesday is almost here, and we will welcome people from all Nations once again.

  22. Very likely in order to meet LATAM pricing. LATAM has a business class to Santiago (and beyond) that’s comparable to AA’s.

  23. Vaccination won’t affect travel policy. Transmission rates from where you traveling and where you are travelling to will affect travel policy.

    There will be no such things as vaccination “passports” for months if not longer, and certainly beyond the timeframe of this deal.

  24. Thank you so much for this, was able to get my father in law his first ever business class flight to Brazil. This post will lead to an amazing experience for a new traveler!

  25. Seriously , is anyone going to travel to South America in next 3 months. They have a variant that has warranted UK to ban visitors from the whole continent . Stay at home and cases will fall, we need to get over this .

  26. Going to Chile, now requiring negative test, quarintine, and proof of travel medical insurance to cover covid related medical expenses, also to move from city to city requires special permission from the police depending the level of quarintine of the departing and arriving city, there are health checkpoints in the highways and previous to depart in bus or plane to different regions of the country where they check for the permissions, possible more strict quarintine in Santiago in the next week due to increase of cases and full ICU’s in the region.

  27. Fabiano BP keep your damm political comments out of this forum. And for the others this is a travel blog not a forum on ethics. If you don’t want to travel, feel it is irresponsible, are scared and so on why are you on this forum? I really don’t get it. It’s your right to stay home not travel etc but geez please give the rest of us a break! We don’t all feel thus way.

  28. @Cmorgan – If you travel, you come home, you infect your whole family, and one of them dies, what will you say then? “geez please give the rest of us a break”?

    You could infect a stranger, that person could die, and you would never even know.

    Think about how you feel about drunk drivers, and then realize that COVID spreaders have killed 40x as many people this year.

    When someone tries to remind you to conduct yourself in a responsible manner, “stop bugging me” is not the best answer.

  29. @Ferdinand Magellan you really shouldn’t be on a travel website. You’re free to be home and follow the rules you want to follow while the rest of us travel. Just cut off the attempt of proving your point here.

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