Silvercar Rebrands As… Silvercar By Audi

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Silvercar is my favorite car rental company out there, and I’ve written about them extensively. They do things differently than most other rental car companies. Their fleet consists exclusively of Audi cars, and they offer free GPS, wifi, and satellite radio, and they have a fair fuel and toll plan.

Usually I hate renting cars, but Silvercar takes the frustration out of the car rental experience, in my opinion.

In March 2017 it was announced that Audi was acquiring Silvercar. As such it made sense for them to work together more closely, given that Silvercar exclusively rented Audis.

The two companies announced at the time that they intend to cooperate closely to expand the range of mobility products and services offered in the US. In addition to the core business of Silvercar, they also intended to further develop Audi mobility services in the US market.

In the past year or so we’ve seen Silvercar expand significantly, adding many new airport locations, which has been great news, as they now approach two dozen locations.

Furthermore, Silvercar has expanded the range of cars they offer. Initially they only rented A4s, then they added Q5s to their fleet, and then they added A5 convertibles. I imagine this expansion has largely been made possible by Audi’s acquisition.

Silvercar has made a further interesting announcement today. Specifically, Silvercar is being rebranded as Silvercar by Audi.

As the email describes it:

We’re changing our name, but not the awesome service you already know. As our service grows to include more locations, more cars, and better, easier ways to rent a car, we have to grow with it…

We’re looking forward to bringing you even better customer service and more eye-catching Audi model options in even more places around the country.

This is obviously a subtle change, though I mention it because I do wonder if this is part of some larger changes to come with Silvercar and Audi… hopefully positive ones.

  1. If they were to add Q7s to their fleet I would be stoked. I’ve had very positive experiences with this company.

  2. My guess is that they will eventually offer subscription services through Silvercar like Volvo and Porsche are doing. I’m all for the merger!!

  3. Yeah like Brad said this is probably part of a bigger play in the car subscription space. I imagine combining the 2 gives Audi the ability to offer shorter term subscriptions unlike Volvo and Cadillac which I think makes you commit to a year

  4. Audi has started a service in Germany called “Audi on Demand” for all of their “fun” vehicles(S, RS and large SUV models). I wonder if they will start something similar in the US or just stay with Silvercar.

  5. I bought a new A6 diesel last March after waiting six months for the courts to release them for sale. Spectacular car. Only problem is that too few people bought them.

  6. it seems like this company is good marketing for Audi. You can take an extended test drive. They are also smart in that they are not just renting the most base versions like many traditional rental companies do. I see they offer only Quattro models and that they have the full electronic screen instrument panel (which has filtered down to the new VW models, but which Audi first offered). I am very interested to try that out.

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