Silvercar Is Now Renting Audi Q5 SUVs

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I’m a huge fan of Silvercar, which is a boutique car rental agency with locations in over a dozen markets. Silvercar has a fleet of Audis, so they’re nicer than the average rental car you’d find elsewhere. They also use technology in all kinds of great ways, as you can pick a car with their app, and they offer free GPS, wifi, satellite radio, a fair fuel plan (where they’ll fill up your tank for the “market price” plus a $5 refueling fee), and more.

Just under a year ago it was announced that Audi is acquiring Silvercar, which I found to be an interesting move. I guess we’re now seeing one of the benefits of this. Up until now, Silvercar has exclusively offered the Audi A4 at a vast majority of their locations, though Silvercar will now also start renting the popular Audi Q5 SUV.

Audi Q5 cars are now available at Silvercar locations in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando and Salt Lake City. The Audi Q5 will be rolled out at other Silvercar locations throughout the first half of the year.

Rates vary by market, though the Audi A4 starts at $49 per day (at many locations it starts at $59 per day), while the Audi Q5 starts at $69 per day, though it can get more expensive than that as well.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to score a deal on a Silvercar rental, even if you’re an existing user. For example, if you have a Visa Infinite Card (like the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card) you can always save 30% on the cost of your rental of at least two days. Simply enter promo code VINFINITE at the time of booking.

If you haven’t yet rented from Silvercar, they have a generous referral program, where you can get $25 in cash after your first rental if you’re referred by an existing customer. If you enter my code, BSCHLAPPIG, at the time you sign-up for Silvercar, you’ll get that after your first rental (and I’ll get the same). Just go to the top right of and click on “sign-up,” and then enter your email address and password. Once your email address has been verified you can log-in and enter the above referral code.

The above two promotions should be combinable, and in many cases should put a rental into a comparable price range to a basic rental from another car rental company.

Bottom line

While I’ve always liked the A4s I’ve rented from Silvercar, I know some complained that the car isn’t big enough, so the Q5 is a nice alternative. It’s great to see that Audi’s takeover of Silvercar seems to be leading to further cooperation.

Anyone plan to rent an Audi Q5 from Silvercar?

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)

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  1. Thanks for the story. I’ve wanted to try Silvercar even though there’s no points or miles. If Lucky gets $25, too, that’s fine with me. Thanks Lucky.

    The limited number of locations does make it so not every car rental can be with Silvercar.

  2. This really makes them more valuable. I don’t care about rental car points because I don’t rent cars enough to make it worthwhile. An A4 is nice for certain things, but a Q5 is much more useful in almost every regard.

  3. Get a Q7 and I will have them in my list of rental cars. Get an easy way to get to their locations rather than taking some stupid shuttle that takes forever like at EWR.

  4. I’m pretty sure Silvercar previously offered Audi SUV rentals in Denver, although that was discontinued.

  5. I wouldn’t call a glorified Passat nicer than the average rental car. Airline status and premium credit cards come with status at real rental car companies and you can easily score cars nicer than an A4 for a fraction of the price.

  6. I rented an A4 from Hertz this weekend for $11 a day. In about 30 rentals in 2017, I’ve never paid anything approaching $49 a day. Unless this is something you can expense, I can’t see why someone would chose this over one of the normal agencies. Seems way overpriced.

  7. Admittedly an edge case, but the reason I try to use them is because they have a free baby seat available. So far I’ve only done referrals combined with discount codes to bring the price down to ‘normal’, so I don’t think I’m ready to pay their sticker price. Hertz also offers free car seats to AAA members but the rates are always sky high then.

  8. @Tom
    Where do you people all rent?
    I do tons of intra-europe business travel and average around 30-40 car rentals a year. The low end cars (CDMR – small compact cars) start here at around €30-60 a day (even more at peak times). An A4 will easily run you around €80-110 a day. And all that is without full insurance (you can add €10-20 per day for that).
    Is renting in the US really that cheap?

  9. @Jan: Yes it is. I booked a full-size SUV (7 seater) for my kid for roughly 100€/day. Those 100€ included the young drivers fee, increased insurance (10M bucks rather than 100G), 3 drivers & tank of gas. They ended up getting a Chevy. Nothing fancy though ~300 hp under the bonnet.

    The same rental agency would probably give you the smallest car they have for that kind of money. Particularly the young driver fees can be excessive (and that despite the fact that said driver had his license for over 6 years).

  10. @Lord Potato
    Alright im jealous. I always end up in something like a Ford Focus because my company is so stingy with our rental car budget… and still pay like €180 for two days (without gas)

  11. Offer the RS6 wagon and I’m in. Otherwise the lineup lacks appeal. I’ll stick to my Jag XF or a top of the line XC90 (for family excursions) from Hertz.

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