How To Access United Airlines Clubs

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Want to learn more about accessing US airline lounges? See my series about how to access Alaska Lounges, American Admirals Clubs, Delta SkyClubs, and United Clubs.

Understanding United Airlines lounge access can be quite confusing, especially with the distinction between United Clubs and United Polaris Lounges.

United operates over 45 United Clubs and five United Polaris Lounges, and in this post I wanted to look at everything you need to know about how to access them, given all the options available.

What should you expect from United Clubs?

I’d say United Clubs are about average as far as US airline lounges go. In my opinion they’re on par with American Admirals Clubs, and not as good as Delta SkyClubs. Conversely, United Polaris Lounges are exceptional.

At United Clubs you can expect complimentary wifi, comfortable seating, free drinks and snacks, and some premium drinks available for purchase.

United Club Hong Kong

How to access United Clubs

United Clubs are membership lounges, meaning that they’re primarily intended for members. However, there are lots of other ways to access United Clubs, including with eligible tickets, with elite status, through day passes, or in conjunction with the right credit card.

Below are all the best options for United Airlines lounge access.

Buy a United Club membership (with miles or cash)

The most obvious way to access United Clubs is to outright buy an annual membership. This can be done with miles or cash, and the cost varies based on your elite status.

Here’s the cost to purchase a United Club membership:

If you are going to buy a United Club membership, I’d highly recommend paying cash over redeeming miles. As you can see, you’re getting under 0.8 cents of value per MileagePlus mile this way, and that’s just a really bad value.

With this you’re paying anywhere from $550 to $650 annually, depending on your status.

There are a few things to be aware of for United Club members:

  • You can only use United Clubs when flying same day on United Airlines or a Star Alliance partner airline
  • You can either bring your immediate family members with you (one adult and dependent children under 21), or up to two guests

Get The United Club Infinite Card

The best United Airlines credit card for lounge access is the United ClubSM Infinite Card (review), which includes a United Club membership for being a cardmember.

Regardless of your status, this is a less expensive way to get a United Club membership than paying for a membership outright. This card offers a full membership, so all of the terms for United Club access are otherwise identical.

United Club Los Angeles

Buy an Air Canada Maple Leaf Club membership

Those who have an Air Canada Maple Leaf Club membership also get United Club access. However:

  • This only gets you United Club access in North America
  • You need to be flying a Star Alliance airline same day from the airport where you’re trying to access the lounge
  • Your guesting privileges are limited; Maple Leaf Club members with a North America Plus membership aren’t allowed any guests, while those with a Maple Leaf Club Worldwide membership are allowed one guest

For some people this could be a good option, as a North America Plus membership costs 495CAD per year, while a Worldwide membership costs 665CAD per year.

A Maple Leaf Club membership could be a good way to access United Clubs

Buy a United Club pass

You can buy a United Club pass for $59 per person. These passes are valid for one person each, and are only valid for entry at one location.

Unlike American Admirals Club day passes, you can’t use these to enter multiple lounges (including in multiple cities) the same day. Children under two may accompany someone accessing a United Club with a pass at no additional cost.

You can buy a United Club pass directly at the lounge, though there may sometimes be capacity controls on these.

Like all other methods of accessing United Clubs nowadays, you also need to be traveling on United or a Star Alliance partner airline the same day.

Buy a United Club day pass directly at a lounge

Get United Club passes with credit cards

Some of United’s credit cards with reasonable annual fees offer United Club passes as a perk. For example, you get two United Club passes annually with the following cards:

Book a United Airlines premium transcontinental flight

A standard domestic first class ticket won’t get you access to United Clubs. However, there are certain domestic tickets that will get you United Club access.

Specifically, if you’re traveling business class nonstop on one of the following routes you receive United Club access on arrival and departure:

  • Between Newark and Los Angeles
  • Between Newark and San Francisco
  • Between Boston and San Francisco

You can’t bring any guests with you into the lounge, though. you can access no matter how you ticketed that business class flight, whether you paid cash, redeemed miles, or upgraded.

These are the only types of exclusively domestic tickets that offer United Club access.

Book a United Polaris or business class ticket

If you are taking a same day United Polaris or United business class flight, you get access to United Clubs throughout your same day journey, on departure, at connecting points, and even on arrival. You can’t bring any guests with you, though.

What’s the difference between Polaris and business class for these purposes? United Polaris is the name of United’s long haul international business class product, and you’ll see the flights marketed as such. Meanwhile international flights where the forward cabin isn’t marketed as Polaris, instead have the forward cabin marketed as business class.

Polaris flights include all international transpacific and transatlantic flights, as well as flights from the US to the following South American destinations:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Lima
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • São Paulo
  • Santiago

Meanwhile United business class includes flights to the following destinations, which are also eligible for United Club access:

  • Guam
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador

United Polaris tickets offer United Club access

Book a Star Alliance business or first class ticket

Traveling in business class on a Star Alliance partner airline also potentially offers United Club access, but with more restrictions.

When traveling on a Star Alliance partner airline in business or first class you can access United Clubs, but only on departure at your international gateway.

In other words, if you fly United first class from Houston to Chicago, and then Lufthansa first class from Chicago to Frankfurt, you could only use the United Club in Chicago.

Personally I find the policy to be ridiculous, as Star Alliance is more punitive here than oneworld and SkyTeam.

When eligible for access, business class passengers can’t bring any free guests, while first class passengers can bring one guest with them.

Star Alliance travel also comes with access, but with more restrictions

Have United MileagePlus elite status

Those who earn Star Alliance Gold status through United MileagePlus (including Premier Gold, Platinum, and 1K members) can access United Clubs during same day international travel.

Access is allowed on departure, at connections, and upon arrival, and they can bring one guest with them. All international itineraries are eligible for this.

Have Star Alliance Gold status with an airline other than United

If you’re a Star Alliance Gold member who earns status through any program other than United MileagePlus, you can access United Clubs whenever you’re flying Star Alliance same day, even if you’re not traveling internationally.

Eligible Star Alliance Gold members can bring one guest.

Status with another Star Alliance member could also get you into United Clubs

Be an active duty military member

Active duty US military personnel with a military ID can use United Clubs when traveling on United within 24 hours, assuming one of the following is true:

  • They are dressed in uniform
  • They have leave orders
  • They have rest and recuperation papers

Eligible military personnel can bring family members with gate passes or traveling on the same flight.

What about United Polaris Lounge access?

In addition to United Clubs, United Airlines also has Polaris Lounges in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, and San Francisco. These are the best business class lounges run by US airlines, in my opinion, as they have beautiful decor, and offer excellent a la carte dining.

United Polaris Lounges are excellent

How do the lounge access requirements compare? United Polaris Lounge access is available to:

  • Those traveling same day on a United Polaris ticket, either on departure, at a connecting airport, or on arrival; no guests are allowed
  • Those traveling same day on a Star Alliance partner first class ticket, though only at the international departure gateway airport; one guest allowed
  • Those traveling same day on a Star Alliance partner business class ticket, though only at the international departure gateway airport; no guests allowed

United Polaris Lounge Newark

Bottom line

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to get United Airlines lounge access, particularly for United Clubs.

You can outright buy a membership, you can buy a day pass (which you can also get as a credit card benefit), or there are lots of premium cabin tickets and elite tiers that will get you access to United Clubs.

Hopefully the above clears up everything you could want to know about United Airlines lounge access. If I missed anything, please let me know.

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  1. Does the United Club Visa credit card allow United Club access to additional card holders on the same account (as does the Citi/AAdvantage MasterCard) or is access limited to the primary member?

  2. BOS-LAX does NOT get access. It is not a Premium Transcontinental Service route; sometimes the plane used is a 757-200 with lie-flat seats, sometimes not. But in no case is the soft product marked at PTS.

  3. Anytime I fly UA J from YOW, YUL, or YYZ I get access throughout the trip. Even a short hop to IAD or EWR still gets you the “INTL” on your boarding pass.

  4. You left out the United Club Business card, which by the way is also offering 100,000 miles after spending $10,000, just like the United Business card. The offer is right there on the right side when clicking on your affiliate link. I can’t figure out why you wouldn’t highlight this unless that card doesn’t give you a commission.

  5. @Lucky, I think some of the non-continental US lounges can be accessed with AC MLC Worldwide – GUM, HKG, LHR, MEX, NRT.

    Also, you might want to clarify that the UC access for premium transcons is limited to immediately before and immediately after the premium transcon flight only. For example, for SNA-LAX-EWR, I think you can only access the UC at LAX and EWR.

    I agree with you that the *A lounge access rules are ridiculous and should let premium cabin travelers access lounges at all airports throughout their same-day journey.

  6. So I was rejected entry at both JFK and DFW. I am star Alliance (SQ) gold. Is that wrong? I am not an expert on lounges in the US.

  7. Does anybody know, for club vouchers you get with a credit card, if I cannot use them myself during the year that they are valid, can I give them to a friend or relative and will they be admitted with that voucher (if they travel with United or a Star Alliance airline)?

  8. To Mishas:
    Yes, the free United Club passes handed out by your United Explorer Card, for instance, can be used by others.

  9. The JP Morgan Reserve Card (Sapphire Reserve for private banking) offers cardholders as a hidden benefit, a full United Club membership. You need to call and request it and I believe they look at your overall relationship with JPM before deciding to grant you the United Club membership.

  10. Yes agreed – you forgot Amtrak select plus status and above. Amazing perk for about 20-25 roundtrip business class trips a year on NE corridor.

  11. @Jonathan Primary account holder will have to accompany the authorized user on the trip. I have the card as the primary account holder so when my wife travels alone she does NOT get access but rather only when we are traveling together. Also don’t forget the best perk of the card gets you into other Star Alliance carrier business lounges. United Club for cheese cubes and cookies or Turkish Airlines lounge with hot meals, showers, private suites…I’ll go with Turkish.

  12. I didn’t see my potential scenario. I will (likely) be flying MSP-ORD-IST. I will use Smiles&Miles points to upgrade ORD-IST, operated by TK, to J. This will give me access to the Polaris lounge in ORD, correct?

    Also, if upgrade MSP-ORD, operated by UA, to F with cash, would that give me access to the United Club in MSP? I know that in general domestic F doesn’t give UC access, but it would be part of an international J itinerary.

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