The Sun: ‘Drunk’ pilot is arrested on jet

Via The Sun:

AN airline pilot was arrested in a jet’s cockpit minutes before take-off yesterday on suspicion of being DRUNK.

Hundreds of stunned passengers watched police march the 44-year-old American first officer off the Boeing 777.

The United Airlines flight to San Francisco was delayed at Heathrow for almost three hours while a replacement co-pilot was found.

What an idiot. Forgetting about the safety concern for a second (although that’s the most important aspect), what an easy way to screw up your career without hopes of ever having another job in the industry.

At the same time I almost feel sorry for this guy. He made one dumb decision that’ll totally ruin the rest of his life, no doubt. I guess that’s better than a decision that ruins his life and lives of 300 other people….

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  1. He made two dumb decisions.

    1. Getting drunk before a flight.
    2. SHOWING UP for said flight. He could have just as easily stayed at the bar/hotel/airport, been seriously reprimanded but not lost his job and career.

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