You Can Now Redeem Hyatt Points For Suites Online

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World of Hyatt has just made the process of redeeming points for free night redemptions in suites significantly easier.

Redeeming World of Hyatt points for suites

There are many things to love about World of Hyatt. When it comes to redeeming points, one thing that sets World of Hyatt apart is that you can redeem points for suites at reasonable costs.

Hyatt is the only major hotel loyalty program that has a fixed award chart for suite redemptions, for both standard and premium suites. The incremental cost for a suite is quite reasonable, if you ask me. This is a great option for those who just need a bit of extra space, or who are planning a special trip.

Park Hyatt Kyoto Park Suite

For context, here’s the World of Hyatt award chart for suite redemptions:

Redeeming points for suites online

Historically you’ve had to call World of Hyatt customer service in order to redeem points for a suite, though that process has just been made easier. Hyatt has rolled out suite redemptions at all eligible properties both through its website and the World of Hyatt app.

Now when you do an award search you’ll automatically see any available suite options displayed.

World of Hyatt has two categories of suite redemptions, as you can redeem for standard or premium suites. In the past there was no easy way to tell what kind of a premium suite could be booked with points, but that’s now possible, and it shows just how great this value could be.

Take the Park Hyatt Vienna, for example, where a standard room costs 25,000 points per night. For double as many points you could book a premium suite, which in this case would get you a Diplomat Suite.

If paying cash, a standard room would cost 383EUR.

Meanwhile the Diplomat Suite would cost 2,383EUR.

That means you’re redeeming double as many points for a room that would cost more than six times as much if paying cash.

That’s not to say that you should always redeem points for premium suites, but this is at least something that it’s cool to be able to easily reference. At some hotels a premium suite is the same as the standard suite but with a better view, while at some hotels it’s a really exceptional suite, as is the case above.

Park Hyatt Vienna Diplomat Suite

Note that while the World of Hyatt app now also allows suite redemptions, the rate is listed as “Confidential” when doing an award search. However, when you go to the booking page to complete a reservation, you’ll see the correct price displayed.

Other pros & cons of online suite bookings

As I see it, there’s one other major pro and one other major con to this development:

  • You can now easily tell if a standard suite is available at a hotel, should you want to use a Globalist suite upgrade or redeem points for a suite upgrade; while you’d still have to call to upgrade, that inventory should match the points availability shown online for a standard suite
  • Perhaps one downside is that Hyatt making it easier to redeem points for suites means there may be more competition for these rooms, since not everyone knew these could be booked by phone in the past

Alila Ventana Big Sur Suite

World of Hyatt points are easy to earn

Even if you’re not a World of Hyatt loyalist, one of the great things about Hyatt is how easy the points are to come by. This means that you can easily use your transferrable points to book some amazing suites.

In addition to being able to earn World of Hyatt points with The World of Hyatt Credit Card (review), you can also transfer over points from Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Earn Hyatt points

See this post for everything you need to know about earning Hyatt points with credit cards.

Bottom line

World of Hyatt is by far the best hotel loyalty program when it comes to being able to redeem points for suites, given the reasonable costs and published award chart. Award nights in suites can now be booked directly on, which is a great development.

What’s equally exciting about this is that you can easily see what room each property designates as premium suites — in some cases these are incredible suites, while in some cases they’re only marginally better than standard suites.

Are you excited to see Hyatt add suite redemptions online?

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  1. Probably a wash for us since the search convenience outweighs the threat from the general public.

    Sucks for Globalists though, now the rest of us can easily book your suites before you get a chance to use your upgrade.

  2. I agree. This socks for Globalist members who will now have fewer upgrade opportunities, for both free upgrades and using their suite upgrade certificates. So while this is a big win for the average customer, it comes at the expense of hurting their top-tier (& most valued) customers.

  3. I wonder if the premium suite availability on points also reflects the inventory to upgrade with points. Cash + 9,000 pts per night would be a steal for some of these rooms

  4. I’m not sure it hurts Globalists all that much. The average customer is unlikely to have a WOH balance large enough to cover a 50k per night suite. There may be a few big spenders with Chase who have enough UR to splurge on a suite, but that’s likely a pretty small group who would choose to do so. Most of these redemptions will probably come from Hyatt loyalists who already hold status and are looking for another option to burn some WOH points.

  5. Ben – I noticed this the other day when booking The Cape, a Thompson Hotel. They have a 3-bedroom penthouse villa available as a premium suite (50,000 pts/night). The room notes that it includes breakfast for up to 6 people/day in the restaurant, and round trip airport transfers. Any word from Hyatt on whether these additional benefits are offered on points bookings of these premium suites? (I haven’t called the hotel yet to inquire.)

    Also, when figuring the taxes/fees in Mexico that you can avoid with a points booking, and Hyatt’s current 25% point rebate promo, the redemption value is an obscene $.0822/pt. If you throw in breakfast and round trip airport transfers too….wow!

  6. This is nice overall. But I wish we Globalists could apply suite upgrades online. I hope that comes next.

  7. Finally back to a pre-covid type post. No mention of who was or wasn’t wearing a mask or disclaimers that we shouldn’t be traveling, etc. I’ve been waiting a long time for this type of post again, Thank You!

  8. Hey lucky – love the blog but that Ventana Big Sur hotel nor suite is never available on points not sure why it’s always mentioned with Hyatt?

  9. @Luis at most hotels a suite does come with access to the lounge read what the suite entitles you at the hotel you are booking!

  10. After reading this article that we can book Hyatt Suites online
    Had already checked and confirmed it works

    But per today, I do checking again,
    seems Hyatt go back to the old ways,
    and Blocked the Suite space?

    Two weeks ago can see Presidential Suite space,
    but now can not see the space anymore via Online

    Any member can confirm this?

  11. Ben, you should write an article about the best value suite-point redemption. As you mentioned above you can get some crazy value out of them. I’m curious as to what you’d find.

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