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I arrived at Gatwick Airport shortly after 1PM, though my flight wasn’t until 9PM. Since I was doing two back-to-back redeyes, I figured it would be nice to get some rest in a “real” bed during my layover.

Fortunately that was easy thanks to the Yotel Gatwick. I’m quite a Yotel fan, and have reviewed their locations at London Heathrow and Singapore Changi.

Booking The Yotel Gatwick

Like most transit/cabin hotels, you can book the Yotel Gatwick either for an overnight stay, or by the hour, with a minimum of a four hour stay.

According to Yotel’s website, rates can be as low as the following:

  • Four hour usage from £42
  • Six hour usage from £52
  • Eight hour usage from £62

I booked a six hour block from 1PM until 7PM for £55 (~$72), including all taxes and fees.

Yotel Air Gatwick Review

Ultimately there’s not that much to talk about with the Yotel Gatwick, since unlike the location at Singapore Changi, this one doesn’t have a “lounge” or a gym. Below I’ll talk about the location of the property, and my cabin.

Yotel Gatwick Location

The Yotel is located at Gatwick’s South Terminal, though it’s also easily accessible via the inter-terminal shuttle service from the North Terminal.

To get to the Yotel, just go to the South Terminal international arrivals area.

Gatwick South Terminal international arrivals

Then on the right you’ll see the elevators leading down to the Yotel.

Elevators to Yotel Gatwick

Take the elevator down a floor, and you’ll see the Yotel entrance on the left.

Yotel Gatwick entrance

In case that’s not clear enough, here’s a map showing the location:

Yotel Gatwick location

Yotel Gatwick Standard Cabin

Once inside I headed to “Mission Control,” which is Yotel’s term for the check-in desk.

Yotel Gatwick entrance

The check-in process couldn’t have been faster. I wasn’t asked for a credit card, and was issued a key for my cabin literally within seconds. The Yotel employee told me that water and coffee are free at Mission Control at all times, and that there was also a room service menu in my cabin that I could order from.

Yotel Gatwick Mission Control

I was assigned cabin 21, which was down the second hall and to the right, just a short walk from reception.

Yotel Gatwick hallways

Yotel Gatwick cabin entrance

Yotel Gatwick floorplan

The previous times I stayed at Yotel I was in Premium Queen Cabins, which are significantly larger, but this time I was in a Standard Cabin. It was tiny, and I loved it.

There’s just something so indescribably cozy about these cabins. You know how kids love the concept of bunk beds? To me, Yotel is kind of like of like the adult version of that. I just love how it almost feels like a first class suite.

That’s not a coincidence, because the Yotel concept was even modeled after first class airplane suites.

Anyway, my cabin featured a twin bed that was quite a ways up — there was a little step that folded out so that I could access it, because otherwise it would be too high.

Yotel Gatwick standard cabin

The bedding was excellent, and there was a second pillow on a shelf across from the bed. The bed also had a wall-mounted personal TV, though I didn’t use it.

Yotel Gatwick standard cabin bed

While the bed may look a bit claustrophobic, I didn’t find that to be the case at all.

The floor space next to the bed was tiny, but well designed. There was a mirror and then a wall with a bunch of outlets.

Yotel Gatwick standard cabin

There’s a fold-out table, and then also a small stool that’s stored on the back of the door, so that you can even sit in the cabin if you’d like.

Yotel Gatwick standard cabin

Yotel Gatwick standard cabin sitting area

The bathroom was tiny, and had a toilet, sink, and shower. The toilet definitely had an odd location, but I understand they’re working with limited space.

Yotel Gatwick standard cabin bathroom

Yotel Gatwick standard cabin shower

Toiletries were in reusable containers.

Yotel Gatwick standard cabin toiletries

The cabin also had cute mood lighting.

Yotel Gatwick cabin mood lighting

I got a solid three hours of sleep, which makes such a difference when you’re on a trip like this. When I woke up I went to Mission Control to get a coffee and a water (both of which are complimentary).

Yotel complimentary coffee & water

I then worked from bed for a couple of hours — the Yotel has fast and free Wi-Fi.

I didn’t end up ordering anything, but for what it’s worth, the room service menu read as follows:

Yotel Gatwick Bottom Line

I love Yotel, simply put. The brand is incredibly consistent, and they deliver on their promises. I find Yotel cabins to be cozy, and I’m always thrilled when I have a long layover and see that there’s a Yotel. They’re the perfect place to get some rest, or to feel like you’re enjoying a first class suite (minus the service) at a fraction of the cost. 😉

  1. Lucky, one of my colleagues stayed at the Yotel Boston and said that whatever the mattress was made of made her too hot for comfortable sleeping – have you noticed this?

  2. @ Alonzo — The major difference is that these are inside airports. Would I love a Yotel if staying in a city and there were a St. Regis next door? Probably not. But what makes these so special is that they’re inside terminals.

  3. @ Kathleen I just stayed at the Yotel Boston as well and can confirm that it was quite warm, to the point where I was running the AC in January… We tried opening up the window, but since we were next to a restaurant with a smoker, the smell quickly overwhelmed the room and we were afraid of it sticking to our clothes the rest of the week.

    Yotels are fine for a quick 1-2 night stay, but I stayed in one for a whole week in Boston and it was definitely pushing it. It was a tight space to share with another person, and the Boston one doesn’t even offer free coffee in the check-in area, let alone fridges or microwaves, which are helpful for longer stays. The mood lighting is cool but intense and gets tired quickly as your eyes just want normal light.

    Also, if you share a room with someone, hopefully it’s someone you’re close to already. No privacy between the room and the bathroom other than a curtain, so you will certainly hear and smell anything coming from the bathroom.

    I think the Yotels are fine for airports (or near airports, like the one in Boston since it’s right on the Silver Line) where you just need a bed for the night. But I definitely don’t recommend them for longer stays.

  4. @ Juan thanks for the additional details, good to know. I work in Boston – my colleague was visiting from another office and tried the Yotel for one night, since it’s sort of close to our office. (She normally stays at Club Quarters.) I hate being too warm so that detail of her stay stood out.

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Boston!

  5. Hi Lucky, I recently stayed at the same YOTEL Gatwick, though for another obvious reason: Having arrived in London from home in Miami two days earlier, I had an onward flight out of Gatwick on BA leaving at 7:30am. So as that would have required me to leave my hotel in downtown London at around 5am to have enough time to check-in with luggage, and to enjoy some time at the Gatwick BA Galleries lounge (which in the Emerald side is quite nice), it simply made great sense to “camp out” and get some sleep at this YOTEL from late night until early dawn. Of course one can go to a regular Gatwick area hotel; but as that would easily add a total hour or more of time to shuttle there and back, this was definitely the best choice. And it was a fun “bunk bed style” event as you’ve described… but I did request a cabin with the “lower-berth” type of positioning, which was delightfully comfortable for this 7 hour stay from 11pm to 6am. I don’t really believe that any airport based YOTEL would be a great choice for much more than your layover or my early departure; but for these purposes it really seems to be the best!

  6. That Yotel is a dependable place to stay at Gatwick and agree that having the location right in the airport is super. I have also stayed at the Bloc Hotel in Gatwick. Slightly larger room with a few more amenities. But the Yotel bathrooms are a little nicer. Both of these hotels fill up quickly so if you have an inkling you need it best to reserve in advance,

  7. We stayed at that Yotel prior to a 6am flight from LGW to Split, Croatia, in 2008. It was cool and super convenient, and allowed us to take an EasyJet bus from central London for 2 GBP the night before, vs. having to pay for a few hours in a hotel in London _plus_ an expensive early-morning trip to LGW.

    My only complaint was that the room almost killed me. I touched the mirror after showering, standing on a wet floor, and there was apparently some sort of electrical current leak from somewhere because I got shocked. We reported it.

    So, yeah, other than that Ms. Lincoln, how was the play?

  8. Definitely fit for purpose, but that purple ‘mood lighting’? Some airlines use it a little too liberally too, and I just HATE, HATE,HATE it! Always have; maybe a deal-killer.
    (Have you ever looked at the colour of your own skin in this lighting? Scary…)

  9. @Ben I was referring to you loving these because of the room which you mentioned. Not being inside an airport terminal. The room setup is the same as a Moxy.

  10. I have used this a few times and have found it to be excellent for a short stay and as you stated it alleviates the extra hour or so If staying at a LGW area airport with transport options, I too aren’t fond of that lighting – if it’s onboard QR yes but otherwise no thankyou

  11. Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar option next to EWR? I have back to back redeye flights and need about 5 hours. Thanks for any leads.

  12. I’m sorry – Why do 3 separate readers have to mention a typo? For any sake- Get a grip and read the previous comments rather than trying to be so smart.

  13. I find the entrance (mission control) area is quite seedy and off putting – the whole place feels a bit gross in a sense – i usually stay at the BLOC just opposite – however cant fault the concept especially if you just need some zzz’s for a few hours

  14. Wish you’d used the TV as it would be good to know what channels they have. Those menu prices though!!!!

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