United Pilots: Tilton’s ‘Greed’ Has Gone On Long Enough

Dare I say it, I’m actually starting to agree more and more with unions! I’m generally not a pro-union guy, so I’m not sure if it’s the incompetence of the current UA management team that’s making me feel that way or what. ALPA released an interesting statement yesterday (which can be found here), which actually makes sense to a large extent.

As I reported on April 10, ALPA turned off the “hat switch,” probably the most childish game they play to basically try to show management that they’re the bosses, but of course it shows little more than immaturity. Interestingly enough it’s still on, which seems like a long time to me since we’ll be going on three weeks shortly. My May flying marathon starts next weekend, so I’m sure I can have a little bit of fun with it if they choose to leave the hat switch off.

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