Two New Hyatt Promos: Bonus Points For New Hotels + Miraval Deals

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Hyatt has just announced a couple of cool new promotions for World of Hyatt members.

Earn 500 points when staying at a new hotel

Starting May 1, 2019, World of Hyatt is offering 500 bonus points when you stay at a new Hyatt hotel anywhere in the world.

You can find the latest list of new hotels at, and also listed on that page are the dates over which you’ll earn bonus points for a stay at a new property (it’s typically for a few months). Hyatt recommends checking back frequently, as new hotels are added.

There’s no registration required, so you’ll automatically earn these points if staying at an eligible property. Personally I value World of Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, so that’s like an incremental $7.50 return on an eligible stay.

Obviously that’s not a huge deal, though it can be combined with all of Hyatt’s other promotions, so it’s a nice add-on. For example, you can combine this with Hyatt’s current global promotion (valid through May 15, 2019), or with Hyatt’s promotion for 2,000 bonus points when staying at one of their new brands.

50% off Miraval redemptions

In 2017, World of Hyatt formed an awesome partnership with Miraval, which is a wellness resort. In the meantime Miraval has expanded, and there’s a great offer for World of Hyatt members.

World of Hyatt members looking to visit Miraval Arizona or Miraval Austin can either score a discounted award redemption or earn bonus points on a paid stay. Specifically, starting May 1, 2019, and for check-outs by August 31, 2019:

  • World of Hyatt members who book their stay using World of Hyatt points at a Miraval resort will receive 50% of their redeemed points back (so you need the full required points up front, but will be refunded after the fact)
  • World of Hyatt members who book an eligible paid stay at a Miraval resort will earn double World of Hyatt points, so that’s 10 World of Hyatt points per dollar spent, before factoring in any elite bonuses

No registration is required for either of these offers.

For context, here are the standard World of Hyatt redemption rates at Miraval properties:

  • 45,000 World of Hyatt points per night for a standard room, single occupancy
  • 75,000 World of Hyatt points per night for a suite, single occupancy
  • 20,000 World of Hyatt points per night for the second guest

This includes accommodation, a $175 per person per day resort credit, unlimited meals and snacks, and over 120 wellness activities and classes each week.

So with this promotion you’d be looking at paying 32,500 World of Hyatt points for a standard room with double occupancy, after factoring in the 50% rebate. Based on my valuation of 1.5 cents per point, that’s like paying ~$487.50 per night here.

This does seem to be a solid deal compared to the paid rates. For example, over the summer the cheapest rate I see for double occupancy at Miraval Austin is $798+, and that doesn’t include the outrageous 37.25% in taxes, fees, and surcharges on top of that.

I was initially intrigued, but after taking a closer look at the website I see this:

Miraval is a digital device-free property. Upon arriving onsite, you will be asked to sign our policy, which includes use digital devices in designated areas only.

In all honesty, some disconnecting might just be good for me! 😉

Earn Hyatt points

Bottom line

These are some great offers from Hyatt. For those staying at a new Hyatt property, you might as well pick up an extra 500 points. Meanwhile for those looking to stay at a Miraval property, getting 50% off a points redemption is definitely the better deal here, given how expensive Miraval is otherwise.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of either of these Hyatt promos?

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  1. Lucky, 50% of 45000 points should be 22500 points. It says 32500 in the post. Can you check?

  2. Regarding the device free policy, it is not strongly enforced at the Arizona property. In fact, they have dedicated areas for cell usage. They don’t have much night time activities to offer, so after dinner, you essentially have the rest of the night to use your cell in the comfort of your room / suite. Worked out great for me. Unplug during the day, plug back in night time.

  3. Hmm I was planning to go to Austin in early July. This might be just what the doctor ordered!

  4. Also, it looks like there is an additional offer for Hyatt card holders. Spend $500+ and get $250 back as statement credit.

  5. So… promo link only shows 9 new hotels. Which is odd, because their 4th night free promo highlights several “new” properties that are not on the 500 point promotion. For example, on the 4th night free promo, the Hyatt Regency Bali, and the Hyatt Regency Seattle, both are flagged as “new”, but are not shown on the 500 point new hotel promo page.

    Not that it really matters. This is a pretty boring offer that I doubt will move anyone’s stays.

  6. @godofchurning – easy to get confused with Miraval properties, but the 32,500 amount is based on double occupancy (as Lucky noted). It’s 45k points for the first guest, and then an additional 20k points per guest (45+20=65, 65/2=32.5).

  7. @lucky – Can you confirm with Hyatt that only the 9 properties on the “500 Reasons to Stay Somewhere New” are eligible for the 500 point per night new hotel bonus?

    There are more new hotels *not* currently on this list (including HR Bali) than new hotels that are on it which seems like a huge PR blunder.

  8. @Aaron – I second that. Actually have 3 different reservations at properties marked “new” coming up in the next weeks. Took a screenshot of the promo terms which clearly says “new hotels”, not just the examples shown on promo page, should the bonus not post.


  9. @Justin Ross Lee – Only hotels listed on the New Hotel Bonus page currently have a defined “offer period”. Unfortunately, as such there’s no reason to believe / no way to argue that other hotels would / should be eligible for this credit. Hopefully Hyatt will add the missing “new” hotels to the list.

    Terms say: “Offer valid for 500 Bonus Points for each qualifying night stayed by World of Hyatt members in good standing —- during a hotel’s offer period —- at participating hotels and resorts. Offer valid at participating hotels and resorts for stays with a checkout date —- during each hotel’s offer period —-. For each hotel’s offer period, visit”

  10. Is this retroactive?

    I booked a stay for the Miraval at Austin in June before this was announced? Do you know if I will get the points or should I call them, cancel and reschedule?

    By the way. You have to call them to schedule and only one person in the resort can book using Hyatt points, so if he is on vacations, the points won’t be deducted nor the reservation confirmed until he comes back.

  11. Great news on the Miraval credits. Been back only 5 days & the $250 credit (off $500 spend) just posted. Terms state can take 4-6 weeks so huge plus that it credited before the $500 is due.

    The 50% points haven’t yet credited back, but between using points for the room + the double point Miraval summer promo on the full $500 of shopping/extra services (not reduced by the $250 credit), Hyatt almost paid me to stay there!

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