Review: Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

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I had a 10 hour daytime layover at Hong Kong Airport. Typically I’d probably just “rough it” at Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class Lounge (or now the new Qantas Lounge), though I had caught a cold in the Maldives, and I knew the fastest way to recovery would be to get some “real” sleep between longhauls.

So I decided to check out the rates for the Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong, which is the only hotel directly connected to the terminal in Hong Kong. The rate for a dayroom was ~1,150HKD, which is ~$150USD. That included a 10 hour stay between 9AM and 9PM, as well as the following:

  • A 55 minute body massage
  • Complimentary in-room internet for up to four devices
  • Free access to the fitness center

As I wrote about shortly before my stay, I thought getting a 55 minute massage as part of a ~$150 room rate was an exceptional value.


Shortly after booking, the hotel emailed me to confirm at what time I’d like my massage, so I made that appointment.

Upon landing from Male I exited immigration, where fortunately there was no queue. Once inside the arrivals hall I turned left and followed the signage towards the Regal Airport Hotel. The hotel is already visible in the distance when looking beyond the terminal.

Hong Kong Airport terminal

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong signage

At the far end of the terminal is the walkway to the hotel, whereby you just turn left and keep walking.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong signage

After about a five minute walk down a long corridor, you’ll find yourself at the entrance to the hotel.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong walkway

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong exterior

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong walkway

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong entrance

The lobby is extremely airy and bright, with a cafe immediately at the entrance on the right.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong lobby

The lobby has tons of seating, and then at the far end of the triangular atrium is the check-in desk.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong lobby

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong lobby

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong lobby

There was no queue at check-in, though there was an Air India crew gathering to the side of the check-in desk (not exactly a glam Hong Kong layover!). The associate who checked me in was friendly and efficient, and within a minute I had a key to my room. For what it’s worth, it was 8:05AM at this point. In my book 20 minutes from plane to hotel room after an international flight isn’t half bad!

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong check-in

The elevators were located to the side of the check-in desk, and I took one up to the 7th floor.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong elevators

While the lobby is fairly modern and bright, the hallways are definitely a bit more “drab.”

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong hallway

My room, 7111, was located just a handful of doors down the hall from the elevators.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong room entrance

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong floorplan

The room was perfectly serviceable, though could use a renovation at some point. The room featured two beds — best I could tell, one was a double bed and one was a twin bed. The mattresses weren’t Westin Heavenly Beds, though they weren’t rock-hard either.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior Twin room

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room

Opposite the beds was a desk, and to the left of that was a flat screen TV on a stand.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room desk

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room TV

The bathroom was also fine, and featured a sink, toilet, and shower/tub combo.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room bathroom

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room toilet

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room shower

There were plenty of non-branded toiletries, as well as a few bottles of water.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room toiletries

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room bottled water

The room faced the interior of the hotel, though the extent of me opening the curtains was to take this picture, so that didn’t bother me. 😉

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Superior room view

While I had a massage scheduled for 1PM, I really wasn’t feeling well by the time I was ready to sleep, so I decided to cancel it in lieu of more sleep, since I figured feeling better was the top priority. As much as I love massages, they’re not all that fun when your nose is running.

I feel asleep at around 8:30AM, and slept until around 2PM. I felt much better upon waking up.

After quickly hopping in the shower I decided to take a look at the hotel’s facilities. In addition to the fitness center and spa, the hotel had a fairly nice indoor pool. I don’t see myself ever using a pool during a day stay at an airport hotel in Hong Kong, but if you’re traveling with kids, maybe that’s more interesting.

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong spa

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong pool

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong pool

At around 3PM I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, and headed back towards the airport. The check out experience was quick, and 10 minutes later I found myself in the security and immigration queue to once again enter the airside terminal.

Bottom line

Back in the day I would have never considered getting a room at a hotel during a day layover at an airport. That being said, I wasn’t feeling well and I’m getting old (or at least the number of miles I’ve flown suggests I am), so when you combine those two factors, getting some “real” sleep between longhaul flights is something which is important to me.

The Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong hit the spot. Is the Marriott Hong Kong Airport nicer? Yep. But it also requires a shuttle ride, which I didn’t want to have to deal with during a quick layover. The fact that they offer a 55 minute massage with the day-room rate is the icing on the cake, and something I hope to take advantage of the next time I have a day layover in Hong Kong.

What’s your threshold for getting a hotel room during a long layover, and do you have any favorite airport hotels?

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  1. To me the threshold depends on the travel plans, time of day and length of flights involved. Case by Case basis.
    My favorite airport hotel is the Crowne Plaza at Sea-Tac. Almost connected to the terminal, only about a 1 block walk from the outside parking garage. My experiences are limited in this area though.

  2. $150 including message is a great price,especially considering it is in Hong Kong, one of the most expensive city in the world.
    I used day room of Minute Suites in PHL. It is comparably more expensive, and room is small and old.

  3. Also, I have to say clearing immigration at HKG is really really really fast, even compare to rest of the world.

  4. Wow the Marriott airport property blows this property out of the water for a few more bucks
    And I’m not a huge Marriott fan
    Thanks for the heads up

  5. @Jsols – That hasn’t been my experience. The actual immigration formalities at HKG are pretty hassle-free but before getting to them I’ve often been in long lines. And while I generally like the airport, the arrival experience isn’t great – between long distances to walk, often needing to take the train, and long lines for immigration (and every passenger arriving HKG needs to go through those).

  6. I just stayed there on June 16 – like you I just wanted to get some sleep not worry about getting a shuttle etc – very convenient

  7. @Lucky – have you not signed up for the eChannel yet at Hong Kong? You only have to have entered Hong Kong 3 times in the last year and have elite status with a frequent flyer program. Then you can use the automated gates at immigration. The signup is just past immigration and you only have to fill out a quick form. Takes about 5 minutes.

  8. Wow, this post brought a lot of memories! When I was cabin crew for Asiana airlines (we’re talking a decade ago) this was our layover hotel for the day or evening (just 8 hours layover to and from Seoul) and I can’t believe they still have that same hallway carpet that reminds me of Willy Wonka 😉
    But overall a comfortable place to rest.

  9. Have overnighted at this hotel, and found it ultra-convenient. I was upgraded to a much nicer room than pictured, with views over the runway and the bay and hills beyond. Watching planes landing from a mere speck in the distance became a compelling obsession! I was unaware they had a day rate as it is not advertised/promoted. (LAX hotels don’t either, infuriatingly). I will certainly use the Regal again if I have a 10+ hour layover at HKG.

  10. US$150 including a massage in the city with the scarcest and most expensive real estate in the world?

    Funny, in the major world city with the cheapest real estate, MEX airport has two hotels. You won’t be getting a day room in either the Hilton or the NH for US$150 and certainly there won’t be a massage included. And neither one looks nicer than the HKG hotel.

    The business of bilking travellers with artificial airport real estate scarcity is a funny one.

  11. It is weird how you see value. Aren’t you a young man? Why the hell do you need a massage? It is really weird to me. Kind of gross. I would understand if massage is just a euphemism for some Chinese chick playing with your pecker.
    I lived in nice hotels in NYC after I got rid of my apartment, and don’t you see how little you really get from a hotel? What you should really be doing is figuring out how less valuable your money is when you blow it on hotel rooms than figuring out how valuable all these annoying point programs are that you mess with.
    Hotels are actually kind of gross if you are there all the time in my opinion. I especially have issues with the bed and all the gross stains and smells, which bring to mind all the dust mites and disgusting crud and little organisms you are wallowing in. The bed. The couch. Everything. Yuck. The TV remote. The towels.
    I can make $200 go so far, but that can be gone over night for nothing at a hotel.
    It sucks for you. It’s great for hotel operators.
    I also would be bored to chronical everything I do or see. Plus, sometimes what you see or do doesn’t have meaning until later. I think it would be annoying and lame and maybe signifying that you shouldn’t be in these places if you have to take pictures to put on a blog or website.
    I know there are a lot of people that in my opinion don’t know how to travel or live, and are like mentally ill in having to know everything that is coming ahead of them or what they will see. They use your blog, and talk about not fun people. In fact, I think some of these people are just disgustingly and horribly cheap, and they want to wring everything they can- not to make their trip better, but for a mentally ill desperate greed. They’re starving.

  12. @ Andrew M — Have been meaning to do it forever, but haven’t gotten around to it. Definitely doing it next time I’m in Hong Kong.

  13. @ Johnny~ did you stumble across this site by accident? I hope you find the one you need soon as your apparent mental illness need treatment pronto.

  14. My stay at the Regal wasn’t as good 🙁
    the bottles of water had been opened and replaced with sink water (or ???) and the whole room stank of cigarette smoke 🙁
    not a pleasant night

  15. Many thanks for your detailed review. We plan to stay at this hotel but we do not know whether we need a Visum. It’s just a short stay for around 15 hours and we do neither plan to leave the hotel nor to visit the city. Any advice?

    Many thanks in advance!

  16. @ Anita — You’ll have to clear immigration, so you’d need a visa if you’d otherwise need it to visit the city. What passport do you hold?

  17. Hi Lucky-

    I have an overnight layover in HKG on a mileage run I am doing. 13 hour layover Will I have to clear immigration no matter what? Do I need a Visa if I don’t plan on leaving the airport?

    Debating between the Premium Plaza Lounges or the Regal hotel…Maybe the Marriott, but I arrive late at night.

    US Passport holder. Thanks for the advice!

  18. Mark – in 13h you can actually get to any hotel in the city, sleep 8h and go back. Night buses to Mongkok, Central and Causeway Bay run all night. US Passport holders don’t need a visa.

  19. @Oliver. It is a time consuming hassle getting to either Kowloon, HK Island or nearly anywhere else if you are just going to a hotel to get some sleep and go back. The Regal Airport is a great option without wasting limited time, if the price is right. Go for it!

  20. Interesting comments and always what seems to be at least one troll. We just need a couple of hours sleep, get in at midnight, leave early next morning. Looks good to me from what has been posted. Only question I have is can one go outside and find any local small mom and pop type vendors for morning breakfast.

  21. @John33~ you can pick up something light at the sandwich bar inside the entrance to the hotel near the concierge desk. Otherwise there are any number of cafes and 7/11 style shops in the Arrivals hall which you will pass through on the same level on leaving the Regal on your way to Departures upstairs.

  22. I stay at the Regal a lot, since it’s so convenient to be able to walk to and from the hotel. However, the room rate is almost always at least twice what it should be, given the substandard conditions. So many of the rooms have broken AC/heat, the Wi-Fi is abysmal, the toiletries are really cheap and over-perfumed, the rooms are tiny, and it’s impossible to shower without soaking the bathroom.

  23. Thanks Lucky. Enjoyed reading this. We stayed at the Regal 4 years ago on an 8hr layover..just wanted sleep & shower so it was great. This time have 18hrs but still going to stay at the Regal as we land after 7pm and leave again at 2pm next day. Have brekky included & triple family room for cost $245incl taxes. Our 8yo will use the pool for sure! Love the convenience .. not after fancy

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