Something I missed about UA’s baggage fees

The CrankyFlier posted today about how United is tightening their rules regarding their second bag policy, now charging full fare passengers as well as some others.

While I saw some update about this a couple of days ago I read it as saying that United was excluding the above mentioned customers from the fees, and not that they made the decision to charge them, or else I would have brought this up. If UA had made the policy that way from the beginning I wouldn’t have blinked an eye because that’s what every other carrier has done. However, the fact that someone at United came up with the ridiculous idea to change this rule is simply shocking and quite frankly asinine, in my humble opinion.

The concept of trying to nickel and dime your most valuable customers, among which are full fare passengers, makes no sense to me. I’d like to know what bozo at WHQ had this idea, and through which chain of command this went for approval. While I’m betting very few full fare passengers check more than one bag, it’s a matter of principle here, in my opinion. 

On a related note, United’s single dumbest rule, in my opinion, is not giving full fare and premium passengers Economy Plus access when on a Ted/RJ segment. That’s right, if you fly PEK-IAD-TPA-IAD-PEK and pay $20,000 you better be ready to shell out $29 on Ted for Economy Plus. The sad part is that this isn’t how the rule used to be, but rather it was changed.

Oh well, that’ll be my United rant for the evening, thanks for listening!

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  1. I wonder how many full-fare non-premier (and non-*G) customers there are, and how often they’d check more than one piece of luggage a person. I suspect this move is as much to simplify the rules as it is to make some extra money.

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