WOW Air Is Adding Flights To Dallas As Of May 2018

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WOW Air keeps growing their US route network at an incredible pace. Their first US destination was Boston in March 2015, and since then they’ve added flights to BaltimoreLos AngelesSan FranciscoNewarkMiamiPittsburgh, and Chicago. A couple of weeks ago we learned that they’ll add flights to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, and St. Louis, in the spring of 2018. Once these destinations are added, WOW Air will serve a dozen cities in the US.

WOW Air has now announced their next US destination. As of May 24, 2018, WOW Air will offer 3x weekly flights to Dallas Ft. Worth Airport. The schedule for the flight will be as follows:

WW191 Reykjavik to Dallas departing 9:30PM arriving 12:45AM [Mon, Wed, Fri]
WW192 Dallas to Reykjavik departing 4:10PM arriving 4:45AM (+1 day) [Tue, Thu, Sat]

The flight is blocked at 8hr15min westbound and 7hr35min eastbound.

WOW Air’s Dallas service will be operated by one of their A330s. Unlike most of their US destinations, Dallas can’t be served with one of their narrowbody aircraft, due to the distance of the flight (~3,750 miles each way).

As you can see, WOW Air’s aircraft utilization on this route is horrible, as the plane will be on the ground in Dallas for almost 16 hours. Furthermore, as you can see, the flight lands in Dallas at 12:45AM, which isn’t an especially convenient time.

That’s simply because WOW Air’s route network is based around optimizing connections between the US and Europe, so the priority is that all flights arrive and depart Iceland around the same time, rather than having the priority be quick turnarounds at their outstations. This is the same reason that Icelandair has historically had a plane sitting on the ground in Seattle for 23 hours per day.

As a result, WOW Air isn’t just useful if your final destination is Iceland, but is also useful if you’re traveling to Western Europe. They offer connections to over a dozen destinations in Europe, so they’re a cheap way to fly from the US to Western Europe with a stop.

As of now the cheapest WOW Air fares I’m seeing from Dallas to Iceland are ~$169 one-way, based on a roundtrip purchase.

While that has the potential to be a great deal, keep in mind that WOW Air is as “no frills” as they get, as they charge for everything, including bags, seat assignments, food, etc. They even adjusted their carry-on policy earlier this year. So be sure you crunch the numbers before booking, so you can figure out if you’re actually getting a good deal. Nowadays transatlantic flights are often also inexpensive on “full service” airlines, so the savings might not be that big in all cases.

When WOW Air first launched US service a couple of years ago, Gaurav was kind enough to share his experience flying WOW Air between Boston and Iceland, and had positive things to say overall. If you come in with the right mindset, they’re a solid option.

Anyone planning to fly WOW Air between Dallas and Iceland?

  1. “keep in mind that WOW Air is as “no frills” as they get, as they charge for everything, including bags, seat assignments, food, etc”

    And how is this going to be different from AA’s Basic Economy fares? WOW’s big seat fares with everything included look like a good deal compared to AA’s crAAp Basic Economy. Having this LCC is good for us living in the DFW area.

  2. While all of these low cost fares are great for coach flyers (and occasional bargains on premium fares), whenever the economy hits a bump, there are going to be some serious airline losses. $400 and under fares from NA to Europe just aren’t fares any airline can survive on.

  3. Pretty happy about this, DFW tends to be immune to any fare sales, hopefully some transatlantic competition will help this.

  4. This is fantastic news for DFW, which has long been an AA fortress with minimal TATL competition to make prices competitive.

    I won’t touch WOW with a 10-foot pole, but I’m happy that AA is going to have some new pressure at DFW.

  5. Itd be nice to see AA offer cheaper DFW-LHR fares now that WOW is coming. Getting kind of tired of booking DFW-LAX and LAX-LHR separately for any sort of savings

  6. “So be sure you crunch the numbers before booking, so you can figure out if you’re actually getting a good deal. Nowadays transatlantic flights are often also inexpensive on “full service” airlines, so the savings might not be that big in all case”

    As a Dallas resident i can contribute here. It is not acknowledged by the airline bloggers but Dallas has some of the most expensive international air fares in the country. That is because AA and BA act as a monopoly, cooperating on pricing and via the Oneworld revenue share.

    As a result (per Google flights) a coach round trip to London (my most frequent destination) is usually around $1,200, vs. $400 in Chicago (a similar distance from London) and $500 from New York.

    Against that background WOWs entry is the most important event in Dallas-Fort Worth international aviation in years. It breaks the cartel on the most popular International route and I predict fares to London will halve when WOW begins service.

  7. Alec,

    Yeah but I think the issue then would be crew. Usually the westbound crew flies back 24 hours later. You’d need an extra crew to do the leg to Cancun, or wherever

  8. I agree with my metroplex amigos. AA is in desparate need of international competition. This is great news for those of us that fly from DFW!

  9. AA has near monopoly at DFW and AA acts like a monopoly. There is zero domestic award seats avail to/from DFW on AA and international award seats avail are horrible courtesy of the new AAdvantage President.

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