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I’ve written extensively about Silvercar, which is the car rental company which is trying to do to the car rental industry what Uber is doing to the limo industry.

I dread renting cars. 90% of the time you get some piece of crap where you have to tilt the steering wheel 10 degrees in order to keep the car driving straight.

Silvercar is simple. They have one type of car, an Audi A4, and they take a lot of the other hassle out of the car rental process as well – they’ll fill up the car at “fair” fuel prices when your return it, they have fair tolling, satellite radio, etc.


On top of that, they’ve been running promotion after promotion in order to get people into their cars.


The only downside is that you have to be 25 to rent from Silvercar, and there’s no way to even pay a fee in order to rent underage. I’m 24, so haven’t been able to rent from them.

This past week my friend Tiffany and I had an overnight at LAX and had some errands to run. Rather than Ubering around, we figured it would be fun to rent a Silvercar, especially since they’re offering $59 rentals for all of January (no promo code required, that pricing should come up automatically on their website).

Silvercar’s LAX facility is located not far from the airport, right near Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Silvercar will pick you up at the airport in an A4, though, and I’m told that if they’re properly staffed they’ll actually drive two cars there with two people, so you can take the car straight away. Now that’s service.


The facility was clean and well-lit, and filled with Audi A4s.


Once we arrived at the facility, the mobile app prompted us to select any car, though the staff was already pulling a car around for us.


Quite ridiculously we got an Audi A4 with 11 miles on it.


Like, seriously, where do you rent a car for $59 and get a literally brand new Audi A4?


Suffice to say it was gorgeous and had that new car smell.


We ran our errands and finished at the Silvercar facility. From there, one of the employees got in the car and dropped us off at the airport.

I had high hopes for the Silvercar experience, but this even exceeded them. Brand new Audi A4s (which drive beautifully, by the way), being able to listen to BPM on satellite radio, and being picked up and dropped off at the airport in an Audi rather than having to wait for a bus? Wow!

As I said above, Silvercar is offering $59 rentals for the entire month of January, so there has never been a better time to try them.

Furthermore, if you haven’t yet rented from Silvercar, both the person referring and person being referred can receive a $25 electronic Visa gift card after your first rental. Simply go to the sign-up page on, and enter the “Referral Code” at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to use mine (which I’d of course be incredibly grateful for) it’s BSCHLAPPIG, though feel free to post yours below as well, and someone else can use it.

Silvercar bottom line

Being able to rent from Silvercar might just be what I’m most excited about with turning 25. Not only does Silvercar have an amazing “hard product” (brand new A4s), but they have a soft product to match.

Have you rented from Silvercar yet, and if so, how was your experience?

  1. have used silvercar at LAX since its inception and it is fantastic. only wish they would expand to other u.s. cities a bit faster. also, remember if you have amex platinum to go into your silvercar account and manually deselect any insurance coverage; card covers it.

  2. This is a much better experience than at SFO, where they are not at the consolidated rental car center (which is connected to the terminals by train) but instead you have to wait for a private parking lot shuttle and pick up your car there.

  3. I’m sorry, but $59 is insane. And that’s the discount price!

    I’ve not run into many issues renting cars over the years. I’ve got a rental coming up at TPA. $8/day for a midsize through Hotwire from Thrifty. Ends up being about $150 for a week by the time you add in all of the crazy taxes. While it won’t be an Audi, it’s not going to be some falling apart rust bucket.

    CSP card has primary insurance coverage now as well if you haven’t got an Amex Plat.

  4. Have to agree these prices are double what I’m used to paying. But I don’t buy F tickets either.

    Did your errands include some manufactured spending? Do you include the cost of the rental car in the manufactured spend spreadsheet? 😉

  5. I think what you meant to say is that $59 is insane for you. It’s a premium car experience and priced accordingly. It’s fine that you don’t want to pay for it, but it’s not a product for everyone.

  6. We rented with Silvercar at LAX last March when they were running a $50 off promotion. The weekend rate was $59/day ($9 after promo). We paid full price for the second day but it was still a great deal overall. I agree it’s not always the cheapest option but it’s definitely much more convenient and hassle-free than any other rental agency. And way cooler than driving a Yaris around LA.

  7. Agreed, $30 for the car and $30 for the bling factor. I always enjoy getting an Audi (or Range Rover, or whatever) when renting a large car in Europe but the cheaper cars I get in the States — and almost always for well under $60 — are always fine as well.

  8. Its good but it ain’t cheap – two weeks comes in at $1,200 – I’ve got a full size from Dollar at $591 – ok so its Dollar @ LAX but still….that’s less than half.

  9. It’s disappointing to see they still aren’t ordering their cars with the advanced key option, especially since they position themselves as renting a well equipped luxury car. I’ve become far too used to leaving the key in my pocket when entering and starting the car.

  10. @Bgriff,

    I totally agree. I rented from SFO a couple weeks ago and the shuttle to get out to Silvercar is slow and quite a long ride (park-n-ride). The Silvercar employees that we interacted with were not the most professional, either (think young stoner kids, which probably comes with the territory, though). The car was great, however, with the only negative being the XM radio wasn’t working one day during our rental. We drove it up to Tahoe and all around the Bay for 4 days, and the car was a blast to drive. They ended with a great piece of customer service, though. I got a text while in the Amex Centurion lounge that we left a pair of gloves in the car after we returned it. The employee drove out to the terminal where we met him landside and picked up the gloves. If that had been one of the bigger rental companies, fuggedaboudit. It’s also worth noting that SFO has fairly high rental car prices, so Silvercar is much more competitive than other markets, especially with the promotional deals going on.

  11. Does the vehicle include any insurance? Or none like Enterprise?

    Hertz/Avis have base liability insurance CDW covers collision. Enterprise for example has no insurance included with their rentals (Dollar the same).

    I guess for me I will stick with AVIS – corporate contracts at half that rate all the time (and less on the weekend, CDW included for free, and 2 car upgrades from full size to luxury – which can give you a BMW, Cadillac, Lincoln, Infinity, Volvo, etc.

  12. @David – Audi is a luxury brand in the US but the A4 is an entry level luxury car and very common especially in cities like LA. Nothing special on it’s own, but compared to cars that normal car rental agencies carries, yes it’s a nice car.

  13. All I have to say is, it seams we share more than a love for aviation,but a great taste in music as well. I am beginning to see why they may not allow under 25 to rent from there lol. Brand new A4 with BPM or Electric Area blasting in the car, would be an awesome combination, although a somewhat dangerous one. (or maybe that’s just the guy in me talking) lol

  14. I used this service in Miami, and it wAs fine, but the cars aren’t that great. For example, the mirror didn’t auto- dim. So nice car, but not orth the premium price.
    The fact that ben says he can’t walt to turn 25 to rent from them affirms the fact that he measures his self worth by how many first class suites he can fly in and how many nice cars he can rent.
    Oh- and he’s not paying for it. All of you who click on the link and giving him referral credits and paying for hit.

  15. @brian you are such a bitter little bitch. People have to live and get excited by your standards? And what is wrong with getting credits etc? Why not? You get $25 bucks too don’t you? such a troll… anyways….

    I have always wondered about Silvercar for $59 is an ok price… but I could get a BMW 5 which I would prefer for about the same price or maybe a tiny bit more…if conveniently located and I cannot get a better car at the other lots why not… also ppl should really compare apples to apples….I would rate the A4 similar to an Inifiniti G35/X or so… BMW 3 series… I would take a new Merc E over that anyday… so it all comes down to if you can get better for the same price.

    Talking about SFO… the Hyatt Regency embarcadero has a very good rental desk on the ground floor which has great rates for BMW 5. Around $60 if I remember correctly. But it is a desk so return times and off hours returns are a bit complicated but not impossible. They use valet parking at the Hyatt which is pricey.

  16. I have never rented from Silvercar – and given my experience right now when trying to book, I never will.

    Beginning of April, rental for 2 days plus 3 hours: $235!!! AVIS Fullsize: $172!

    It’s not going to happen!

  17. To those citing the $59/day price as too expensive, are you considering that that is inclusive of all taxes and fees? I’ve rented cars where more than half my total price was taxes and fees. I first gasped at the price Silvercar was trying to get, but then when I actually went in and compared final totals, Silvercar came out pretty close or even cheaper to some of the mainstream competitors, even before you consider that you are getting an entry level Audi (with all the features you woud want) instead of a crappy midsize car.

  18. @ Alex — To be clear, full size with Avis is a Ford Fusion, while with Silvercar you get an Audi. A ~$20 per day price premium for an Audi doesn’t seem half bad to me, though I realize everyone values this stuff differently.

  19. @ Randy — No insurance, though I have that through some of my credit cards anyway, so it’s a moot point for me.

  20. i don’t believe the $59 includes all taxes and fees. When I rented in Miami, I was still charged airport fees, etc.

  21. Since you haven’t written much, what is your take on Hertz Club Gold vs Avis Preferred vs National Emerald Club to the extent you’ve used them? Or on each of the individual companies overall?

  22. @ Sunny — To be honest rental car programs really aren’t my area of expertise. I avoid renting cars as much as possible (mainly because of what a pain it is), though my primary program is Hertz. I find them to be unremarkable.

  23. Hi Ben,

    I just completed a reservation with Silvercar and used your Referral Code. My rental will be completed on March 11th, so hopefully you and I both receive the $25 gift card.

  24. Just went to their website and looked for a 1 day rent. The $59 price DOES NOT include any taxes and fees. For example, their site shows me the total rental cost ($59 plus taxes and fess but no insurance) for LAX is $63, SFO is $93, DFW is $78, Miami is $71, etc.. Thus, the $59 price is not the final price you will pay. I usually get a full size car at Hertz or Avis using my corporate discount for around $45 before taxes and fees so I would pay the extra to move from a crappy Dodge Avenger or Ford Taurus to an Audi A4. Problem is Silvercar is only present in major 7 cities so unless you are going to one of these places you are out of luck.

  25. thanks for the tip. Just dropped off at LAX last night at 8:24PM. You should have gotten a $25 perk.

    Best rental experience I’ve ever had.

  26. Ring the bell, Ben. Just posted you another referral. Thanks for continuiing to share the great tips. Booked 5 days for 260. Granted, it was the same price as 2 Alaska RT from Seattle for $127 each person. Looking forward to a great experience.

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