So is that what happened?

I made a post earlier speculating about what might have happened on the United flight from Sao Paulo to Chicago that got diverted to Miami so that the purser could be kicked off! While I have no way of knowing whether or not this is true, check out post 33 of this thread on the subject:

The Purser of flight 842 was female. The Captain of the flight wanted the general declaration so he could add his signature to it. The Purser was not in a position to grab another flight attendant right at that moment to monitor the area so the gen dec could be passed through the cockpit door. The situation escalated.

The Captain made the decision to divert to MIA to have the Purser removed from flight for undermining his Captain’s Authority. The First Officers on flight 842 advocated for MCO, since MIA is no longer served by UA Mainline. The Captain chose to divert to MIA anyway.

The Purser was removed from the flight upon arrival at MIA and sent to a layover hotel, followed by a deadhead back to ORD after required crew rest.

The ORD-GRU-ORD trip was the Captain’s first trip back to the line after extended sick leave. The Captain has been removed from the remainder of his flying schedule. The Purser who was removed, has NOT been removed from the remainder of her flying schedule.

Draw your own conclusions…

That seems a bit simplistic, as in there’s probably more to the story, but it seems (somewhat) plausible. Ultimately any captain that needs to divert a flight to drop off one of their colleagues is a nut, in my book, with very few exceptions. I can’t imagine one of the working flight attendants, a purser qualified flight attendant no less, truly posing a threat to a flight.

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  1. A nut is an understatement. An egomaniac with some severe personality disorder is probably closer to the truth.

    Think how many thousands of dollars this foolish decision cost the carrier. Additionally, the purser may very well decide to sue for humiliation and general harrassment.

    What a nightmare.


  2. Hi,

    What is the “general declaration” and how important is it that it be signed prior to landing or prior to the crew deboarding at the gate?

    If all my questions bother you, please let me know and I’ll quit. I just love your blog.


  3. What was that joke I told you…”What is the difference between God and a Pilot?”…..God doesn’t think he’s a pilot….hehe…the truth is this guy gives pilots a bad name, there are great guys and gals out there! There are cookoos in every profession!

  4. @ Eric — Yep, not only thousands of dollars, but the bad PR. I can’t even begin to imagine how the crew explained the diversion to the passengers. That must have been quite something. And yeah, if it *is* this straightforward (we really don’t know), I sure as heck would sue if I were purser.

    @ Despina — I’m always happy to answer questions, so please fire away! That’s a great question, and I’m not 100% sure what the answer is. I’m thinking it’s just needed for when they go through customs, but it’s something they want signed before landing so that they can get off the plane as soon as possible. There’s certainly no urgency to get it done three hours before landing vs. an hour before landing, as far as I know.

    @ theflyingpinto — ­čśÇ

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