Time to fly ANA first class… pronto!

Well, crap. I’m not really much of an airline amenity collector. More of a hoarder if anything. I have four huge crates of amenity kits under my bed, and about 90% of my closet is airline pajamas. If I go to an event and the dress code is casual I’ll wear my American Airlines pajamas. If it’s business casual I’ll wear my British Airways pajamas. And if it’s formal I’ll wear my SWISS pajamas.

Anyway, the only amenities kits I’ve really ever found useful are the old Singapore Airlines’ ones, as they used to have full bottles of Salvatore Ferragamo cologne in them — score!

More recently, though, I’ve been kind of excited about collecting Rimowa amenity kits. A few airlines have offered them in premium cabins on a promotional basis. I’m not sure why I love them so much, since I’m not actually a huge fan of Rimowa luggage. But I guess they just kind of look cool and I like how similar they are, while at the same time having the individual logos and colors.

I’ve picked up Thai and Lufthansa Rimowa amenity kits in the past, and now EVA is offering them on a promotional basis, so I was thrilled to pick that one up on my EVA Air flight earlier this week.

I thought I had the whole collection, and I was trying to decide what part of my apartment I wanted to display them in (well, at least until I realized I’m probably the only person that’ll ever be in my apartment that’s impressed by airline amenity kits).


Unfortunately Canadian Kilometers crushed my dreams, as he pointed out that ANA now also has Rimowa amenity kits in first class on flights to Japan.


Is it pathetic How pathetic is it that I’m looking for award space in ANA first class for the next available departure right now?

PS: When I flew EVA Air I received no fewer than a dozen requests from people asking if I could pick up a Rimowa amenity kit for them. I did my best, but the flight attendant explained that they have to account for them very closely, and if any are missing they apparently are stuck paying for them. I even went so far as to eye each seat as we deplaned to see if anyone left one behind, though I didn’t see any. Sorry to those that asked!


  1. I had no idea people found these in the least interesting. I must have had around 15 of them at one point but they most likely went to Goodwill.

  2. Ben are you aware that Lufthansa has Rimova-amenity kits in several different color? E.g. I have one in dark blue;)

  3. The 77W F is excellent in every aspect except for the blocked direct views out the window because of the “suite” wall.

    I’ve flown FRA-NRT-MUC, so I tried both 77W and 777. Service was phenomenal both ways, not inferior to CX in my limited experience. Sadly this was in the spring, when they offered Samsonite both ways.

  4. Ben, you’re killing me! I was just looking at my EVA Air kit last night. Now, you got me started in looking for ANA award space too!

  5. Sorry, but all I can think is how absolutely wasteful blowing all these miles is. Have you ever donated a single mile to help fly a soldier home, someone to a hospital etc through a charity? Why not skip one flight you certainly don’t need and help

  6. @ Tom — NINE colors?! Crap, I’m spending the rest of the summer on Thai then. Do you know if they have multiple of each color on each flight, or is each flight stocked with a single color?

  7. @ R B — Meh, but it’s not the same if you buy it on Ebay as actually picking it up on your own.

  8. @ Tyler — Never have donated miles to charity and probably never will. I have donated money, though.

    The reality is that when you donate miles or points to charity they’re almost never efficiently used. Either they’re converted to some outrageously low cash amount (like half a penny per mile), or they’re basically using them to book standard awards.

    I’d much rather donate money.

  9. Not necessarily donate to a charity, but directly to someone who really needs it. I mean, don’t you ever think maybe its extremely excessive? I travel a lot but mostly in economy and I still feel guilty sometimes. There’s no way I could blow millions of miles just for amenity kits or a rubbery steak and feel good about it.

  10. @ Tyler — The plane is flying either way. The marginal “impact” of an additional passenger is next to zero.

  11. You got Lucky on Thai, when I flew F from ZRH-BKK I got Tumi… it’s nice, but soft shell. At least I grabbed two of them. 😉

  12. I have boxes of amenity kits, hotel shampoos and lotions, etc. I bring them home to donate to charities (homeless shelters and the like) but the stash keeps growing. I cannot give up the Bulgari stuff from our Silverseas cruises no matter what.

  13. Just flew ANA FC on Sat., from NRT to LAX on a 777-300:
    – excellent food with caviar included
    – Krug Grande Cuvee Champagne
    – perfect service
    – huge personal screen
    – the cabin is not designed for people traveling together as you cannot see the other person, when you are seated. The suites have all the closets you might need, but they are too boxee. Poor conception.

    I have the same 3 Rimowa cases. Before getting on the ANA flight, we flew THAI in FC on an A380 and got the 2 darker cases. We already had the silver grey from a NRT-BKK, a few weeks earlier.
    – the FC cabin is quite impressive (all white, in leather), the best I ever flew in.
    – also a perfect service
    – very good food with a small individual basket of warmer croissants, very very good apple & almonds turnovers
    – the Champlagne was only a Dom Perignon, though ……

  14. I flew ANA F ex-USA in May and we had the Samsonite amenity kit unfortunately 🙁 Also got TUMI on all my TG F flights, which I liked fine as it’s a great replacement dopp kit.


    “The plane is flying either way.”

    Plenty of your flights are full even if most longhaul F redemptions aren’t, and you mileage run on full flights. It is important to be cognizant of the effect of this hobby. Those of us who fly frequently have disgustingly large carbon footprints. While taking an empty seat in F is a marginal increase, it is not negligible.

  15. @ BrerwerSEA — Then you do it in good conscience how exactly? 😉

    The context of the comment was that I mentioned I was going to find the next ANA flight with first class award space, and I said the impact of flying that would be next to nothing. I’ll make the commenter a deal — if I book an award seat on the next ANA flight and every single seat is taken (which won’t be the case since ANA is notoriously stingy with award space and would only release space last minute if they knew there would be empty seats) I’ll voluntarily deny myself boarding.

  16. Ben- I think you could be putting yourself on slippery ground making deals with your critics. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what other people should and shouldn’t do. They can make those decisions based on their viewpoints, but I don’t think you should be held to someone else’s standards.

  17. Why do some presume to know how others should spend their money (or points)? You will never be “charitable” enough for some people regardless of the amount you give.

  18. Lucky – what airlines and their respective routes are currently offering the Rimowa amenity kits? I’m assuming they’re only offered in international first? A list would be appreciated!

  19. Booked my wife on a trip back to Taiwan, she got there as you were leaving… But she flew ANA over on the IAD-NRT in F and got me an extra kit as well as extra pj’s… I’m thinking if I should change her return to BR instead of TG F so she can get me one of their kits…ha!

  20. I believe there’s yet another STAR carrier offering the Rimowa kit in F: Asiana. And although one may have assembled a “complete” collection from each of the airlines (LH, TG, BR, NH and OZ), there will be one version of the Rimowa kit that remains very difficult to get your hands on. It’s the STAR MegaDo4 shell, about 200 exist and were given out on the maiden UA 787 flight between SFO and IAH 2-1/2 years ago. Have yet to see one of these pop up on eBay, where the others tend to go for U$70 and up. (I’ve yet to fly NH and OZ since they adopted the Rimowa but have one from each of the other airlines, and the MegaDo4 version in a silver/blue.)

  21. I flew with BR2 from TPE to LAX last week and got the Rimowa in green. it was awesome. The flight attendant were cute and kept refilling me Fiji waters. can I take pajamas? they were really comfortable. I know the noise-free headset is not allowed to take off the plane. Thanks

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