United unveils five new commercials

United just released five new commercials, just in time for the Olympics. One thing I totally love about United is their marketing, and these commercials are no exception. Four of them center around the new first and business product, and one is just a generic “Where you go in life is up to you, there’s one airline that can take you there…” commercial.

Apparently the Sea Orchestra commercial will be aired during the opening broadcast of the Olympics.

Seriously though, where the hell did they get money for this?

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  1. They’re investing marketing dollars in their highest margin product which is a requisite part of doing business really.

    That said personally I think the ads aren’t really anything interesting. The two 1 minute spots American ran after 9/11 are easily the two airline commercials which stick in my mind.

  2. Brian, while it’s an important part of business, they have seriously cut back on advertising in the past year or so. I remember the dragon commercial was playing on the news channels for a while, but it seemed that as soon oil prices skyrocketed commercials disappeared for the airlines.

    I think the Sea Orchestra commercial is pretty good, although a few of the others might be a bit so-so. UA is definitely great when it comes to abstract advertising.

    Totally agree with you about the AA commercials after 9/11 though, it doesn’t get better than them. I just watched them again, and damn, they’re good! Almost makes me want to…. dare I say it, fly American!

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