Review: Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui

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While I’ve been to Hong Kong a bunch of times and have tried out many different hotels (including the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, Conrad Hong Kong, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong, InterContinental Hong Kong, Marriott SkyCity Hong Kong), I hadn’t yet stayed at the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui.

While the Grand Hyatt is probably objectively better, it’s also exponentially more expensive. The Hyatt Regency paid rate was quite reasonable for my dates, at ~$200USD per night. It’s a Category 4 Gold Passport property, making a free night redemption 15,000 points per night. That’s actually a pretty good deal since rates at this hotel can often be $350+ per night, but given the good rate I got, it didn’t seem worthwhile.

Even Points + Cash would have cost 7,500 Gold Passport points plus $100 per night, so wasn’t as good of a deal to me as the paid rate.

Hyatt Gold Passport redemption rate at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong

Anyway, upon landing we took a taxi to the hotel. In Hong Kong, generally if I’m traveling with someone I’ll take a taxi, while if I’m traveling alone I’ll take the Airport Express. That’s because two tickets on the Airport Express are roughly the same cost as a taxi, and they don’t require a transfer at Kowloon station.

The Hyatt Regency is housed inside The Masterpiece building. The first 24 floors of the of the building are the Hyatt Regency, while the floors above that are residences.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong exterior

Since the Hyatt Regency is literally just off a side street in Kowloon, there’s an underground driveway for those arriving by car. Upon arrival we were welcomed by the bellmen and escorted to the third floor lobby.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong driveway

If you’re arriving by foot, there’s a side entrance to the hotel on the street level, where there’s also a mini-lobby.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong street level entrance

There’s one set of elevators that takes you between the two entrances and the third floor lobby, and then a separate elevator that takes you between the third floor lobby and the guest rooms.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong street level lobby

The Hyatt Regency’s lobby was simultaneously grand and bland, and there was no queue at check-in.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong lobby

The associate that checked me in was courteous, and as soon as he saw I was a Diamond member he explained that I could check-in at the Regency Club, though I preferred just getting checked in as quickly as possible and then going to my room. He was extremely thorough, and in addition to giving me a sheet with the Regency Club information, he went over every bullet point with me, as if it was an SAT prep course.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club information

I was assigned room 2311, a Club Harbour View King Room.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong elevators

Once off the elevator I turned right, and my room was the first one past the Regency Club. Can’t beat being right next to the Regency Club!

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong hallway

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong room entrance

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong floorplan

The room was a good size for a standard room in Hong Kong. There was an entryway with the bathroom to the left, and then the hallway led into the rest of the room.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room entrance

The room featured a comfortable king size bed, a chair with ottoman by the window, a desk, and a flat screen TV.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room

The room had a sliding door between the bathroom and the rest of the room, which made it feel a bit bigger.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room

There were a couple of conveniently located plugs near the desk, as well as a rolling chair and lamp.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room TV & desk

Also on the desk was what is hands down one of the coolest features about this hotel. All guests staying at the hotel receive a complimentary smartphone for the duration of their stay. This can be used as a wireless hotspot with unlimited mobile 3G internet access. Furthermore, you can make complimentary phone calls to the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and China.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong free smartphone use

Given that I don’t typically use data while abroad and instead just use wifi, this is awesome. It allows me to stay connected while sightseeing. I can’t emphasize enough how awesome this is, and how I’d specifically stay at this hotel in the future for this feature alone. I can’t believe more hotels don’t offer this.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong free smartphone use

Anyway, back to the room. On the console below the TV was a Nespresso machine — pretty impressive for a Hyatt Regency, if you ask me. I’m not sure if they just have those in club rooms, or all rooms.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room TV

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room Nespresso coffee machine

Then by the window was a chair with an ottoman.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room chair with ottoman

We arrived at the hotel right around sunset, and the views were just stunning. Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world, though it has been a while since I’ve visited. Within two seconds of looking out the window I fell in love with my favorite city again.

While hotels closer to the harbour will in theory have better views, I actually really like the view from the Hyatt Regency, since it’s further back in Kowloon. It really gives you perspective on how grand the Hong Kong skyline is, given that you see both Kowloon and Hong Kong Island from here.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room view at night

Just for comparison, if you don’t have a harbour view room you’ll look out over the back of Kowloon — not nearly as good of a view.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong city view

The bathroom was on the large size for a standard room, with a walk-in shower and tub in an enclosed area, and then a sink and toilet.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room bathroom

The water pressure in the shower was excellent, and there were both a rainforest shower head as well as a handheld one.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room shower

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room bathtub

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room toilet

The toiletries were Portico branded, which I thought Hyatt had finally gotten rid of. Fortunately they seemed to be a different line than what Hyatt used to offer when Portico was the brand standard, as they weren’t nearly as offensive.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Club Harbour King Room toiletries

All-in-all it was a lovely room with an even better view. Wifi was fast, and I loved the wireless hotspot for when I was outside the hotel.

As I mentioned above, the Regency Club is on the 23rd floor, and was located immediately next to my room. It’s a large lounge, though did fill up quite a bit during breakfast and happy hour.

There’s a reception desk at the entrance, along with some couches.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club reception

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club seating

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club view

Then there’s the main room of the club lounge, which features tables and counter-top seating.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club

Then in the back there’s another room with more seating.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club

Complimentary evening drinks were available from 5:30PM till 7:30PM. While the lounge was physically a nice space, I thought the food spread was rather underwhelming for a property in Asia (which usually have among the best spreads, in my experience).

The drink selection was decent, with self serve wine, beer, booze, and soft drinks.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

But the food spread itself was lame. There were veggies, salad, salmon, crackers, and a couple of types of bread.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Then there was a dessert spread with some cake, eclairs, etc.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

And then they had a menu, which consisted of just two things — spring rolls and vegetable buns, and you could order as many of those as you wanted.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club evening happy hour

Unlike some other club lounges in Asia, this spread certainly wasn’t a dinner substitute.

As far as breakfast goes, it was available from 6:30AM till 10AM on weekdays, and for an hour longer on weekends. Again, the spread wasn’t especially good, with mostly continental options.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club breakfast

There were several types of bread, pastries, croissants, muffins, cereal, muesli, yogurt, etc.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club breakfast

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club breakfast

Then they had salad, sandwiches, and a few hot options.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club breakfast

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club breakfast

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club breakfast

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club breakfast

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club breakfast

In addition to the buffet, there was also a small menu you could order from, which changed daily.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Regency Club breakfast

While I wasn’t very impressed by the spread in the club lounge, the service was fantastic. The attendants were always eager to please, especially Annie. She had remembered my drink preference by the second morning, which I always appreciate. They were also extremely attentive with clearing plates and offering items off the menu.

The hotel also has a decent fitness center on the 10th floor. It’s not especially big and the equipment isn’t the most modern, but it did the trick.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong gym

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong gym

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong gym

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong gym

Then one floor below is the entrance to the pool, which is shared with the residences in the building. I didn’t use it (I know I’m weird, but unless I’m in Bali or Florida I prefer indoor pools), but it looked decent enough.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong pool

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong pool

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong pool

Should you stay on Hong Kong Island or in Kowloon?

One question I’m often asked is whether I prefer staying on Hong Kong Island or in Kowloon. For those of you not familiar with Hong Kong geography, Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are separated by Victoria Harbour, so it’s a quick 10 minute ferry or subway ride to get between the two.

The Hyatt Regency is in Kowloon, while the Grand Hyatt is on Hong Kong Island.

Which location do I prefer? To be honest, I don’t really have a strong opinion one way or another. There are pros and cons to each.

Pros to Hong Kong Island:

  • It’s much cleaner, and there’s more high end shopping
  • It’s closer to Stanley Market and Victoria Peak
  • A lot of Hong Kong’s top restaurants are on the Island

Pros to Kowloon:

  • It has a much more “local” feel, as it’s where most locals live (while Central/Hong Kong Island would be more the equivalent of the financial district)
  • It has views of Hong Kong Island, which really are the best views there are
  • It’s closer to the Ladies Market and airport
  • It’s generally more pedestrian friendly — while Hong Kong Island is pretty centralized, it’s surprisingly pedestrian unfriendly

So there really are pros and cons to both, and since it’s just 10 minutes to get between the two, I don’t really have a preference as to which “side” I stay on.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong bottom line

I was extremely impressed by the Hyatt Regency. The rooms were fresh, the service was great, and the club lounge was physically a nice space. The fact that they had smartphones with unlimited 3G and international calling was possibly my favorite feature, though.

The food spread in the club lounge was disappointing, though given what I paid it’s tough to argue with the value of staying here.

I’d definitely return.

If you’ve stayed at the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui, what was your experience?

  1. We stayed there last August. We loved it as well as the location. What we loved the most was the smartphone. We took it everywhere we went. From your pics, looks like your room wasn’t obstructed. We got an upgrade to the Hyatt King Suite and it was great. The only complaint I had was there was a building being constructed covered by green tarp obstructing our harbor view a little bit.

    Also, across the street, there was still local pub that we went to a couple of times (can’t remember the name). It was great. Did you try/see the pub?

  2. The lounge looked emptied 😉 you must have lucky timing! When we were there it was packed every morning with very loud locals! Food was disappointing in the lounge and I would recommend avoid the smoked salmon as my husband got food poisoning from that, on New Year’s Eve too! 🙁 the dinner buffet was exceptional!

  3. @ Sharon — Hah, I took the lounge pictures in the middle of the day, as it was so full otherwise.

  4. So Lucky, now that you’ve settled into the deluxe vagabond lifestyle ; ) , how far in advance do you make your plans? Is it a last minute “I feel like Hong Kong this weekend” kind of thing, or do you have your itinerary worked out a couple of weeks or month in advance?

  5. @ meegabroad — It’s a mix of the two. I’m certainly not planning as far in advance as I’d like to. I’m making some plans month in advance based on specific events, but am filling things in really last minute. I’d certainly like to plan further in advance, but it just hasn’t proved practical in many cases, unfortunately.

  6. I’m pretty sure there’s another Hyatt Regency (Sha Tin) on the island, though it is very far inland, which might be inconvenient for some. I’m pretty sure the Kowloon view wouldn’t be that bad if Kai Tak was still there. 😛

  7. @ RDP — Yep, I’ve stayed at the one in Sha Tin, though that one is so far out that it might as well be in Guangzhou…

  8. i stayed here in late August in a non-club room, and it didnt have a Nespesso machine. I used my annual free night from my Hyatt CC, which I thought was a great deal for me at least. I also liked the close access to the MTR via the mall. It helped during a thunderstorm.

  9. Very good timing on this article, as I’m booked to stay at the hotel at the end of November. Last year I stayed at the Grand Hyatt in the Wan Chai district but thought I’d try the Kowloon side for this visit. I appreciate your comments about the pros and cons of Hong Kong Island versus Kowloon, and also value your insights into the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for the report, Ben!

    Years ago you once said, that “Hong Kong was [your favorite] city”, and I went there in part to find out why. It was my first big trip, and it turned out to be my favorite city too! I will never forget that.

    Regarding the free phone/data usage, that is indeed a great idea, but this is one city that I would not require it in since the last time I was there I purchased a local sim at a special tourist price, from CX, right onboard. It was like $12 and gave practically unlimited (for 8 days) data and even local phone. See:

  11. Great timing for review. Will be staying at the hotel for 30+ days for the rest of the year. Now I at least know a little what to expect!

  12. Definitely a nice hotel and I pretty much agree with everything you said – especially the food, I thought it generally sucked. Compare that to what I considering outstanding food at the Grand Hyatt Taipei lounge, there is no comparison.

    I might add that they are pretty cool about giving diamonds one of the corner Jr. suites which I really loved – it felt more like a Grand Hyatt or Park Hyatt inside. Ask them if they can upgrade you next time (Diamond) as they are very accommodating to Diamonds.

  13. Then that will have to be a points redemption goal……..once the cc offer of 140k comes back……

  14. Having stayed at both before, the Hyatt Regency TST is in a much better location, closer to the shops, subways and street food. The Grand Hyatt is located a bit far from a subway station and is in the conference centre area, so not exactly the best for tourists.

    And with regards to HK island being pedestrian unfriendly, you might have missed out on the pedestrian overhead bridges that connects nearly most of the office buildings/mall in the Central area.

  15. $200 for King room is really good as I can’t break $250 with a very decent corporate discount. Lucky, was your rate something special?

  16. @ Joe — The intent is that Grand properties are nicer than Regency properties, and typically also have more of a “grand” feel. That means they’re larger, have bigger public areas, etc.

    The reality, however, is that Hyatt realizes they’ve completely screwed up their branding over the years. For example, the Hyatt Regency Kyoto is nice enough to be a Park Hyatt, in my opinion, though is branded the same as any airport hotel.

    That’s why we’re seeing a lot of the newly opened Hyatts simply branded as “Hyatts” without a prefix. Smart move on their part, in my opinion.

  17. @ Andrew — True, there are lots of pedestrian bridges, but if you’re actually trying to walk across streets, it’s virtually impossible.

  18. I’m literally typing this from a corner suite in the Hyatt TST. Last night’s food spread was anything but disappointing. Perhaps because it was a weekend?

  19. @ John — I was in the lounge on a Thursday night, and the above is what was on offer. What was different about your spread?

    Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  20. We stayed there last month, used annual Hyatt card night, enjoyed location. If you do use airport express, as we did, connecting at Kowloon station to free shuttle bus is convenient, Hyatt TST is second stop coming in (would take longer getting back to Kowloon station as several hotels on the loop are served).

  21. Lucky

    What property would you recommend for a Hong Kong first timer with just 48hrs to spend, the regency or grand?


  22. @ Tyler — If price isn’t an issue, the Grand Hyatt is definitely a bit nicer, so I would go with it. In terms of location I don’t really see a huge advantage of one over the other. They’re both pretty centrally located.

  23. Remember to add “Tsim Sha Tsui” to your captions! The Hyatt Regency Shatin property is still alive and kicking!

  24. @lucky I arrived Friday evening. The spread in the lounge last night (Sunday) was better than the previous nights. They seemed to have doubled the alcohol selections. Havana Club rum was added (not there the first 2 visits) as well as what appeared to be twice the amount of options for red and white whine. There were also 2 choices of champagne (Prosecco to be precise) as opposed to the single options Friday and Saturday. Food wise there was a lemon pepper (?) shrimp dish, sliced tenderloin salad and 3 options from the rotating menu including 2-3 dim sum dishes, veggie spring rolls and something else I can’t remember right now. I’ll probably toss up a trip report on FlyerTalk. One quick note, I saw earlier that people preferred rooms ending in 08 for the view over corner suite. However aside from this building under construction wrapped in green, this suite is more than adequate with views of the main island and harbor. Though I agree it’s probably not worth using a DSU.

  25. Stayed at Hyatt TST and Grand Hyatt HK earlier this year.
    Grand Hyatt is / was under renovation (much needed). But I did not like the location.

    Best hotel in HK: “Upper House” next to Admiralty. Amazing property and service. Great restaurant too (Cafe Gray Deluxe).

  26. I would recommend the Hyatt Regency TST over the Grand Hyatt due solely to location. The latter requires a hefty walk to the nearest subway and taxis can be tough to get if there is a conference downstairs, whereas the TST location has a subway entrance under the building and has the great views of Victoria Harbour and the skyline (assuming you have a harbour view room). You’re also close to the traditional (but fading) tourist district along Nathan Road and now Canton Road, and transit to the airport is easier and cheaper if taking the shuttle bus from the Airport Express Station.

    Lastly, the Hyatt Regency is a newer building whereas the Grand Hyatt has been around for 20-plus years. In terms of fellow guests, you’re probably more likely to come across “local” tourists (I think Lucky meant mainland Chinese) at the HR whereas the Grand Hyatt is more of a convention hotel with a mix of foreigners, businessfolks, and expense-account or wealthy local tourists.

    Have not stayed at the Ritz Carlton but can see the appeal due to the supreme habour views, but in terms of service, I don’t think you can beat the Four Seasons and the two Mandarin Orientals.

  27. “The Hyatt Regency Shatin is so far out it might as well be in Guangzhou?” Typical tourist thinking. Disclaimer: I stay at the HR Shatin about one week a month and occasionally, the HR TST.

    You might have been in HK many times and claim to love HK, but you’ve never seen much of the real HK if you think the New Territories is far out. In fact, most of HK’s population (>50%) live in the New Territories, NOT Kowloon as stated in your post.

  28. The club fridge pics (cropped) were deceiving.. looked like full size refrigerators at first, then I thought that “hey, that’s one huge can of Sprite.” lol…

  29. Thanks for the review!

    I understand I’m in the minority but this is actually my favorite Hyatt in HK. I love the location and the service is always uniformly good.

    While the GH’s club has infinitely better spread, I can’t stand the snooty and stuffy atmosphere there. The GH staff is very good but not necessarily friendly. Despite multiple (paid) visits, I’ve never gotten a single ‘welcome back’. In contrast, the HR TST staff remembers me from previous visits and, despite my difficult-to-pronounce last name, always make an effort to address me by name. Upgrades to club harbour view rooms also come automatic at this property. In short, one of my favorite Hyatts anywhere.

  30. Stayed there 2 days ago. One of the best hotels I’ve stayed in and I’m saying that with only a regular room with no club access. In addition to the free cell phone and excellent service all around, I loved the speaker in the bathroom and sliding window connected to the bedroom so you can watch and hear TV in bathroom. The mirror by the window brings a live painting of the harbour to our room.

  31. How come no Starwood reviews in HKG? I know the Sheraton is a bit of a dump, but the W is very nice. I’ve had great service and Platinum recognition there. And though it’s a bit out of the way, they do have a shuttle to the TST ferry entrance that runs often.

  32. I stay at the TST a lot. The wifi is actually really slow in terms of throughput. Checking email and browsing is fine but downloading large files for business would take all day. I had to go to an office.

    I’m not chinese but can read chinese menus to some extent so maybe I’m a little more comfortable in hong kong than most. But good god don’t eat the crappy free hotel food. Hong Kong is cheap and practically everyone is a great chef so eating in the hotel is for travel amateurs only.

    That being said Hyatt TST’s Chinese restaurant is one of the better high end lunches/dinners in kowloon but advanced reservations are almost always required, it’s quite intimate.

    Also there is a Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳 just a few blocks away on Carnarvon Road and it’s open late and has a picture menu in english. It’s a respected Hong Kong comfort food chain which makes decent renditions of cantopop or Cha chaan teng favorites and international foods. You can get a killer Lai Cha (milk tea) and breakfast bun, local flavored coffee or hot coke with lemon and ginger (local cold remedy) in the morning. Eggs are great here as well. And old school dishes like rice bolognese with egg on top can be had. Decent Hainan chicken, Zhu Pa Bao. Sometimes I just go for some gai lan (chinese broccoli). All pretty cheap.

    For street foodies, there is a corner skewer place popular with locals just a few blocks from the hotel as well. I think maybe just open at night but not sure. I had the cold baby pig intestines on a stick dipped in sweet sauce and didn’t get sick so it’s pretty safe. Good for post drinking snacks with local suits and kids on their way home.

  33. @ Neil S. — Would like to do the W, but it’s a property I struggle to stay at. It’s too expensive on paid rates compared to some of the other options, while I can’t bring myself to redeem Starpoints for it, given how valuable they are. I’ll have to just swallow my pride and do it some time.

  34. I stayed here last month. Burned a DSU and got a regency suite on the 22nd floor. Very similar experience. Loved the hotel, with the only real negative the breakfast in the lounge. I slightly preferred the location to Hong Kong Island, so much more pedestrian friendly. Will definitely return.

  35. This was the first stop on our Asia trip last year. Given that my jet-lagged toddler was ready to start her day at 4:30AM, I was really thankful that the Regency Club was only an elevator ride away. We headed up there as soon as it opened and enjoyed breakfast each morning.

  36. I will be in Hong Kong for less then 24 hours next week. I am booked for one night at the Grand Hyatt since I am a Diamond, however I’ve heard there is a renovation going on. As much as I love all of my diamond benefits, I am really tempted to stay at the Conrad. I stayed there for 3 nights last year and loved it! I was upgraded to a the club level (I am only Gold with Hilton).
    My wife is traveling with me this time and I’d love to show her a little bit of this wonderful city.
    What would you do in my place: Conrad (being Gold), Grand Hyatt or Regency TST (being Diamond)?
    Thanks in advance!

  37. @ hfmaia — They’re all great options, don’t really think one is considerably better than the other. I’ve heard great things about the Grand Hyatt from friends that have stayed there lately, so wouldn’t hesitate to stay there. The club lounge is amazing, even better than at the Conrad. So I’d probably stick to that.

  38. Can I suggest next time you stay in HK, try the hotel Icon in TST. The service, the above and beyond club lounge + rooms + personal service and finally the pool deck, I think is the best in HK. It would be good to hear your views.

  39. I always cringe when you remark that the HRKyoto is even nearly as close to a Park Hyatt level, let alone on par with one. The rooms are dated, and the indoor dining subpar and very pricey for what they serve. Fitness center subpar and no pool on site as well. I simply don’t understand your love of that property.

  40. Hey Lucky – I’ve used some of your advice to help plan my Honk Kong/South Africa trip this November on Cathay and now have a hotel question. I booked myself at this Hyatt Regency TST for 3 nights (Th/Fr/Sat) using 45,000 points – when my new Hyatt Credit Card night becomes available I hope to be able to add a 4th night for free.

    I just made diamond (lost it in 2013) and am wondering what benefits you think I will receive when I check in? I will be solo, and am just trying to understand if I have a chance at a room upgrade? Club access only? Would a suite only be an option if I did a points + cash for $100 + 7,500 points/night?


  41. @ matt s — You’re entitled to the best available non-suite (probably a room with a view) and club lounge access, which is quite nice at that hotel. So you can expect the same treatment I received. If you do Points + Cash then you’d be able to use a Diamond Suite Upgrade Award. That being said, if traveling alone I think the room with a view and club access is plenty nice.

  42. Thanks! Just want you to know how much I/we appreciate your feedback in the comments section… not every blogger pays too much attention to them.

  43. Okay, writing from happy hour in the club this minute (just took a shot pretty much just like the one of the HK skyline above). Love the hotel (in a suite, 1725) which is stunning with nice views, killer tub (with views!), nespresso, sitting area, etc., etc.

    Here’s my question /gripe: not to put too much pressure on you, but I’m here because of how you gush about HK (and because I told Alex to send me to a city in Asia and then an island, so heading to Bali from here).
    24 hrs. here, and my thoughts are: what the hell kind of city in this century doesn’t accept credit cards for cabs (and, btw, doesn’t have any signs at the airport que that say this)?!; Is there anywhere I can go outside of the hotel, that I’m not accosted by really pushy hawkers? (I nearly hit one last night who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.); Am I alone in detesting an environment in which the standard shopping advice is “be very careful of bait and switch”, “offer 30 to 40% of the asking price and walk away if they don’t come down to 50% of the asking price”, and, “most of what you see are cheap knockoffs and fakes?”;
    So, tomorrow I’ll take the ferry over to the island. Any tips on what to do? So far I’m thinking this is my last trip to Ben’s favorite city. (Though when you settled on LA for your new home, I knew we had seriously different tastes in cities! I barely think it’s a fun city to visit, and wouldn’t live there for anything.)

  44. My wife and I plan to be in Hong Kong for one night next year and are deciding between this property and the IC. Looking for some feedback. I have visited Hong Kong twice before, staying once at the GH and once at the Conrad. This time I have a free Hyatt cat 4 night and an IHG free night, so I am considering the HR Tsim Sha Tsui (Am a Diamond now at booking time but will be Platinum next year) or the InterContinental (the better one, not Grand Sanford. also am IHG Platinum). Which one should I choose?

  45. Just a note after a recent stay. The tall building they that was under construction (in your harbor view picture) between the HR and the waterfront is now finished, and they have an annoyingly bright full building advertisement (covering the entire side of the building facing the hotel). It really obstructs and takes away from the view. We enjoyed the view from the IC a lot more because of that.

  46. @LX. How’s the breakfast and evening spread? Any improvement? I am planning a trip to Hong Kong next month. Thanks for sharing

  47. So what is your pick among all you have visited? Ritz Carlton best? How much more superior than Grand Hyatt?

  48. I have stayed here 4 times in the past year. I really like the club room and you have a great veiw of the city. I thought the food there was good, but the evening food seems to change alot. Some of the items I did not like. The location is great for the attached mall and there is a great burger place there. Best burger in HKG. I did not get the nice room Ben got on the Harbour side. I got the Regency suite with the DSU. Its an ok room that is fine, but nothing fancy. The location is great in what I call the center of the action of TSIM Sha Shui. I also like th W hotel on the Kowloon side but it tends to be a little pricey.

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