Review: Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei Airport

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I had quite a bit of time between by 5:30AM visit to the China Airlines Lounge, and my 9:40AM flight to Manila on Philippine Airlines, so I decided to check out another lounge.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei Terminal 1 Review

Plaza Premium has four lounges at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport — two are in Terminal 1 and two are in Terminal 2.

I decided to check out the Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 1 in “Zone C,” since that opened at 6AM, right around the time I would be visiting (the other one nearby is open 24/7).

Plaza Premium Lounge Location

There are six lounges at TPE Terminal 1 that are all next to one another, and I’ve already reviewed two of them (the Starlux and China Airlines ones).

After clearing security and then immigration, just walk either left or right, and then down the hall you’ll see the escalator and elevator leading up a level to the lounges along the center of the terminal.

Taipei Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1 lounges

In the same area you have two Plaza Premium locations, and I visited the one between the Cathay Pacific and China Airlines lounges.

Taipei Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1 lounge locations

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei exterior

I arrived at the lounge just a minute before the doors opened. There were no other people waiting, probably because the other lounge is open 24/7, so there was no need to wait for this one to open.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei entrance

Plaza Premium Lounge Hours

The T1 Zone C Plaza Premium Lounge is open daily from 6AM until 10PM, which covers most departures at the airport, though not all of them. The nearby T1 Zone D Plaza Premium Lounge is your best option if this lounge is closed, since it’s the only 24/7 lounge in the terminal, as far as I know.

How To Access The Plaza Premium Lounge

Plaza Premium Lounges are generally contract lounges for airlines, and can also be accessed with Priority Pass and other lounge memberships/programs.

In the case of the Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei T1, premium passengers on the following airlines have access:

  • China Eastern
  • China Southern
  • Thai Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Shandong Airlines
  • Xiamen Air

On top of that, the lounge can be accessed by Priority Pass members, and you can also purchase access outright, including through LoungeBuddy.

Plaza Premium Lounge signage

Plaza Premium Lounge Layout & Seating

The Plaza Premium Lounge I visited in Taipei wasn’t especially big, but was nicely appointed. It’s not surprising it’s not too big, since there’s a similarly sized Plaza Premium location just a few lounges over.

Just inside the entrance to the lounge were half a dozen hexagonal cubicles.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei seating

I was sold on the lounge as soon as I saw these, because I love this kind of setup — it’s quiet and there are conveniently located outlets. I opened up my laptop and put in some headphones, and I no longer felt like I was in an airport.

Plaza Premium Lounge TPE seating

Past that and further into the lounge were some coffee tables with two chairs each, as well as some dining tables.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei seating

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei seating

Then there were some bi-level communal tables.

Plaza Premium Lounge TPE seating

Plaza Premium Lounge TPE seating

There was more dining seating on the other side of a partition, with some booths near the buffet.

Plaza Premium Lounge TPE seating

Deep into the left side of the lounge were rows of chairs, with the same decor you’ll find in virtually any Plaza Premium lounge. At the very end of this area was a couch.

Plaza Premium Lounge TPE seating

Plaza Premium Lounge TPE seating

Plaza Premium Lounge TPE seating

The lounge wasn’t huge, but it felt fresh and never got too crowded.

Plaza Premium Lounge Food & Drinks

The buffet was on the far wall across from the entrance, and the selection was pretty standard for Plaza Premium.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei buffet

There were some hot and cold options, pictured below.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei buffet

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei buffet

There was also a menu you could order off of, and over breakfast there was the choice of Taiwanese beef noodle soup, Taiwanese chicken rice, vegetarian udon soup, and sweet potato congee.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei a la carte options

Drinks and some other light snacks were along the wall next to the buffet, and there were soft drinks, juice, a coffee machine, and a red and white wine.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei buffet

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei coffee

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei drink selection

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei drink selection

Snacks included whole fruit, yogurt, cereal, (stale) croissants and bread, and some sweets.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei snacks

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei food

Plaza Premium Lounge Bathrooms

The bathrooms were inside the lounge and to the left. However, best I could tell, the lounge didn’t have any showers.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei bathrooms

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei Bottom Line

Plaza Premium lounges are incredibly consistent in terms of decor and food, and this Taipei lounge is no exception.

For contract lounges they have nice decor, in my opinion. I particularly like the variety of seating options, ranging from semi-private cubicles, to traditional lounge seating, to booths.

The food selection wasn’t particularly impressive, though I do like that most Plaza Premium locations at least have some cooked to order options.

If you’ve visited the Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei, what was your experience like?

  1. TPE is my favorite connecting airport between ORD-MNL. While I also have access to the EVA lounges, I’ve used Plaza Premium many times and found them most accommodating on my 4-5 hour layovers. They’ve also been very good to my young grandchildren.

  2. The best thing about all the loungeS being right next to each other (the other two plaza lounges are also grouped together) is that I can bring my family plus mom and dad using just the Sapphire Reserve card. The lounge attendants there allows me to bring all 5 guests in the same lounge and they allow me to walk over the other lounge to swipe my card agaim.

  3. There’s a couple of months I visited this lounge almost every Sunday afternoon. Food ok, service ok, seats ok, wine ok, power outlet ok… I can’t think of anything wrong there but also nothing encourages me to visit there again.

  4. “Plaza Premium lounges are incredibly consistent in terms of decor and food, and this Taipei lounge is no exception.”

    They’re like the Cracker Barrel of airport lounges.

  5. Hi Lucky,
    Which lounge in TPE do you prefer most in terms of food? Currently planning to shower in Eva lounge, since the I consider their food terrible but showers amazing; and then head over SQ or this Plaza Premium lounge to hang out and eat.

    Please let me know your thoughts, or anyone else feel free to comment 🙂

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