LOL: My Starlux Insighter Status Match Came Through!

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You’re looking at Starlux Airlines’ newest COSMILE Insighter member!

Starlux Airlines’ status match campaign

It’s normal for many airlines to offer status matches as a way of luring customers from competitors.

Taiwan’s brand new Starlux Airlines (which I recently reviewed in business class from Taipei to Penang) had a fully developed frequent flyer program before even launching operations, including a status match opportunity.

In order to take part in this status match opportunity, you need to enroll in COSMILE first, and then fill out the status match application form, and include a copy of the other airline’s member card and a flight record.

Starlux has three elite tiers — Adventurer, Explorer, and Insighter — and all tiers offer perks when traveling on Starlux Airlines.

Why I requested a status match

I’m not a serial status matcher, though in the case of Starlux Airlines I couldn’t help myself. Why?

  • Who wouldn’t want to be a Starlux Airlines COSMILE Insighter member? Is that the coolest name for an elite tier, or what? I guess I’d also love to be a Cayman Airways Sir Turtle Rewards Gold member.
  • The terms suggested that a status match may be valid for up to four years: “before December 31st, 2020, for those who submit the application, the validity of COSMILE card tier will be adjusted to 4 years after approved.”

My experience with a COSMILE status match

On January 1, 2020, I submitted my Starlux COSMILE status match request. I emailed them attachments that included the status match form, a picture of my AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite card, and a picture of my flight activity with American over the past year (which included very little travel to & from Asia, for what it’s worth).

Three days later I received an email stating that it could take up to 30 working days to get a decision on my application:

We have received your application and our related department is working on your case. It takes approximately 30 working days to complete the whole process. Afterward, we will inform you of the result.  

Sure enough they took their time, and finally this morning my status match request came through! Here’s what the email that I received said:

Thank you for your waiting.

We are glad to inform you that your application of Other Airline Member Card Tier Match has been approved. Your card tier will be upgraded to Insighter. For the validity of your current card tier, please refer to the upgrade notification sent by COSMILE system.

An Insighter member can enjoy benefits including extra baggage allowance, priority baggage handling and accessing STARLUX Airlines VIP Lounge with 2 companion.

For more details about the benefits of Insighter, please refer to STARLUX Website- COSMILE – Tiers and Benefits.

Hope you have a great day.

When I log into the Starlux website it reflects my new Insighter status.

When I go to the “Renewal” tab, it states that I need to accrue 120,000 points before February 10, 2024, to renew by status.

I guess status matches really are valid for four years or so?! I’m not sure if I really get Insighter status for four years, or if I just get a soft landing to a lower tier each year.

Bottom line

Will I actually ever get value out of this status? I don’t know. I do plan to fly Starlux Airlines again (especially when they get A350s), but the reality is that elite perks are limited if you’re paying for business class anyway.

Nonetheless I can’t help but just be amused by this whole thing, and to be kind of excited about being a COSMILE Insighter member. I think this is now officially the most exciting airline status I’ve ever had. 😉

If anyone else was considering a Starlux status match, they do seem to match all the way up to top tier status (even for US programs), and status seems to be valid for four years. I’ll take it!

  1. Sure. I’ll probably email Starlux to match my Qantas Platinum to Starlux Insighter before I suspend the status for the year (due to significantly reduced trips from this year)

  2. Amazing! I will probably try matching my SAS Eurobonus Diamond with a lot of activity to/from TPE on EVA and TK business class. Might come in handy if Starlux actually succeeds.

  3. The reason they are offering a four year match is due to the small routes available. It would be impossible to renew until after 2020 when the Airbus 350 start flying longer routes

  4. Damn. I am gonna match my Emirates Gold status to that of Starlux. After all, What are the odds that you get to be a premium status card holder for an airliner you never flew? It’s really gonna be useful once Starlux starts their long haul operations.

  5. I’ll just request a status match, if only for the fun of it. In the past, I got status-matched from bmi British Midland *G to BA Gold, and then from BA Gold to KLM Platinum. Unfortunately, my status-match adventures ended there…

  6. @AJO Good point, it’s potentially useful leverage for future onward status matches, but the big assumption is that Starlux with succeed and grow and be recognised by other carriers as a worthy FFP to match from.

  7. I actually think this status match thing is kind of a brilliant marketing scheme. In order to get access to any of the benefits, you’d have to actually be flying them. Which means you’d be buying a ticket and giving them money they might not otherwise get from you.

  8. Ben, how many miles have you flown with AA within a year? Would it also help if you have accrued a lot of miles with second and even third FFPs? I’m about to submit the same request and want to gauge my odds of getting approved. This will come in handy when I fly with them (extra bags, free lounge access, etc.).

  9. I wonder how likely one is to get a status match without having flown Starlux? Seems they confirmed the match after Ben took the trip to Penang, with business class ticket at that.

  10. Agreed, TimR. Same thought, especially as he flew business.

    Not sure that if you randomly apply, without activity, and especially if a number do, they’ll get the same outcome.

  11. To those wondering if he got the status match because only because he had flown J with them already some data points.

    I’m only a lowly BA Silver / OW Emerald but have had status matching without taking a single flight ( at time of application) with CX, AA and Emirates. Admittedly my flight diary showed I achieved that in a matter of months and all apart from one sector had been I’m J AND 2 of those airlines were in the same alliance but it shows that an airline will match you without having ever flown with them.

    I don’t know Starlux’s internal policy on it but from experience I can demonstrate it does happen.

    Having seen a video review of their product they are on my to-do list ( I travel for leisure / fun not for business) so I’m off to go sign up for their scheme.

    PS I didn’t feel you were taking the mickey out of them at all Lucky. It was a fun read and informative.

  12. Starlux really picked the worst time to start an airline. They are already suspending Macau route due to Coronavirus, now their next route to Cebu might be delayed due to the banning of Taiwanese citizens into Philippine.

  13. Starlux should really change it to Insider. Sounds a lot more prestigious (and grammatically correct) compared to Insighter.

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