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While I love EVA Air’s business class in general, I was especially excited about this flight, because it was one of their special “Hello Kitty” services. EVA Air operates Hello Kitty themed flights on certain routes, and I intentionally booked my Taipei to Singapore flight for the Hello Kitty experience. I took Hello Kitty flights from Tokyo to Taipei and Taipei to Los Angeles a few years back, so was curious to see how the concept was holding up.

EVA Air 215
Taipei (TPE) – Singapore (SIN)
Friday, February 10 
Depart: 9:55AM
Arrive: 2:30PM
Duration: 4hr35min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 11K (Business Class)

I boarded through door L1, where I was greeted by two friendly flight attendants, and escorted to my seat. I had assigned myself seat 11K, which is the window seat in the last row of business class on the right side.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 1
EVA Air 777 business class cabin

This is in the rear mini cabin, which has just four rows of seats.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 2
EVA Air 777 business class cabin

Waiting at my seat was a Hello Kitty pillow, and playing on the entertainment screen was a Hello Kitty video — we were off to a good start!

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 3
EVA Air 777 business class seat

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 4
EVA Air 777 business class seat

As you can see, there’s even some Hello Kitty art on the bulkhead.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 5
EVA Air 777 business class cabin

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 6
EVA Air Hello Kitty art

I quickly peeked my head into the premium economy cabin, located immediately behind my seat. It looked reasonably comfortable — I really should try premium economy on a longhaul flight at some point.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 9
EVA Air premium economy

As I settled in, I enjoyed the Hello Kitty programming on the personal entertainment screen.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 8
EVA Air Hello Kitty entertainment

Within a few minutes of settling in I was offered a pre-departure beverage. I requested a glass of champagne, which was served with a warm towel and a Hello Kitty napkin.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 10
EVA Air pre-departure champagne & warm towel

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 11
EVA Air Hello Kitty napkin

One of the highlights of the Hello Kitty experience is the bathroom, so I had to quickly check that out. Not only does EVA Air have Hello Kitty toiletries, but they even have Hello Kitty toilet paper and air fresheners!

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 12
EVA Air Hello Kitty toiletries

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 13
EVA Air Hello Kitty toilet paper

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 14
EVA Air Hello Kitty air freshener

Shortly after returning to my seat I was presented with slippers and the menu for the flight. I decided to take inventory of all the Hello Kitty goodies I had at this point.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 15
EVA Air Hello Kitty goodies

Yes, even the slippers were Hello Kitty branded.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 16
EVA Air Hello Kitty slippers

The flight to Singapore wasn’t especially full. For example, in the mini business class cabin just six seats were taken, and all the center seats stayed empty. By 9:45AM boarding was complete, and five minutes later we began our pushback.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 17
Pushing back Taoyuan Airport

The coolest part of the pushback? EVA AIR HAS A SPECIAL HELLO KITTY TUG!

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 18
Hello Kitty tug Taoyuan Airport

As we taxied out, the lead flight attendant announced our flight time of 4hr15min.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 19
Taxiing Taoyuan Airport

Our taxi out to the departure runway was quick, and we taxied past the maintenance facility, where I saw an Austrian 767 and EVA Air Hello Kitty 777 undergoing maintenance.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 20
Austrian 767 Taoyuan Airport

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 21
EVA Air Hello Kitty 777 Taoyuan Airport

By 10AM we were cleared for takeoff on runway 5R.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 22
Taking off from Taipei

Our climb out was smooth, though despite that, the seatbelt sign stayed on for 20 minutes (which is pretty normal in the U.S., though rare on foreign carriers).

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 23
View after takeoff

As we climbed out I took a look at our route on the airshow.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 24
Airshow enroute to Singapore

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 25
Airshow enroute to Singapore

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 26
Airshow enroute to Singapore

Within 30 minutes of takeoff the crew came around the cabin to take meal orders. The flight attendants working these flights wear special Hello Kitty aprons.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 27
EVA Air Hello Kitty menu

The menu read as follows:

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 28

The drink list read as follows:

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 29

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 30

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 31

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 32

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 33

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 34

A few minutes after my order was taken I was presented with a drink, which was served on a Hello Kitty coaster.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 35
EVA Air Hello Kitty coaster

I ordered some champagne, and sticking to the Hello Kitty theme, they have rose on this flight. That was served with some mixed nuts and rice crackers.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 36
EVA Air business class rose champagne and snacks

After having a glass of champagne I had to use the lavatory, and as I walked there I noticed dozens of packaged Hello Kitty snacks. I asked the flight attendant why she had been withholding those from us, and she explained that they emptied the contents of them into ramekins. I explained that on a Hello Kitty service that’s unacceptable, and they should be left in the Hello Kitty approved packaging. 😉

Moments later she came to my seat with a few bags of Hello Kitty snacks — that’s more like it!

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 37
EVA Air Hello Kitty business class snacks (and barf bag)

About an hour after takeoff the meal service began, starting with Hello Kitty tablecloths being distributed.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 38
EVA Air Hello Kitty business class tablecloth

On longhaul EVA Air business class flights the main meal is served directly on the tray table rather than on a tray, though on short-hauls they use trays (which is understandable).

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 40
EVA Air business class lunch

The appetizer consisted of goose liver. Between that and the foie gras on the previous flight, I’m not sure I love EVA Air’s appetizer choices. Personally I was most excited about the Hello Kitty cheese cube. 😉

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 41
EVA Air business class lunch — goose liver mousse slices with zucchini and mixed fruit salad

I was also offered a selection of bread.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 42
EVA Air business class lunch — bread

For the main course I ordered the wok fried seafood with ginger and scallion in oyster sauce with mixed vegetables and rice. As it turns out, the seafood simply consisted of shrimp, and was quite good.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 43
EVA Air business class lunch — wok fried seafood

After that I was offered a fruit plate.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 44
EVA Air business class lunch — fruit plate

Then lastly for dessert was a chia seed apricot mousse cake, which was light and tasty.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 45
EVA Air business class lunch — chia seed apricot mousse cake

I can’t say enough good things about the crew on this sector. They were so personable and charming, and such good sports. They noted my enthusiasm for Hello Kitty, and presented me with a Hello Kitty pen, Hello Kitty playing cards, etc.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 39
EVA Air Hello Kitty goodies

I asked “my” awesome flight attendant if she liked Hello Kitty, and she explained that she did before she took this job. 😉 She noted how I was the first non-Taiwanese passenger she had who was excited about Hello Kitty.

After a tasty Hello Kitty meal, it was time for some Hello Kitty retail therapy. If nothing else, it’s worth buying something just so you can get the Hello Kitty duty free bag. I decided to buy a Hello Kitty model airplane, and also a Hello Kitty apron — the same one worn by the crew.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 46
Retail therapy, Hello Kitty style

At that point I figured I’d try on the apron. The crew was nice enough to assist me with putting it on. I was going to ask for a group picture of us all wearing our Hello Kitty aprons, but they asked first, so it was a win-win. 😉

For most of the rest of the flight I got caught up on work and gazed out the window.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 47
Airshow enroute to Singapore

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 48
View enroute to Singapore

At around 2PM we began our descent into Singapore.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 49
View approaching Singapore

I always enjoy the views on approach into Singapore, in particular of all the boats in the harbor.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 50
View approaching Singapore

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 51
View approaching Singapore

We had a smooth touchdown at Changi Airport at 2:25PM.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 52
View approaching Singapore

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 53
View approaching Singapore

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 54
Approaching Changi Airport

From there it was just a five minute taxi to our arrival gate, where we pulled in next to a gorgeous Qatar Airways A350.

EVA-Hello-Kitty-777 - 55
Qatar Airways A350 Changi Airport

EVA Air Hello Kitty flight bottom line

With the right attitude, there’s nothing more fun than an EVA Air Hello Kitty flight, even if you’re not a Hello Kitty fan. I love how EVA Air picks a theme and sticks to it. I had such a great flight, thanks partly to the branding, and partly to the great crew.

I can’t wait to take another Hello Kitty flight — next time I’ll have to make sure it’s a longhaul flight.

  1. OK now I am burning with envy! I’ve always wanted to take a Hello Kitty flight – I’m a huge fan – I had a cat who just looked just like Hello Kitty who is no longer with us.

  2. I really should try premium economy on a longhaul flight at some point.


    The flight attendants should have to dress like hello kitty.

  3. It must be really cool for them to have passengers enjoy their efforts this much. *thumbs up*

  4. “I was going to ask for a group picture of us all wearing our Hello Kitty aprons, but they asked first, so it was a win-win.”

    So, Ben, where’s the picture! Red-blooded men want to know 😉

    Great report – as always!

  5. Ben, I’ve experienced both Business and Premium Econ on longhaul Kitty flights and there’s actually even more Kitty stuff in Premium Econ and I think you would enjoy it. The meals are definitely more Kitty heavy compared to Business Class. As far as the seats, the leg room is great but recline is limited so maybe try it on a shorter longhaul 😀

  6. I third the request to post the group photo! You can’t tease something like that and then not post it.

  7. I concur. You can’t post about a group picture in aprons and not post a group picture…


  8. Hello Kitty, I just don’t get it…to me, to me one of the more annoying pop culture icons of our time, ranks right up there with Holly Hobbie back in the day.

  9. Everyone is asking about it, but I’m still gonna ask: where’s that group photo Lucky?!

    Great review by the way, really excited to try out the hello kitty flights. I wonder if the Pokemon ones (from ANA) back in the days were this decked out.

  10. Great review Ben! Fun to see your point of view of the same flight
    Was nice meeting your! Safe travels

  11. I would have gotten the plane too. I saw the one at the airport and thought it would be really cool to have. I love the Hello Kitty tug too. Now, please, let’s see the photo?

  12. Hi Lucky,
    I am new here. I now live in Thailand and fly back to USA when I have money…not often.
    So, I can not get Premium Eco or Business class..
    Don’t forget up poor people that are forced to fly sardines can seats.
    Can you review these seats and beat yourself up for a day.
    Most new Asian seats are to narrow for my normal American body.
    I am almost 69 years old and not a young stud anymore.
    I do not read reviews on Bus class or First class cuz I can never pay for it or upgrade to it on a fixed income.
    Like, I stopped reading super car reviews when I realized I could never afford a $250,000. car.

    Keep up the good work..

  13. I love this website and the reviews however this particular one felt quite condecending and at some points like a spoilt child complaining. Even a bit disrespectful.

    “I explained that on a Hello Kitty service that’s unacceptable, and they should be left in the Hello Kitty approved packaging” Really?

    “I really should try premium economy on a longhaul flight at some point” Really?

    You should be happy of how lucky you are experiencing all of this!

  14. @Lucky – Ben, your reviews are always awesome. I’m planning on flying EVA YYZ-SIN via TPE on their 777 in business class in April. We have an infant who will be about one year old at that time… any chance you have pictures of how a bassinet fits in row 8? There doesn’t appear to be a spot to secure a bassinet there.

    I know you’re recently engaged so you probably don’t have kids yet and this may not be something you’re looking out for but I thought I’d ask anyway!


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