Silvercar Expands To Boston

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I’ve written extensively about Silvercar, including my rental experience with them in OrlandoSilvercar is an innovative rental car company available in over 20 US markets markets, which exclusively rents Audis. They used to just rent the A4, but in the meantime have expanded their selection of cars, including Q5sconvertible A5s, and Q7s. I guess this isn’t too surprising, given that Silvercar was acquired by Audi.

Each car is equipped with free GPS, wifi, and satellite radio, and Silvercar has a fair fuel plan, where they’ll fill up your tank for the “market price” plus a refueling fee.

I feel like they charge a reasonable premium for what they offer, though admittedly everyone values things like this differently.

As of now, Silvercar is available in the following locations:

  • Austin — AUS
  • Charlotte — CLT
  • Chicago — ORD
  • Dallas — DAL
  • Denver — DEN
  • Ft. Lauderdale — FLL
  • Las Vegas — LAS
  • Los Angeles — LAX
  • Miami — MIA
  • Miami — South Beach
  • Newark — EWR
  • New York City — Brooklyn
  • New York City — Brooklyn Downtown
  • New York City — Manhattan
  • Orange County — SNA
  • Orlando — MCO
  • Phoenix — PHX
  • Salt Lake City — SLC
  • San Diego — SAN
  • San Francisco — SFO
  • Seattle — SEA
  • Tampa — TPA
  • Washington — IAD

Silvercar has been growing nicely, and understandably one of the biggest hurdles standing in the way of trying Silvercar has been their lack of locations compared to the “big guys.” The good news is that they keep expanding, especially now that they’ve been acquired by Audi.

Silvercar has announced that they’re adding a new location — they’ll be opening a location at Boston Logan Airport as of April 15, 2019.

Silvercar at Boston Airport is open from 5AM until 11PM, though if your flight arrives late they’ll typically wait for you, as needed. The Silvercar facility is located at 235 Marginal Street in Chelsea, Massachusetts, just a short drive from the airport.

One of the downsides to Silvercar is that they almost never have on-airport locations, but I’ve never found that to be an issue, as I’ve always been impressed by their airport pick-up experience. 

Rates in Boston start at $60 per day plus tax for an Audi A4 or $70 per day plus tax for an Audi Q5. It doesn’t look like they’ll be renting the other car types initially.

For example, a one day A4 rental including taxes and fees would cost you $74.59.

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to save money on the cost of a Silvercar rental. For one, if you have a Visa Infinite Card (like the Chase Sapphire Reserve®) you can always save 20% on the cost of your rental. Simply enter promo code VISAINF20 at the time of booking. That would bring down the cost of a one day rental to $60.43.

On top of that, if you haven’t yet rented from Silvercar, they have a generous referral program, where you can get $25 in cash after your first rental if you’re referred by an existing customer.

If you enter my code, BSCHLAPPIG, at the time you sign-up for Silvercar, you’ll get that after your first rental (and I’ll get the same). Just go to the top right of and click on “sign-up,” and then enter your email address and password. Once your email address has been verified you can log-in and enter the above referral code.

The above two promotions should be combinable, and in many cases should put a rental into a comparable price range to a basic rental from another car rental company.

Anyone plan on renting from Silvercar at BOS?

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  1. I am a dedicated Silvercar customer. But I’m sorry to say that the value proposition is subtly dwindling under Audi’s ownership.

    Specifically, fuel fill-ups are now $9.95 plus the local gas price, up from $5 (you’ll want to correct your post); and toll transponder use is now $4.95 plus actual charges (per rental, when the transponder is used at some point during the rental), up from free.

    Those are relatively small additional costs. More troubling is that the pickup experience has worsened at many airports, as other rental car companies get the local airport authorities to crack down on Silvercar’s ability to pick up and drop off at the curb. For example, consider SFO, LAX, and AUS, all of which I’ve rented at in the past month:

    The SFO experience is pretty bad — long people mover ride to the rental car center, then down several levels to a distant pickup curb, then a 5-minute drive to the Silvercar location, often after a notable wait.

    The LAX experience is pretty horrible. They outsource to Lyft and thus you are subject to the massive delays to all traffic on the LAX departures level. I find it best to walk to the Hyatt Regency just off the airport and call Lyft from there — otherwise it can easily be a 45-minute wait much of the time. Of course the major rental car companies also deal with LAX’s execrable traffic, but at least they have buses going by regularly.

    The AUS experience has recently been degraded by the airport authority forcing them to pick up at the very edge of the parking garage complex, a long and confusing walk from the terminal. However, AUS has major issues with their traffic flow generally due to their current approach to rideshare pickups and drop-offs, and the solution to that may improve the Silvercar experience as well in the coming months; we’ll see.

    I still prefer Silvercar overall, but the friendly, independent, service-oriented company many of us remember now has an owner with rather different priorities. The front-line staff are polite about their new Audi overlords but by no means enthusiastic. While you can’t beat the car itself, the surrounding experience and pricing seems more likely to degrade than improve in the coming years.

  2. Their fuel fill up policy is very unclear. I rented from them in SF and over a full week of driving around I never saw gas higher than $3.95/gallon. The day I returned the car I noticed there was a gas station maybe 1 block from the Silvercar location charging $4/gallon. I was disappointed to see Silvercar charged me $4.30/gallon. Market price? No way!!!!

    Their service is top notch and cars are impeccable but it is annoying that in SF for example you have to take the train to the rental car station to then get into their shuttle to their location. It would be much easier if they could pick you up at the terminal but apparently that is not allowed in SFO. At the end it takes a long time for you to get to the car.

  3. fee structure in the post is incorrect…..assuming it’s just an oversight but the one you cite here is much more favorable to the company than the reality, including the fact that “market rate” has never reflected market rate in my experience, and the fact that the refuel fee is $10, and the fact they recently began to charge a transponder fee.

  4. If you google, you can find some other codes . Like enter promo code AudiPB1 – 1 free day on reservations of 2+ days. Enter promo code AudiPB2 – 2 free days on reservations of 4+ days

  5. I will say that the “market rate” for fuel tends to be about right—for high-octane fuel, which the A4 expects (I won’t say “requires” since modern engines do a good job of compensating for lower-octane fuel). That makes it higher than the 87-octane price gas stations post prominently and that most people think of as “the price of gas,” but in my experience Silvercar doesn’t charge much more than the local 91-octane price.

  6. Fees are incorrect @Lucky

    Audi has moved prices up across the board and reduced discounts (visa infinite now 20% and 30% off weeekly rentals is being discontinued end of March)

    Tolls surcharge $4.95
    Gas fill up $10 surcharge + premium 93 octane market price

  7. I will never pay or return a rental car and pay for refueling. Why would people want to subject themselves to that. Just fill it back up your self. Almost all car rental companies will get over on refueling, it’s been that way forever. Lol, since I put gas back in the rental, the Silver Car experience is perfect for me haha.

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