Wow: Emirates Throws Major (But Fair) Shade At United In New Video

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This whole United fiasco is really taking the world by storm! The biggest YouTuber in the world, PewDiePie, just released a sarcastic video dedicated to United and the incident.

On the airline front, Royal Jordanian was quick to respond, as has become the norm recently. Their marketing team is doing a fantastic job.

Meanwhile, I was just browsing Twitter and saw Emirates released this video:

Wow! That was shady, and I love it. It’s nice that the Gulf carriers can enjoy this moment. Now let’s see what Qatar and Etihad have to say 😉

This has been a quickly-moving story with myriad updates. The full coverage of the United incident from the One Mile at a Time team is as follows:

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Wow: Emirates Throws Major (But Fair) Shade At United In New Video
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  1. This is a good one! Lol thanks for sharing. BTW, I am now hearing that apparently that United flight was *not* overbooked at all! It was sold out, but only overbooked once United decided the 4 employees are *must-ride* passengers (which meant paying passengers had to be bumped off.) I’m curious whether United decided to add those 4 employees before or after the passengers had boarded the plane.

  2. Well done Royal Jordanian. Perhaps this might be what it takes to get the ME3 flying more US routes… I’d love to see the rules changed to allow foreign carriers to operate domestic routes in the USA. Think of all the jobs it would create. Someone’s got to staff the lounges, clean airplanes, cater meals, and provide good customer service — things the US airlines don’t seem to be interested in.

  3. I am surprised that Delta and Alaska and American haven’t offered immediate status challenges to United elites. Although…based on a lot of airline policy decisions, it seems like the airlines actually don’t want too many elites and have to give away too many freebies.

  4. Gee Daniel. Are you really giving “column space” to PewDiePie, a potty-mouthed racist who makes jokes about killing jews?

    Seriously? Put your computer away, Daniel. You are worshipping the wrong idols.

  5. Why would anyone fly United ? They are the world’s worst airline but a great distance they treat their customers with total contempt.

  6. @deas

    Just google it. It has been a huge scandal. Guy is horrible and has been banned by multiple platforms including YouTube Red ending their production relationship with him over this and related stuff.

    @Daniel. I second WilliamC’s comment. The guy is trash and I really wish you wouldn’t mention him as an example. He’s just trying to be relevant by taking advantage of this situation for his personal gain

  7. Let’s face facts – the only reason for US domestic flights is such volume is that the US has failed to invest in a high speed passenger train infrastructure. So this segment of the industry is merely a flying bus system with passengers respected to that standard.

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