Jerk Removed From American Airlines Flight For Not Wearing Mask, Gets Called Out

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Update: This passenger has been banned from American Airlines for as long as face masks are required.

On most topics I’m happy to agree to disagree, and respect other opinions. One exception is those who refuse to wear face masks on planes for ridiculous reasons, like claiming it violates their freedom.

The scientific community is more or less in agreement that everyone wearing face masks when physical distancing isn’t possible can help reduce or slow the spread of coronavirus.

Today an American Airlines passenger was removed from a flight for not wearing a mask, and I can’t help but be amused about how all of this went down.

Man refuses to wear mask because “sanity”

Brandon Straka, who I had never heard of prior to this (and who is a self proclaimed gay, former liberal), took to Twitter yesterday to complain about being removed from an American Airlines flight while enroute to a Trump rally in Tulsa.

He was removed from a flight for not wearing a mask. According to him, the conversation went like this:

Flight Attendant: Excuse me, sir, do you have a condition that prevents you from wearing a mask?
Me: Yes.
Flight Attendant: May I ask what that is?
Me: Sanity.

He then posted a video after being kicked off the plane:


As Brandon explained his decision not to wear a mask:

I won’t be taking lessons in courteous behavior from liberals, thank you. But you are 100% welcome to be a compliant little stooge. But – my body, my choice.

Apparently his “my body, my choice” philosophy only extends to face masks…

But that’s not actually the interaction that happened

Unfortunately for Brandon, he was seated next to a New York Times reporter, who reported that that’s not actually how the interaction went.

Now, before anyone starts claiming “fake news,” this reporter actually posted a video of how the interaction went, and it’s not quite as heroic as how Brandon wanted it to sound. This guy’s facial expressions say it all…

The really sad part in all of this

Here’s the sad part in all of this — the flight attendant was technically in the wrong. The flight attendant did ask if he had a medical condition causing him to not be able to wear a mask. He said yes. She followed that up by asking if he had a medical certificate or documentation from a doctor, which is unfortunately a big no-no.

While airlines are requiring passengers to wear face masks, those with medical conditions don’t have to do so. And crews aren’t allowed to ask for proof of those conditions, so in this case the guy shouldn’t have been asked (even though his only condition seems to be that he’s an insufferable, inconsiderate, jerk).

Also, am I understanding the above video correctly — did the guy next to Brandon really say he also didn’t want to wear a mask, somehow justifying that by explaining he’s from China? What am I missing?

I do appreciate the flight attendant’s response, though — “you have other options available to you. There’s corporate jets. You can take a corporate jet anywhere you want. You don’t even have to go through security.”

American Airlines: please don’t get this lady in trouble. Give her a raise. Put her in charge of the American Airlines Coronavirus Mask Force.

Bottom line

It’s so disappointing to see how many people are denying basic science and refusing to wear masks on planes. The reason it’s so sad is because wearing a mask isn’t just about your own safety, but it’s also about the safety of those around you.

It doesn’t matter whether Brandon agrees or not — when he booked a ticket he knew American Airlines’ policy. I’d guess he very much respects the right of private businesses to set policies as they see fit, no matter what people are excluded as a result.

Surely virtually any doctor would agree that “sanity” is not a medical condition, as much as Brandon would like for it to be (even though he never said that onboard — he just faked it to seem like a hero).

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my observations regarding face masks based on my flight today, because ugh…

  1. Wow, this is crazy. This man is so inconsiderate.

    Requiring documentation in these cases actually seems reasonable.

  2. Happy this blog exists. Meanwhile a different Boarding Area blog, The Gate, is publicly downsizing COVID, comparing removing slave owners statues to removing a Nelson Mandela statue and actively lashing out every person who dares calling him out.

  3. I’m sorry but u should have to show proof that u shouldn’t be wearing a mask.
    And I don’t know any condition that would preclude u from wearing a mask, if anything u’d want to wear one if u had a medical condition.
    She’s not asking to violate his right to health information privacy,
    A note from the doc could say….. Mr. Jerk cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons.
    Signed Dr. Jones.

  4. The Chinese guy probably suggested that he didn’t want to wear a mask either, and specifically mentioned that he’s from China (a perceived high risk area), so they could take off their masks together, in order to let him feel the need of wearing a mask to protect himself?

  5. Actually, the “experts” have been all over the place on the effectiveness of masks. Especially when people don’t frequently change their masks or don’t wash their homemade masks. It’s like gloves for a worker at Subway. Gloves are technically effective, but if you never change them then they are worthless.

    And people won’t fly again until they think flying is safe. Telling everyone to wear masks or making your workers wear PPE sends the message that travel is unsafe. The fact is these planes are safer than Target.

  6. Yes proof cannot be required, if airlines require a mask or medical objection to be stated at the gate, then FAs should get a list from the gate all of the passengers who have a medical objection. You shouldn’t be able to board with a mask and then develop a condition while walking down the jetway.

  7. Science? There are so many conflicting studies that support wearing a mask and others that say it doesn’t make a difference. I must admit I lean towards the latter.
    I have flown 3 roundtrips in May one in June already. I wear a mask because if it gives other passengers more sense of security, so be it. Does it make sense? Dont think so. Flights I have flown (2x Southwest, 2x Delta), except for the middle seats, the flights were fully booked. Meaning passengers in front, behind, across and next to the open seat. Then on the last two flights both on WN and DL they served a bottle of water and snacks. So you have to pull down your mask to consume.

    All I’m saying the mask gives you a false sense of security/protection.
    Then starting August Southwest is unblocking the middle seat. Delta may follow a few months later.

    I’m living my life and not let fear control my life. There’s only one advice for those afraid of catching the virus on a plane. STAY HOME.

  8. Thinking it over, we should do the same as singapore. If anyone wants to hang out in an enclosed space with others, endangering them, that’s fine. We’ll just give them 20 strokes of the cane!

  9. I’ve (unfortunately) dealt with Brandon in the political world and this isn’t the least bit surprising. He’s used so many in the industry for personal gain. Would not be surprised if this was a while stunt for clicks.

  10. out of work stylist/actor whose website is connected to Kremlin interference with the election.

    but good to give him more attention

  11. Can I claim I have a medical condition that prevents me from using a seatbelt? Because really, aren’t seatbelts just safety Theatre?
    Seriously, it is preposterous that people claiming they can’t wear a mask can’t be asked for proof. Can’t we at least move them all to the back of the plane behind a curtain where they can exchange germs to their hearts content?

  12. Let’s put all the none mask wearers on the empty cruise ships and . . . the rest of us live happily ever after. WEAR MASKS and SAVE LIVES!

  13. Move over Emotional Support letters, fake excuse to not wear a mask letter available for $39.00!

    Personally I don’t think you should have to where a mask and think covid is blown out of proportion, but if any airline want to make a business decision requiring a mask, consumer can either follow rules or drive to destination.

  14. The FA’s actions need to be separated from his actions. The FA should absolutely be disciplined (likely just counseled) for asking the impermissible follow-up question. If the passenger had an actual medical condition that prevented mask wearing and was escorted off for saying “sanity” or whatever (instead of disclosing his condition), the airline could face significant liability.

  15. Odd, I was on two Delta flights last week where two passengers did not wear masks at all. Especially since there were numerous announcements at the gate and in the plane stating that it was compulsory for all Delta passengers to wear a mask! And if you didn’t have one, the gate agent or F.A. would give you one. No mask less passengers being booted off of that flight!

  16. I’m disappointed with the idea that someone can simply claim a ‘medical condition’ and somehow that is the end of it. The type of people who refuse to wear masks are exactly the type of people who will lie about having a medical condition. People should have to provide some sort of documentation from a licensed physician indicating that they have a condition where wearing a mask would be a problem. They don’t need to disclose the condition but there should be something instead of just blindly believing whatever they say.

  17. Here in AZ, half of the population refuses to wear masks. And coincidentally we have a 400% increase in cases. Americans truly suck. Idiots.

  18. US society, bringing on flighs emotional support ducks, snakes and what not. Honestly I had to wear a mask on two flights I took back in May in EU just to get back to my husband and hated it. But it was worth the trouble. If other people will fill more safe, as MJ and Nike would say… “Just do it”!

  19. I’m just going to start driving on the left side of the street, and blowing through red lights…because, you know, my body, my choice!

  20. I would comply and wear a mask if required, but I believe it’s useless. I don’t have any problem with people around me not wearing a mask. If you are at high risk or just scared of the virus – stay home!

  21. I’m a surgeon who wears a mask all day and works with people in the OR with all types of medical conditions – asthma, diabetes, anxiety, claustrophobia, to name a few, none of which precludes any of us from working in a mask all day. Let’s call the bluff.

  22. With all due respect, I can’t get behind this or believe you’re saying “The scientific community agrees unanimously that everyone wearing face masks when physical distancing isn’t possible reduces the spread of coronavirus.” From what I have read on this, the discussion is more along the lines of “masks might help stop the spread”.

    Ben, you are much wiser than to say that some rag, a “cloth face covering,” that barely fits around someone’s face is more than a placebo. The findings about the efficacy of N95 – sure thing, surgical masks – ok maybe for source control but the only thing being called for here is a cloth face covering. The health “theatre” of universal masking is laughable at best, and there is much scientific dissent about the healthy wearing masks. I understand that a rag over the face helps someone “say it not spray it,” but claiming that has efficacy against shedding virus of less than a half dozen microns is a farce.

    The entire narrative around universal masking falls flat if or when the idea of asymptomatic spreaders goes away again like it did last week (WHO article on contact tracing results showing asymptomatic spread may be rare). Then we go from thinking all are sick and spreading to only masking the sick as has been done for some time.

    We’ve already let COVID kill our passion for travel by consuming fear-mongering from far and wide. I am sure I am not the only one who comes here to get away from reality of that and other depressing things everyday.

  23. The mask is to keep other people safe. The research is pretty solid that the Coronavirus is spread by the small droplets that people spray out even when just talking. A mask reduces that misting to near zero and in confined spaces that is absolutely essential since people can be asymptomatic but communicable.

    The problem is most people refusing to wear masks think its their health that is at risk when it fact it’s everybody else’s.

  24. @Lucky I think that the Asian guy was basically calling him out. I think he was implying that if he were not to wear a mask like Brandon, it would mean Brandon is putting everyone at risk. He was standing up to Brandon. Also, the Asian guy at the end agreed with the woman that he is holding up the plan for everyone else and that Brandon needed to get off the plane.

    What the Asian guy said: “Sir, I have a question. I will not wear a mask (if you don’t). I’m from China, okay. And when Brandon responded “you just took your mask off” and then the Asian guy replied: “Yea, I do. If you want to take everyone’s risk here-(end of statement as Brandon interjected by telling him to shut up). Brandon realized that he was being challenged by the Asian guy and the Asian guy was not wrong. Everyone needs to wear a mask on the plane and in public. In this case, it is the airline’s policy and let’s see will AA follow through and ban him from the airline in the future.

  25. So what do you make of BLM calling out all the protesters who practiced no social distancing and had many in the crowds without masks? What do you make of the fact that blacks are a high risk group for both catching COVID 19 and dying from it (part of the reason being higher instances of asthma in that population)? In Florida we recently had a group of 16 friends go out to a bar without masks and practicing no social distancing for the first time after lock down. The result was 100% of the group diagnosed with COVID 19. How many cases of COVID 19 do you think BLM protests will spread? How many cases will be in the high risk black population and how many will die? Best to think about that this week as at least one of those attending a DC protest will be flying to Dallas, seeing his mother, and attending a wedding attended by a few dozen people. Thankfully, my son will be wearing a mask on the plane, but not likely at the wedding. One can only hope that BLM is not sending a wedding present.

  26. The follow-up question was illegal and is a firing offense. Further, Mr. Straka should litigate this as a potential Air Carrier Access Act Violation.

  27. No shortage of people cherry picking whether they like science. If science agrees with what they’ve decided, then they think it’s awesome; if science disproves their preconceptions, then they pretend that it’s fake. Humans can sure be an interesting bunch.

  28. @Ken
    Nothing wrong with driving on the left of the road, everyone here does it and there’s no problem. What? People where you are don’t? But yes, running red lights would be a bad idea.

  29. Americans typical. He knows the policy. He chose to ignore it and cause trouble. It’s the same BS with people with emotional support pets who then print of fake documents confirming they need it for medical reasons If a business has a code abide by it or go elsewhere. I guess he ignores social distancing etc. He should buy a gulfstream

    Whilst there are many wonderful things in the US , it’s full of complete idiots Most of them trump supporters

  30. Ah, Donna is back with her condescending tone. Aren’t you supposed to just yell at paying passengers, or does making everyone’s life miserable now extend to social media, too?

  31. He Guys you do know that masks are fake protection. In an airplane there is a filter system, so the air will be filtered every 3 minutes or so. Furthermore, the airstream is Downwards so all things will be pushed to the ground meaning very little horizontal travel. It’s more to provide people a false sense of safety so they start travelling again.

    Personally, I think providing premium service in premium cabins and opening up lounges with food, drinks and showers will work better. Although I fear the current cost out measures will stay forever.

  32. He knew AA’s policy before purchasing the ticket? How so? Unless a passenger bought the ticket very recently there is a good chance he knew nothing about this ridiculous mask policy.

  33. @Stefan it’s announced everywhere, including online , in the terminal and before boarding. If you don’t like it and are not concerned about the welfare of others, then shop online and charter an aircraft.

    Listen to that guy in Florida who said covid would not affect him and partied with 1000s of others , only to be hospitalised shorty after

    And what can you say about country that sends a 181 page $1.3 million bill to a covid victim for hospital treatment?

  34. The NYTimes is a tabloid at this point, so I certainly don’t trust anything they say anymore 🙁

    Maybe if CNN or Fox News report let were there. That would be real journalism!
    They are always reasonable.

    I don’t get the group think on this.
    Why everyone is so happy to see someone suffer because he doesn’t look like or act like everyone else.

    It’s very unsettling that you are all out to tar and feather someone who doesn’t dress like you do.

  35. Separate from the passenger, the FA knew the rules and violated them by asking for a medical certificate/doctors note.

    The FA needs to be disciplined and let go. There are too many good FA with their job up in the air for this person to be kept on.

  36. I understand that a rag over the face helps someone “say it not spray it,” but claiming that has efficacy against shedding virus of less than a half dozen microns is a farce.
    – Sanjay F. R.

    The goal is not to block bare viral particles. The goal is to block water droplets that are hundreds of times larger. The virus becomes inactive (“dies”) very quickly when exposed directly to air. The scientific consensus on the efficacy of masks is pretty robust.

    Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci – and the CDC/NIAID more broadly – made their biggest blunder in this crisis by declaring initially that masks were not necessary. They did so because masks were in such short supply that even doctors didn’t have them. This opened our scientific institutions to questions of credibility by TV personalities with no scientific credentials and a captive audience.

    In any other decade, there would’ve been a massive response coordinated at the federal level to acquire and distribute PPE, ventilators, and so forth. In a leadership vacuum, our medical experts were left to work through the difficult calculus of whether a lie might save the most lives.

  37. When your twitter bio includes “On a mission to #RedPill humanity”, not a leap to think this was staged confrontation for clicks.

  38. @Sanjay F. R. is correct in that the scientific studies are actually mixed when it comes to non-medical mask usage among the general public. While there is evidence that doing so lessens the spread of particles from the wearer to some extent, the degree of efficacy in actually reducing transmission is not well settled. While I personally wear mine and think it’s a best practice especially in a close space, you’re mischaracterizing the current status of evidence.

    As to your snark about abortion, in that case the body in question is the baby, a separate life, not the mother. Hence it is not the mother’s body to choose.

    You want the FA promoted and given a raise despite being in the wrong? The man responded in the affirmative that he had a medical condition. The FA is required to cease questioning at that point. The pax sounds like a dick, but that’s no excuse.

    People need to grow up and understand that, like it or not, the real world is one of tradeoffs and imperfect solutions. There are exceptions to many rules and regulations, and forcing the disclosure of confidential medical information in this situation is one of those exceptions.

    COVID-19 is serious and I do my part to prevent its transmission – and urge others to as well. Yet at the same time, it’s not smallpox or the Black Death. We need to remain cautious but not panic.

  39. You’ll never see me in public on sidewalks with one on. Have the loosest hair net type one for stores, etc. Couple times store people offer one of theirs, which I decline.
    Make your own choices, but don’t try to force it on me.

  40. While I agree that this guy seems to be acting like a jerk and yes, he should be wearing a mask on an airplane, why must you insist on including the statement that he was heading to a Trump rally? Why not just say he was heading to Tulsa? This automatically qualifies him as a jerk to many readers(shouldn’t) and anything after that statement really doesn’t matter because we all “know”, he must be a jerk! Anyway, please wear a mask.

  41. It’s truly incredible. In no other civilized country in the world are its citizens having a cat fight over something as completely easy and simple as wearing a mask indoors in confined areas with a lot of people.

    What an embarrassment we have become across the world. American exceptionalism my a$$.

  42. I try to politely convince the skeptics that wearing a mask is something they should happily do.

    Usually, those not wearing think that it’s about THEIR personal choice about THEIR exposure to the virus. They are not afraid if they get it.

    But, while the mask provides some protection for the wearer, it really is better at protecting everyone else from the wearer. COVID is spread before the infected has symptoms. Some never develop symptoms.

    Statements like, “if you are afraid of COVID, stay home”, are nonsense. A mask wearing caregiver of a vulnerable person could easily be exposed by someone like Brandon and bring it home.

    I had COVID in March. Masks weren’t available then and no one was wearing them. I had already begun limiting travel and was isolating somewhat in the two weeks prior to when I first developed symptoms. But there were a couple of trips I still had to take – ironically, one of them was to Tulsa. Could that airplane ride been where I got it? Maybe. To this day, my case is listed as origin unknown. But had people been wearing masks, including the person who unknowingly gave it to me (and me), I would not have gotten it. Please wear a mask. I do even though I’m likely immune.

  43. I’m so sad to read many comments here arguing against wearing face masks.
    Folks, wearing face masks may not be the ultimate protection but it definitely helps and reduces risks significantly – it is a proven scientific fact, and is also common sense that IMHO doesn’t require scientific research.
    The bottom line is wearing a face mask is better than not wearing one, so please wear one on planes and in public areas as a courtesy to others at least.

  44. (I am not from US but…) I actually don’t see any problem with FA asking for medical certificates. The person is asking for exception to the terms of contract of carriage (which means – he is breaking the contract), so the other party (AA in this case) has every right to ask for proof for asking for exceptions.
    It is a different matter if the FA snatched the medical certificates, but it is generally no problem to ask to release the private information…it would be no problem at all in most jurisdictions.

  45. His comment “it’s not the law” is irrelevant. Any vendor or service provider can place conditions (provided they are not illegal or prohibited) on your ability to enter or obtain their services, the most common example being the old “no shirt no shoes no service.” It’s not illegal to be barefoot! Same goes for this turd. He purchased a seat that had conditions. He failed to meet those conditions, he forfeits his right to fly.

  46. @Kenneth

    While I agree that this guy seems to be acting like a jerk and yes, he should be wearing a mask on an airplane, why must you insist on including the statement that he was heading to a Trump rally? Why not just say he was heading to Tulsa? This automatically qualifies him as a jerk to many readers(shouldn’t) and anything after that statement really doesn’t matter because we all “know”, he must be a jerk! Anyway, please wear a mask.

    Because wearing a mask now is a political issue. Should it be? No, but your political leaning is now statistically relevant to if you wear a mask. 75% of Democrats say they have worn a mask in public meanwhile less than half or Republicans have (NY Times – Gallup Poll 6/2/20).

    About the FA asking for the documentation. Why not? When I travel to foreign countries with medications I bring a letter from my doctor that says that I have a managed condition that requires those medications. It doesn’t reveal confidential patient information. What is the problem a letter simply saying John Smith has a condition that precludes him from wearing a mask?

  47. Icarus says:
    June 18, 2020 at 2:38 am
    Americans typical. He knows the policy.

    Foreigners typical – the policy doesn’t trum federal law. Period.

  48. Jay says:
    June 18, 2020 at 9:34 am
    (I am not from US but…) I actually don’t see any problem with FA asking for medical certificates.

    Doesn’t matter what you see or don’t. Federal law trumps your opinion, and the FA was commiting a criminal act.

  49. And this is why US infection rates have gone from terrible to bad, and now heading back to terrible again. Some Americans just can’t help ruining it for everyone else.

    Let’s assume the science is split on the effective of mask (despite all the real world evidence for it), it would at least have a chance of helping. So what exactly is your justification for not wearing it? Because you will feel uncomfortable? Therefore you will risk everyone else’s health? Selfish pricks.

  50. Ben I think you’re wrong when you say this

    “And crews aren’t allowed to ask for proof of those conditions, so in this case the guy shouldn’t have been asked (even though his only condition”

    You’re thinking about ADA law and asking about a disability when someone has a service animal.

    In that case, ADA law is explicit in what can and cannot be asked

    But ADA law is silent about masks. As far as I know, there’s nothing that says they can’t require proof for this.

  51. Rober MacNamara says:

    June 17, 2020 at 11:52 pm

    Thinking it over, we should do the same as singapore. If anyone wants to hang out in an enclosed space with others, endangering them, that’s fine. We’ll just give them 20 strokes of the cane

    This poster should get 20 strokes of the cane for fake news.

    A man must got 2 weeks of prison for violating the stay at home order after he returned from visiting a hotspot country. He ran a newspaper delivery company and left home to deliver a few papers of subscribers that got missed by the regular delivery man.

  52. Frankly – not wearing a mask and being a as* about it says one thing: “I don’t care about my fellow human beings.”

    @Ryan: you say abortion is about “another life – the baby”. Well, if that’s true, so is wearing a mask: mask wearing is about protecting others, not protecting yourself.

    Individually (for the vast majority of people) wearing a mask in public is a minor inconvenience. Whereas endemic spread of COVID and the economic impacts of it is a massive problem for everyone. So wear the damn mask.

  53. You’ll never see me in public on sidewalks with one on. Have the loosest hair net type one for stores, etc. Couple times store people offer one of theirs, which I decline.
    Make your own choices, but don’t try to force it on me.
    – M. Simons

    You want all of the privileges of living in a society, without any of the responsibility to your fellow citizens. This is adolescent behavior.

    If you want total freedom then go live in the woods. No one will stop you. You can do whatever you want, and pay no taxes.

  54. @lucky

    Can ensure future posts of this sort also have “mask” in the title? I’d be keen to filter out your collectivist rants and tiresome social signaling.

  55. Maybe the medical condition claimed should have been “insanity”, “egotism” or “congenital stupidity”?

    This incident demonstrates the increasing prevalence of “it’s all about me” in Western Society, forgetting that every “Right” has an associated “Responsibility”. The right of a passenger’s safety is purchased by accepting responsibility for the safety of others.

    AA has Terms and Conditions of carriage. He breached them so remove him from the aircraft. He was abusive so ban him from flying.

    BTW, wouldn’t it be great if Airlines operated an industry-wide black-list so this genre of person could be banned for a year, or forever, for endangering passengers on a aircraft.

  56. Okay so I spotted Howard. Am I the only person who is disappointed to see “George” has not dropped a mask rant along with the unverifiable claim that he has visited all 50 stated during the pandemic except for the Dakotas?

  57. “not wearing a mask” posts have stolen the top spot from “seat recline” posts on the Slow News Day Click Bait chart 🙂

  58. So much entertainment watching all the Kevins and Karens with zero medical experience or knowledge about viral infections except what they’ve learned from google or tv, lecture each other about face masks. Even the so called experts can’t agree. Travel when you feel safe or stay at home, we get a choice. Doesn’t any one remember the signs in the stores that we used to have stating ” No shirt No shoes No service “? If a business wants to put something in place you don’t like you have the right not to give them you money. This will never go away and like the regular flu killing tens of thousands each year that no one cared about this too will become the same one day. Until then we unfortunately have to suck it up with all the knee jerk reactions.

  59. @ Lucky

    So what? This isn’t just about ONE guy but the policy itself. You say that people know the rules before they book the ticket and that’s simply not true since you know very well that tickets can be booked up to a year in advance.

    Total nonsense just like taking water and shampoo bottles away at TSA checkpoints.

  60. Are Americans incapable of following basic rules without pulling some 1st amendment garbage?

    Just shup up and follow the damn rules

  61. @ Luke

    Living “in the woods” exempts you from taxes and the law? Tell us and the IRS more about that idea.

    I can vividly remember Ruby Ridge and that didn’t turn out too well.

  62. No shirt No shoes No service
    – Roman

    Exactly, “no mask, no service.”

    Living “in the woods” exempts you from taxes and the law? Tell us and the IRS more about that idea.
    – Stefan

    The point is to live outside society. Consume none of the benefits, assume none of the responsibilities. Live on your own. You’ll have no income; you’ll owe no taxes. And as long as you leave everyone else alone, no one’s going to come bother you.

    Conservatives claim to want unfettered individualism. Often, what they really want is privilege without responsibility. And that’s just adolescent.

  63. Ben,

    You should go to OSHA’s website. And read how certain types of masks work. For example, N-95, surgical, cloth. Cloth masks do absolutely nothing to protect you! N-95 filter the air you breathe, they do not filter the air you exhale. Surgical masks do not filter the air you breathe in, they do filter the air you exhale. It is also because of this it is recommended that they be changed every half hour. So people who wear cloth masks are not doing you them and good!

  64. @ JH

    “Are Americans incapable of following basic rules without pulling some 1st amendment garbage?

    Just shup up and follow the damn rules”

    We just have to bitch and moan a lot first and then we eventually give in.

  65. It’s not unreasonable to expect people to carry a letter or information stating they have a medical condition without disclosing the nature of the condition. I do this all the time for my patients. “Xxxx has a medical condition that prevents them from doing YYyy.” A letter does not necessarily have to reveal sensitive info. So I side with the FA.

  66. So Hillary was crucified for referring to trump voters as deplorables. As time goes by I realize she was right.

    Also the Chinese guy is saying,. Im from china, want me to remove the mask and put lives off everyone at risk?

  67. So, this whole thing is political and unfortunately,fueled by those who are supposed to protect the population. Flight attendants are defenseless against the stupidity of some. The sad part is that passengers and especially ,crew members will keep getting exposed to Covid19 due to the ignorance and arrogance of a few. The mask is about preventing the spread of disease,that’s it. How selfish can people be?

  68. This is really not about politics. It’s about the social contract we all agree to when we live in this society. There are many things that we are required to do (or not do), which may impinge on our personal liberties, because of the potential impact our behavior may have on those around us. My Mom, who is 90 and suffers from dementia, lives in a condo building where residents are not permitted to have actual fires in their fireplaces (battery-operated or electric are ok). While this impinges on my Mom’s freedom– “my condo, my choice”– this is a good rule to have, because it’s quite likely that if my Mom did have a fire going, she could burn down not only her own condo but the rest of the building as well. Likewise, we are not allowed to smoke on planes– which may impinge on a smoker’s freedom– “my lungs, my choice”– because that behavior could impact the health of those around the smoker.
    If the AA jerk wants much more personal freedom, where he can do whatever the heck he wants regardless of the impact on other people, he should try living in Russia or Brazil perhaps, or find himself a deserted island. In the USA, the greater good of society trumps any one person’s individual liberties.

  69. For months the WHO and the CDC said there was no need to wear masks.

    Now they do, yet the science of virus infection hasn’t changed. Hmmm.

    Just admit that there is little one can do and they want to appear to be doing something–anything. We are being treated like guinea pigs.

    @Donna: OK Snowflake.

  70. Not until Covid-19 pandemic that I’ve learned half of U.S. population are jerks. Would it kill them to put their face masks on? Look at health care workers. They have to wear masks for 12 to 16 hours a day everyday to save your lives.

  71. Somehow showing consideration for others has become such an insufferable burden that it justifies rude behavior, delaying everybody else on the plane and even getting thrown off the flight. Just wear the mask and don’t be such a baby about it. If you really want attention so badly try doing something commendable , anybody can be jerk.
    It really doesn’t matter if masks are effective or not. At this point the cure and the best means of prevention are unknowns anyway. Since more than 100,000 Americans have already died it’s worth trying .

  72. As a Medical Professional I have a Statement which validly addresses this Idiot..”I will not Allow, your DESIRE for Freedom, to trump my Right to Life”

  73. A. The “actor” staged this so he could be booted off the flight and/or arrested and get a gazillion views on social media. He’s a well-known attention whore.

    B. AA requires masks. You don’t want to wear one? The airline can send you packing.

    Thank you, next ….

  74. I’m surprised that everyone is missing the very important implications and questions that come from saying he’s going to the Trump rally.

    1. They are taking temperatures and handing out masks upon arrival. Assuming wearing the mask is mandatory to be allowed entrance, does anyone think he’ll be making the same fuss and touting his medical condition of sanity with Secret Service within earshot?

    2. If wearing the mask is only a suggestion in a state where the number of infections and hospitalizations has spiked, how sane is that? Spending hours crowded in a convention center and exposed to all of those attendees who may at present be asymptomatic, would you want to be on the return plane with this jackass knowing he’ll probably still refuse to fly wearing a mask?

    He should be held in a mandatory quarantine as soon as he gets back to NYC so we’re not shutting back down and starting this BS all over again.

  75. I don’t why it is so complicated. Do masks help prevent the spread of the virus? – yes – almost universal scientific view that they help.

    AA (or any line) can technically set whatever rules they want. They should formally mandate that masks/face coverings should be worn at all times – unless you are eating or drinking. This is a condition of you travelling with them. If you do not like the rule, then do not travel with them.

    Everyone has the right to be a jerk but not so it affects others. What are my rights if I catch the virus from someone who is not wearing a mask or face covering?

  76. I guess I’d counter the admonition “if you’re scared, stay home” with “if you are unwilling to follow the clearly published rules of the transportation provider, stay home.” Seems simple enough.

    By the way, anyone discussing the filtration capability of various grades/materials of masks does not understand (or refuses to accept) the primary reason for mask-wearing in public during mass outbreak of a disease most often transmitted via virus-laden droplets.

  77. I believe the man from China who took off his mask was doing it to show how ridiculous Brandon was being by scaring him into wearing it, ie. “You need to put on the mask because you’re risking the health of everyone here; how would you like it if I, someone from China who was originally vilified as a COVID spreader, also took off my mask and possibly exposed you to the virus? Uncomfortable and worried for your health? That’s you you’re making us all feel.” I believe the way he said it could be a language barrier issue, though, because I was absolutely confused at first as well. I’m decently fluent in Mandarin, so when I translated his line of thought into Chinese to myself, the sequence of logic made much more sense.

  78. Not anymore. American and Southwest won’t ask because they won’t take a medical excuse at all. No mask, no flight. Delta will, but they require the traveler to consult with a Delta-contracted MD service prior.

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