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Our flight from Casablanca to Doha was departing at 1:10PM, so we left the Hyatt Regency at around 10AM. We arrived at Terminal 2 at Casablanca Airport shortly before 11AM, and first had to go through a security checkpoint to even enter the airport, where our passports were verified.

There were a lot of officers with machine guns standing around everywhere in the airport, so I apologize for the lack of pictures, as I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures in many areas.

Once through the initial security checkpoint we found ourselves in the arrivals area, where we were the previous morning. This explains why everyone was waiting for arriving passengers outside the airport, since only ticketed passengers can enter the terminal.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 1
Casablanca Airport Terminal 2

We took the elevator up a level to the check-in hall.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 2
Casablanca Airport Terminal 2 check-in

Once there, the Royal Air Maroc business class counter was located at the far left of the check-in area. Check-in was quick, and the agent printed our boarding passes all the way to Colombo.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 3
Casablanca Airport Terminal 2 business class check-in

Casablanca Airport has a very functional priority lane for security and immigration. While the main line looked pretty long, we had access to a special channel that was completely separate. We were through in less than five minutes. I was amazed by how many times my passport was checked at the airport, as it was checked once again as we entered the line, and then again at the actual checkpoint.

From there we took an escalator up to the main part of the airside terminal.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 4
Casablanca Airport Terminal 2 airside

There we followed the signage towards the lounges, which were to the left.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 5
Casablanca Airport Terminal 2 airside

The terminal itself was nicer than I was expecting, as it had plenty of natural light and decent concessions.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 6
Casablanca Airport Terminal 2

About halfway down the terminal and to the left was the signage leading towards the airport lounges.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 7
Casablanca Airport Royal Air Maroc VIP Lounge signage

You could take either stairs or an elevator down a level.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 8
Casablanca Airport Royal Air Maroc Lounge stairs

Once at the bottom of the stairs, the airport’s contract lounge was located to the left, while the Royal Air Maroc lounge was straight ahead.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 9
Casablanca Airport Royal Air Maroc VIP Lounge exterior

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 10
Casablanca Airport Royal Air Maroc VIP Lounge exterior

The agent scanned our boarding passes, informed us that our flight was departing from gate A3, and that boarding announcements aren’t made in the lounge. If we didn’t otherwise have access from our boarding passes, we could have used any of the Priority Pass lounges in Casablanca, thanks to our credit cards with lounge access.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 11
Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca reception

The lounge was a decent size, though was fairly crowded. The lounge consisted of one large (mostly) square room, though the seating configurations were different in each zone.

Inside the entrance and straight ahead were several sets of tables.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 12
Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca seating

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 13
Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca seating

Then one “row” over were more traditional lounge chairs, which were quite comfortable.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 14
Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca seating

Another row over were even more lounge chairs.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 15
Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca seating

We sat in the far back corner of the lounge, overlooking the bar.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 16
Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca seating

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 18
Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca bar

Close to the buffet was another lounging area.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 17
Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca seating

In the very back of the lounge was a partitioned off area with even more seating.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 19
Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca seating

Back near the entrance was a quiet area and business center. The quiet area had comfortable daybeds.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 20
RAM Lounge Casablanca quiet area

Meanwhile the business center had high-top tables with PCs.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 21
RAM Lounge Casablanca business center

The buffet was near where we were seated.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 22
RAM Lounge Casablanca buffet

In one word, the food spread can be described as “carbs.” There were virtually unlimited types of breads, pastries, etc.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 23
RAM Lounge Casablanca buffet

There were also some rather stale looking sandwiches.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 24
RAM Lounge Casablanca buffet

Even though we were there at around 11AM, they still had breakfast out, including scrambled eggs and some veggies.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 25
RAM Lounge Casablanca buffet

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 26
RAM Lounge Casablanca buffet

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 27
RAM Lounge Casablanca buffet

I tried a few types of snacks that they had, though they tasted rather stale.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 28
RAM Lounge Casablanca breakfast

The wifi in the lounge was high speed. However, the air conditioning was almost non-existent, as it was hot as heck in the lounge.

Our 1:10PM flight was scheduled to board at 12:20PM, so at 12:15PM we headed to our departure gate. On our way there we had a look at some of the other planes in Royal Air Maroc’s fleet, like the 767, which used to be the backbone of their longhaul fleet.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 29
Royal Air Maroc 767 Casablanca Airport

Our flight was scheduled to depart from gate A3, so we were there by around 12:20PM. However, oddly the departure monitor said “Beirut,” and when I looked outside, I saw a 737 parked at the gate. Hmmm…

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 30
Departure gate Casablanca Airport

I asked the gate agent about our flight, and he said “this gate but not yet for Doha.”

There was a crowd around the gate so I assumed the flight to Beirut was just delayed, and we headed to the Illy espresso stand in the airport for some cappuccinos.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 31
Departure gate Casablanca Airport

We returned at 12:40PM, and finally saw that the departure monitor changed from Beirut to Doha. I went up to the gate agent again and said “is Doha delayed, or when does it board?”

“Oh, Doha is already mostly boarded.”

Man, I felt like a newb. We took the stairs down, and as it turned out our flight was using a remote stand. I found this all very strange, given that by the time we got on the plane, it was in fact already mostly boarded.

Our bus ride to the plane took about five minutes, and I quite enjoyed the views as we drove there.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 32
Royal Air Maroc 787 Casablanca Airport

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 33
Royal Air Maroc 787 Casablanca Airport

There were a ton of people on the tarmac waiting to board the plane, though fortunately they had two jet bridges, and everyone was lined up for the economy jet bridge.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 35
Boarding Royal Air Maroc 787 Casablanca Airport

We could board right away through the business class jet bridge.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 34
Boarding Royal Air Maroc 787 Casablanca Airport

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 36
Boarding Royal Air Maroc 787 Casablanca Airport

I was excited for yet another Royal Air Maroc flight, to see how it would compare to the outbound. After all, this is an airline that impressed me on the outbound, despite its generally bad reputation.

Royal-Air-Maroc-Lounge-Casablanca - 37
Boarding Royal Air Maroc 787 Casablanca Airport

Royal Air Maroc Lounge Casablanca bottom line

What stuck with me more about Casablanca Airport than anything else is the number of armed guards and number of passport checks we went through. The airport was easy enough to navigate, and unlike airports like Cairo, I was actually impressed by their passenger screening.

The Royal Air Maroc Lounge itself was perfectly serviceable. I wouldn’t spend more time there than I had to, but with reasonably fast wifi and comfortable seating, it wasn’t a bad place to pass time.

  1. That lounge is a palace compared to the dump at Marrakech airport. I don’t think there’s a separate one for Royal air Maroc but I traveled in club Europe with British Airways and it was just a tiny room, with the same stale pastries and sandwiches that you saw here along with some terrible warm beers and soft drinks.

  2. Jesus Christ

    They’re not “machine guns”, idiot.

    To put this in terms you can understand it’s like calling a prop plane an A380.

  3. @Lucky, apparently Casablanca Airport is a dump. I’m surprised how different other people’s points of view can be!

  4. @Luda, Its ridiculous what some airlines think is acceptable for a premium cabin. Were you on an ex-BMI (with vantage style seats) or a BA plane (with ‘club europe’ being economy with a blocked middle)?

  5. @chloe it was just a BA plane, managed to get the front row with extra legroom on the way out but not on the way back. BA lounge closed at Gatwick, so forced to use the overcrowded No.1 Traveller lounge there, then the same food in both directions.

    It was an extremely cheap business class ticket in a BA sale (only cost me £75 and net 7,000 avios), but I couldn’t imagine paying several hundred pounds for that experience.

    Also, how is it “Club Europe”, when you’re going to Africa?

  6. @Luda, at least you got extra legroom on one flight! Club Europe, IMO, is pathetic. Come on, BA! The reason more people fly easy jet is because:
    A: What’s the point of paying for Club Europe if it’s practically the same as economy?
    B: You have extremely expensive fares for intra Europe economy.

  7. The only time I’d book BA over a cheaper airline (unless they were cheaper) would be flying from London City, as I live so close. Even then there’s even less reason to book club Europe as there’s no lounge in that airport and their planes are only a 2-2 configuration, so you don’t even get the blocked middle seat.

    I’d prefer easyjet from Gatwick over BA from Heathrow or Gatwick. stansted or Luton airports are a totally different thing though.

  8. @Lucky

    Don’t mean to get technical here, but those ARE NOT jet bridges. They’re called air stairs.

    Keep up the good work otherwise. 🙂

  9. I discovered this Blog not long ago, and as someone who is Overweight I feel that you (all? Don’t know if I read reviews by different writers) don’t make much of not working AC’s. To someone like me that is a dealbreaker in hot places like Morocco!

  10. @Damian. You are right. Someone just doesn’t between Jet Bridge and Ais Stairs . Good you pointed that out.

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