World Of Hyatt Milestone Rewards: Which Are Best?

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One aspect of World of Hyatt that some members find confusing is the Milestone Rewards program. In this post I wanted to provide an in-depth look at how exactly the Milestone Rewards program works, and how you can maximize the value you get through it.

What are Hyatt Milestone Rewards?

With the World of Hyatt Milestone Rewards program, you receive certain perks when you pass thresholds over the course of a calendar year.

For context, Hyatt has three elite tiers, with the following thresholds:

  • Discoverist status: 10 qualifying nights or 25,000 base points (equivalent to $5,000 of spending)
  • Explorist status: 30 qualifying nights or 50,000 base points (equivalent to $10,000 of spending)
  • Globalist status: 60 qualifying nights or 100,000 base points (equivalent to $20,000 of spending)

In addition to that, World of Hyatt offers perks for every 10 qualifying elite nights you earn over the course of a calendar year, up to 100 qualifying elite nights. There are also rewards for earning a certain number of base points, ranging from 25,000 to 100,000 (the equivalent of $5,000 to $20,000 of spending).

Receive additional perks through the Milestone Rewards program

Full list of Hyatt Milestone Rewards benefits

With the above out of the way, it’s probably easiest to explain the program by going through all of the Milestone Rewards. Here are the Milestone Rewards, from 10 elite nights, all the way up to 100 elite nights:

10 nights or 25,000 base points

For earning 10 elite nights or 25,000 base points (equivalent to $5,000 of spending) you earn Discoverist status, which is the first Milestone Rewards perk. This offers a 10% points bonus, premium internet, upgrades to preferred rooms, late check-out, and more.

20 nights or 35,000 base points

For earning 20 elite nights or 35,000 base points (equivalent to $7,000 of spending) you receive two club lounge access awards. Each can be used to get you club lounge access for a stay of up to seven nights on an eligible stay, whether paying cash or redeeming points.

Receive two club lounge access awards

30 nights or 50,000 base points

For earning 30 elite nights or 50,000 base points (equivalent to $10,000 of spending) you receive several perks:

  • Explorist status, which gets you incremental perks like a 20% points bonus, room upgrades to the best available non-suites, and more
  • Two more club lounge access awards
  • Category 1-4 free night award

40 nights or 65,000 base points

For earning 40 elite nights or 65,000 base points (equivalent to $13,000 of spending) you can choose from one of three perks:

  • 5,000 World of Hyatt bonus points
  • $100 Hyatt e-gift card
  • 10,000 World of Hyatt points off a FIND experience

Personally I tend to think the Hyatt e-gift card option is the best of these. If you select this option, Hyatt will instantly send you a $100 e-gift card. The e-gift card doesn’t expire, and can be redeemed at participating Hyatt hotels and resorts in the Americas (though they’re not accepted at locations outside the Americas). Here’s a full list of participating locations.

Personally I find that to be a better deal than the 5,000 points, since I value World of Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each, giving the points option a $75 value. Lastly, the FIND experience points discount sounds compelling, but this is extremely limiting due to how few experiences are available.

You can’t really go wrong with the 5,000 points or $100 gift card, though.

50 nights or 80,000 base points

For earning 50 elite nights or 80,000 base points (equivalent to $16,000 of spending) you receive two suite upgrade awards. Each can be used to confirm an upgrade at the time of booking to a standard suite for a stay of up to seven nights during an eligible stay, whether paying cash or redeeming points.

Receive two suite upgrade awards

60 nights or 100,000 base points

This is without a doubt the most exciting threshold. For earning 60 elite nights or 100,000 base points (equivalent to $20,000 of spending) you receive several perks:

  • Globalist status, which is Hyatt’s awesome top tier status, offering a 30% points bonus, upgrades to the best available rooms (including standard suites), 4PM late check-out, breakfast and/or club lounge access, and more
  • Two additional suite upgrade awards
  • Category 1-7 free night award

Receive a free night award

70, 80, 90, or 100 nights

At each threshold of 70 elite nights, 80 elite nights, 90 elite nights, or 100 elite nights, you can choose between the following two Milestone Rewards (there’s no option to earn these rewards through base points):

  • 10,000 World of Hyatt bonus points
  • One additional suite upgrade award

Since I value World of Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each, I value the 10,000 points at $150. Which choice is better comes down to how much you value a suite upgrade award. Would you pay $150 for an incremental suite upgrade award? If so, by my valuation that’s a better option.

Hyatt Milestone Rewards FAQs

There’s some more nuance to the Hyatt Milestone Rewards program, and I figure it’s best to address that in the form of some frequently asked questions:

Why does Hyatt have the Milestone Rewards program?

The Milestone Rewards program was introduced in 2019. With this change, the idea is that some perks that were previously associated with qualifying for a certain status tier can now be earned earlier.

For example, Globalist members used to get four suite upgrade awards per year upon earning status, but now already get the first two upon reaching 50 elite nights. The idea is to reward members more often, though admittedly it can create a bit of confusion.

There’s a big gap between earning Explorist and Globalist status (30 nights vs. 60 nights), so this program offers some incremental perks for those who over-qualify for Explorist, but don’t quite reach Globalist.

Do elite nights earned through credit cards count towards Milestone Rewards?

Absolutely! The World Of Hyatt Credit Card makes it easier to earn status, as the card offers elite nights — you earn five elite nights annually just for having the card, and two elite nights for every $5,000 spent. Those elite nights count towards Milestone Rewards.

Do promotional elite nights count towards Milestone Rewards?

Yes. For example, with Hyatt’s current global promotion you get one elite night for next year for every qualifying elite night earned during the promotion period. Those bonus elite nights would count towards Milestone Rewards.

Do you earn Milestone Rewards if you status match?

While World of Hyatt doesn’t have a formal status match program, we have sometimes seen targeted status matches, including for American AAdvantage members.

If you do status match then you won’t receive Milestone Rewards. These are entirely related to the number of elite nights in your account, rather than your status, and a status match typically doesn’t come with any elite nights.

What base points count towards Milestone Rewards?

World of Hyatt members earn five base points per eligible dollar of spending at Hyatt hotels. Those are the base points that would qualify towards Milestone Rewards. Meanwhile points earned through credit cards aren’t considered “base points” for these purposes.

Do you earn Milestone Rewards every year?

You sure do! Milestone Rewards aren’t a one time thing, but rather are an ongoing benefit. Furthermore, you can earn all Milestone Rewards every year. In other words, if you were a Globalist last year, you’d still be able to receive rewards at all tiers this year.

Why aren’t there Milestone Rewards beyond 100 nights?

That’s a great question, and something I’ve wondered as well. My speculation would be that Hyatt has decided that those staying 100+ nights per year at Hyatt would do so either way, and there’s limited value to incremental benefits. I’m not sure that’s actually true, but it’s the only explanation I can come up with.

How much time do you have to select Milestone Rewards?

For Milestone Rewards tiers where there’s a choice you have to make your selection within 90 days. Meanwhile for those Milestone Rewards where there isn’t a choice, they’ll automatically be deposited in your account within days.

Do you need to register for Milestone Rewards?

There’s no registration required, and World of Hyatt members automatically earn these upon reaching thresholds. For the benefits where there are no choices, the Milestone Rewards will automatically post, while for those where there’s a choice, members will receive an email asking them to make a selection.

How to earn Hyatt elite nights

On the most basic level you earn one elite night for every night you stay at Hyatt when booking directly through Hyatt channels (this includes both award and revenue nights). On top of that, the World Of Hyatt Credit Card offers the opportunity to earn additional elite nights:

  • You receive five elite nights annually just for having the card
  • You receive two elite nights for every $5,000 you spend on the card

Those are only some of the perks offered by this incredible card, as the card also offers:

…and more! You can learn all about the World of Hyatt Card here, and see this post for the best credit cards for earning Hyatt points.

Bottom line

The Hyatt Milestone Rewards program offers benefits for every 10 elite nights you earn annually, all the way up to 100. In some cases Milestone Rewards offer perks that previously weren’t offered to elite members, while in other cases Hyatt added perks with the introduction of this program.

What has your experience been with the Milestone Rewards program? Do you have any questions about Milestone Rewards that I haven’t answered?

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  1. I was recently able to status match my Caesar’s rewards Platinum (from AMEX Platinum via Wyndham) to MGM Gold, and then Hyatt Explorist! Great easy way to get status.

  2. How long after hitting a milestone reward that offers a suite upgrade until the certificate is available in your account?

  3. With the current bonus journeys promo…if I get the WOH card and get 5 elite nights are those counting for 2020 and 2021?

  4. @ Nick — The World of Hyatt Card offers five elite nights annually, so you’d get them for 2020 and 2021 (and any subsequent year you have the card).

  5. My only significant complaint about World of Hyatt’s awesome program is the cap at 100 nights on earning milestone rewards. With Hyatt crediting Autumn 2020 stays as 2021 qualification nights, there are going to be legions of people hitting the 100-night mark in 2021. Ideally there would be incentives that kept people pushing up their night count once they hit that mark. We now have top-tier status in three different hotel loyalty programs — premium credit cards are making that much easier to keep — and consumers like us are faced with choice once we’ve topped out the night count.

    For the last two years we’ve exceeded 120 qualifying nights through a combination of stays and credit card spend. Before getting into the WoH program, we spent 0 nights a year at Hyatt hotels. If the goal of the program is to create demand where none existed before, it has been wildly successful in our case.

  6. @Lucky: here’s an outside-the-box nights earning question. MLife nights in Vegas match to WoH: a stay at Mirage, Mandalay Bay, or ~11 other Vegas hotels earn qualifying nights in Hyatt’s program. Have you investigated whether nights that are comped or significantly discounted also earn on WoH? With a bit of gambling, it is not hard to receive solicitations for free or heavily discounted rooms in MGM properties.

  7. I had the one year where I did 350 nights. It just suites me. I complained through both hotels I stayed about the cap and through my concierge. In all cases I got a token response. It was a mistake on my part. I should have moved to another hotel as I knew I would be staying the year.
    I also took the points.

  8. Slightly related. I was planning to do a Hyatt mattress run to achieve the Milestone rewards & Globalist. Individual nightly rates were reasonable, BUT when going to book, the aggregate total cost of all nights were much higher! In fact, the nightly rate(which were all the same price) in the aggregate total was greater than any one night if looked at individually. In other words, you cannot just look at each individual nightly rate on the Hyatt website, add them up and think that’s the price you’ll get – Hyatt somehow prices it higher when booked as a whole. What a farce.

  9. @Hoodwinkd by Hyatt Your account doesn’t make a lot of sense. Is it possible that what you’re noticing is that Hyatt specifies a nightly rate corresponding to each night of your stay, but that on the confirmation page, it has added in all of the state taxes, municipal taxes, special municipal taxes, and resort fees that as a non-Globalist you’re obliged to pay? Particularly in cities like San Francisco, the cornucopia of additional taxes increase the overall bill hugely. As a non-Globalist, “destination fees” or resort fees will also add a lot to your bill. My advice: make Globalist ASAP.

  10. @Kendor @Hoodwinkd by Hyatt: Coincidentally, this past week I’ve also noticed this “phenomenon” for the property that I’ve been running/sleeping at (for dates well into the next year) and was about to throw the spreadsheet with the data and my calcs at the GM and demand answers… guess I’ll hold off now seeing that this might be a Hyatt thing and see if anyone can shed some light on this… I’ve been loyal to Stariott the past 12-15 years and so have never seen rates not averaging out properly like this…

  11. Oh, and @Kendor: no this has nothing to do with any taxes or fees… I saw this with pre-tax Standard rates. And yeah, I’m Globalist

  12. @NewToHyatt @Hoodwinkd by Hyatt So interesting. What happens if you try to reserve/book the same stay as a series of 1 night stays?

    Wild guesses: perhaps Hyatt’s algorithm has figured out you’re gaming for your self-described “mattress run” and is discouraging an excessive number of stays in a property you’re not truly interested in being at? No judgment, just trying to figure out what’s up here.

  13. @Kendor: If I book it as a series of single days then I would supposedly pay less for the stay… However, for a variety of reasons that’s not always feasible.

    And no, the reservation system is not discriminating against me, it’s showing me publicly available rates.

  14. @NewToHyatt Are you booking multi-day stays in a low-cost Hyatt, checking in, and then leaving the hotel for many days and not actually staying there the whole time? That’s one of few reasons I can think of why you might not want to book the stay as a series of single day stays (which can easily be merged by the front desk.) And its conceivable their system is set up so that people suspected of this can be identified and/or “punished.” Again, no judgement.

    What’s interesting about what your reporting is that in my experience, usually you are punished for shorter stays, due to municipal taxes that are applied to each and every reservation. Very interesting what you are reporting.

  15. @Kendor: No, I’m sleeping and taking most of my meals on the property. Also, there are no sales tax or hotel taxes in this jurisdiction.

    Has anybody else experienced cases where published non-single night stays cost more than the average daily rate of each night? Thanks

  16. @Lucky

    You left out the part where for milestones with a choice, you have 90 days to select or the option disappears. After that date, YMMV on whether you can convince someone to make a points adjustment to your account of an equal value.

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