Anti-Masker Finds Out American Airlines Banned Him

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Oh, this is something…

Man refused to wear mask for “medical reasons”

On July 25, a man who refused to wear a mask on an American Airlines flight posted a roughly four minute live video. The plane was still at the gate:

  • The man declared he had a medical reason not to wear a mask
  • He claimed people on the plane were “tripping out” and “may not want to fly” because of his lack of a mask
  • He emphasized that “they can not violate your HIPAA rights as an American and ask you about your medical condition”
  • He told people to “know your rights, stand up for your rights, and you’ll win”
  • He claimed that “they tried to kick [him] off the plane,” though conveniently he didn’t tape that part
  • He explained that “we have laws, we have rights, and that’s why we live in the greatest country in the world”

With masks increasingly becoming a political issue, in late July most major US airlines removed all exemptions for not wearing a mask. That means that while he could technically get away with this back on July 25, as of July 29 that loophole disappeared for American Airlines flights.

Here’s the video from that July 25 flight, should you want to see it:

Well, he has been banned from American Airlines

This man showed up at an airport yesterday to get on his American Airlines flight, and found out he was banned from the airline.

While he acts surprised, it’s pretty clear he knew exactly what was going on, given that he started filming the check-in experience right away:

  • The check-in agent informed him that his ticket was void
  • He claimed his ticket still showed as active in the app, but that he wasn’t able to check-in online; he called American Airlines, and they told him he’d need to check-in at the airport
  • He claimed he didn’t get a phone call or “anything” from American Airlines saying his ticket was voided and that he wouldn’t be able to get on his flight
  • After waiting for quite a while he was informed “so we have a situation; the deal is that you’re not able to go on an American Airlines flight, you have some issues before, it seems like it”
  • He responds to the agent by explaining that “the one time I didn’t have a mask for medical reasons, the captain called and they said it was okay, and then I got a phone call saying they were no longer going to allow medical exemptions”

Here’s the video of the check-in experience, should you want to see it:

My take on this situation

My first question about this situation is what happened to his medical condition that prevented him from wearing a mask on flights just a few weeks ago? Was he suddenly healed?

More specific to this situation:

  • American Airlines absolutely should have explicitly informed him that he was banned, so that other employees wouldn’t be put in such an uncomfortable situation
  • That being said, I’m not convinced American Airlines didn’t tell him; the guy claimed he was contacted to be told that there will be no more medical exemptions, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the conversation went beyond that
  • Regardless, it seems pretty clear that the guy knew exactly what was happening at check-in, and he was looking for the publicity associated with this
  • Regardless of how many warnings this guy was given, it’s also American Airlines’ prerogative to ban any passenger they like, especially those looking for trouble; of course people also have the right to fly whatever airline they’d like and boycott American Airlines because of it

Bottom line

A guy who posted a video of him refusing to wear a mask on an American Airlines flight found out that he was banned while checking in for his next flight. He claims the airline didn’t explicitly inform him that he was banned.

Personally I think he should just count his blessings — over the course of a few weeks his medical condition that prevented him from wearing a mask improved, and that’s something to be grateful for.

  1. Let’s call this what it really is, racism. Racism, pure and simple. You need to do better AA. Support equality.

  2. He totally got what he deserved. Good on AA, a truly revolutionary airline that keeps on pushing the boundaries in customer service.

  3. @Morgan

    The wise person said “if you don’t understand the business model, you’re the product”

  4. Oh my that is so racist to ban him from American Airlines. A Biden supporter must have deleted him from the system. Lawsuit will be a slam dunk.

  5. Delighted to see one if these attention-seekers get what they deserve. If it’s pity he’s looking for, try again. Thanks for the feel-good article Lucky. Made my day!

  6. Ben, PLEASE rename this blog “One Mask At A Time” or at least create a separate One Mask website..

  7. Wait I thought private business could do whatever they wanted to right? Isn’t that what his daddy is always saying?

    This guy is a liar and a cheat. Should be locked up for lying about his medical condition and putting many people at risk!

  8. @Joe Chivas… Racism? Take several seats.

    You realize all the AA agents in the video are minorities one being a black woman.

    This guy needs to start crawling to his destination.

    No mask = No Go!

  9. It’s all fun and games until YOUR flight is delayed because of this idiot and you miss you connection or God forbid, you contract COVID-19. Didn’t work out too well for Herman Cain.

  10. Good for american airlines, they shouldn’t let anyone on a flight without a mask. The person responsible for making this a political issue is the same one responsible for the out of control pandemic. At one point, wearing a seat belt was a political issue, and guess who won that debate? Seat belts.

  11. He’s a complete liar who never had any medical condition. He got what he deserved for acting like an ass on AA. Good that he was banned.

  12. Classic, selfish, me-me-me, red hat-wearing man living in the world of his own made-up “facts”. Next.

  13. “American Airlines absolutely should have explicitly informed him that he was banned…”

    I don’t give a damn.

  14. @Al Abraham

    You ain’t black -Joe Biden
    Latino community is diverse all African Americans are the same -Joe Biden
    Joe Biden is a racist – His VP candidate

    Let us know how that WORKS OUT for you in November.

  15. Been reading this blog for years now. It’s been largely informative and entertaining. I understand that mask stories are likely some of your highest clicks these days and you are trying to maintain a profitable business in challenging travel times. I imagine, like most in the travel business, that people aren’t coming to your blog as frequently. I’m assuming that impacts you financially and I’m sorry for that.
    All that being said, the consistent blog posts about masks are getting tired. I didn’t read this post, and I find myself coming to this blog less frequently because of this mask soap box. Masks are required to fly these days, like it or not. Please move on. The clicks might be helping your business, but I’m guessing you may risk losing more long time readers than you are gaining in short term clicks.

  16. Many businesses post signs “No shirt no shoes no service”. This guy needs to understand “no mask no flight”.

  17. I am sure AA explained it to him, he just wants to have another 15 minutes of fame. I wish the airlines would get together and ban all these publicity seeking idiots from ALL airlines.

    BTW, Mask up and there are few medical reasons not to wear one and if you have one of these conditions you shouldn’t be flying in the first place. Stop thinking about yourself and think of others, think of the elderly who can’t see family and friends, your own mother and father. . .then maybe you will stop being an idiot and do what’s right for your family, the country and the world. Put your mask on or shut up and stay home.

    Okay. . .your 15 minutes is up. . .move on!

  18. I’m really surprised by how much of an issue masks have become in the US. In Britain (and the rest of Europe) masks are really a non-issue. We just wear them when we have to. But we also use common sense eg if there is nobody within 2 metres of me in an airport etc than I don’t bother but I always wear it in a crowded area.

  19. @Ben L

    :)))) There’s no where to travel to right now and I’m not on social media. So OMAAT is a good place to rant.

  20. This guy’s narcissistic behaviour would disgust me any time. But to seek attention in this manner and revel in others’ discomfort, in the time of a global health crisis, I can’t find words, I am just very upset. People like this set this great country back.

    And he claims to be Christian. Not the Christianity I learnt about. I remember learning a lot about compassion.

    Separately, I don’t care at all that he votes for Trump, that is his right.

  21. OMAAT
    65% promoting buying devaluating miles/points
    30% anti-masker fanservice article
    5% actual travel/CC content

  22. Ben – I’m glad to see you’re doing more posts like this. People need to understand this is serious and take responsibility for their own actions. Not wearing a mask is like pointing a gun at someone – maybe it’s not loaded – maybe it won’t kill you, but do you really want to take a chance?!?

    Obviously you have overwhelming support for these posts so the few selfish pricks who complain can me completely ignored!

  23. For those who do not want to read about the mask issues, and continually complain, you have the right to skip the article. Clearly you choose to read something you don’t like when the headline makes the content obvious, so you are responsible for making yourself unhappy.

    Many of us feel this is an important issue and support Lucky’s choice of content. Great blog.

  24. I’m skeptical about this guy’s HIPAA claim. HIPAA is about the relationship between a citizen and entities that hold his health information. It’s not about the right to refuse disclosure to affect a contractual obligation.

    Can anyone clarify how HIPAA can govern what an airline can ask?

    And of course, airlines have an obligation to safeguard the other passengers.


  25. I haven’t watched the guys videos ( going from other comments I don’t want to give him the clicks)

    I presume if you do have a medical exemption AA wouldn’t act this way of you boarded a flight? I’m medically exempt ( under UK rules anyway) from wearing one. I would be happy to divulge why if I was afforded some privacy onboard to explain (my medical issues are mine I don’t really want to share th with nearby strangers but crew i would be more than okay explaining / showing a Drs letter).

    If American have a ‘no mask, no fly, no matter what’ rule then it would be something I’d need to bear in mind.

    If anyone could clarify this it’s be appreciated as I use AA for my US Dom flights normally.

  26. You have people like him everyday
    Trying to get around the system.
    This is about saving lives STUPID!
    If he really had health issues, maybe he shouldn’t be on a plane with a crowd. I wouldn’t. Airlines take the
    Wearing of mask very serious.

  27. Seriously Ben – I used to enjoy coming to your website to get away from politics / political posts. Like it or not, masks and Covid have turned more and more into political theater. It would be nice to keep your site to what it used to be. Constantly harping on every mask wearer or non wearer is getting old.

  28. lfmao there are people screaming racism everywhere. Unbelievable.
    AA banned this guy because he refused to wear a mask. Period, end of story.

  29. They could’ve booted him off the first flight for filming other passengers and crew. Surprised the captain wasn’t familiar with this part of their CoC.

  30. If you are a minority and supporting trump you already have issues.

    He is probably getting paid by some republican person to be an idiot.

  31. The article is relevant, important, and just not just an example of giving undeserved publicity to the blogger because it indicates to you, me, everybody who reads it that there are starting to be consequences for not taking your civic duties seriously. If you are anti-mask this is important if you want to fly in the future, and if you are pro mask it is good to know that the airline is being consistent and is serious about protecting you.

  32. @Rich “If you are a minority and supporting trump you already have issues.”

    This is a travel blog not a political one so i’m not gonna get into so massive convo on it but i’ll just point out Biden’s ‘amazing’, decades old record on 100% not being racist in any way shape or form ( sarcasm strongly implied)

  33. I agree that it sucks that masks (and public health in general) have become a political issue in the US. However, as long as it’s prudent, respectful, and REQUIRED to take safety measures while travelling, you’re going to get rabblerousers like this on flights. How airlines handle these troublemakers is absolutely newsworthy for a travel blog.

  34. Came here for the idiot parade and wasn’t disappointed. Spinning this into an anti-Biden thing is a particularly masterful work of idiocy.

  35. @joe chivas if you are moron it does make the accuser racist. His colour is irrelevant

    So are we supposed to give in to all people of colour now playing the race card ?

    Medical condition yes, moronitis

    The greatest country my ass.

    A kakistocracy with no universal healthcare system for a start does not make it great

  36. There are so many weak people in US. Never heard medical exemption in asia.
    Greatest country in the world. Biggest joke of the year.

  37. @Steve says, “It would be nice to keep your site to what it used to be.”

    Well gee, Steve, it would be nice if the travel world was what it used to be. But it’s not and it won’t be for a long time. OMAAT has changed to the extent the travel world has. It’s not like Ben can responsibly–or even legally–engage in the kind of frequent long-haul premium cabin travel that used to be the site’s bread and butter. If you have a complaint about changed circumstances, take it up with the virus.

  38. What medical condition? Supporting trump ? Americans are experts at claiming they have a condition, have to bring their turkey / rat / raccoon or wombat on a flight , but are unable to validate it and demand it’s against their civil rights
    He’s just a trouble maker He knew it and just trying to deny all knowledge He should drive or buy a gulfstream

    He won’t be able to travel outside the US ( bar Mexico ) fortunately as Americans are banned from almost all countries

  39. ame here for the idiot parade and wasn’t disappointed. Spinning this into an anti-Biden thing is a particularly masterful work of idiocy.

    Hi @Dan not sure if you were referring to my own comment mentioning Biden( I didn’t go back through comments to see if anyone else had) but mine was made in response to 1 of, literally, 20+ easily, ‘guy supports Trump so he’s automatically an idiot’ comments so, imho, any “idiocy” would obviously have to be shared around amongst all those saying ” ‘Trump Bad etal’ OR does it only apply if mentioning Biden in a, factually accurate, bad light?

    For clarity i’m from the UK so tend to view both parties in a more abstract, balanced view and obviously wont be voting for either candidate

    NO argument or fight my side. I was simply pointing out the other side of the coin if you like

  40. So here is my question. I have 2 small grandchildren ages 6 & 4 that live in Nebraska. I’m from Ca. I fly over to pick them up and bring them back to Cali a couple times a year. Are you going to require them to wear a mask the entire flight. Let’s say one of them has asthma. It’s not that easy getting kids to wear those stupid things that long. Will we be removed from the flight and refused future service?

  41. His condition wasn’t “cured”. He is wearing the mask below his nose.

    I have a medical condition that keeps me from being able to wear a mask over my nose for any length of time. After just a few minutes I start to feel out of breath, and if I keep wearing it that way, I begin to feel about to pass out. I’m perfectly fine wearing it only over my mouth. I wonder if that would meet AA’s rules?

    What he said is correct, the ADA law is that you can’t discriminate against people with disabilities, nor are you allowed to force them to describe, much less prove them.

    I wonder what’s next? Blind people being banned for trying to bring on their service dogs? Paraplegics banned because they can’t walk on the plane without a wheelchair, and wheelchairs would be a safety hazard in an emergency?

    The undiscussed ‘elephant in the room’ is that the WHO admits there is no research proving that wearing a mask is any benefit for healthy people in the general population. If you are currently positive for the virus, or a medical worker in a ward with covid cases, then yes. If you are a healthy person out in public, then it’s all made up guess work.

  42. Narcissistic personality disorder is the most common medical condition that prevents people from wearing a mask. I suspect this guy has a bad case. Best of luck to him in his recovery.

  43. @Mary Adkins … I think you must be suggesting that the passengers on the plane be notified in advance so they can decide whether to deplane rather than fly with the kids?? The virus is the virus, and it doesn’t negotiate with passengers or airlines, so there are fewer choices. You didn’t mention whether the grandchildren’s flying was some kind of emergency that could justify risking other passengers.

  44. Why do the people with “medical conditions” preventing them from wearing a mask ALWAYS happen to be people who have a political position against masks. It is so painfully tedious.

    And of course they nearly always show their low level of awareness of the issue at hand e.g. he says in the comment for his video that cloth masks won’t stop you getting COVID, which shows he doesn’t even understand why it is recommended to wear masks.

  45. @Robert Hanson

    The problem is that many people have COVID but don’t realize it. They are asymptomatic. So if they wear a mask, there is evidence to suggest that they are less likely to spread it to others. For this reason you can’t just say “if you are healthy, then you don’t need to wear a mask”. You are totally missing the point.

  46. Anyone who claims HIPAA protection should learn from those who bring service dogs into grocery stores. Those people claim ADA protection.

  47. @Robert Hanson

    If your “condition” (why don’t you actually say what the name of the condition is? don’t say it violates your privacy because no one knows who the heck you are on the internet) prevents you from breathing so quickly, then maybe you shouldn’t travel during a respiratory virus pandemic.

    Of course, I suspect you’re really just another anti-masker full of ****.

  48. @mary Adkins minors are exempt

    @robert Hanson there is almost no
    condition that prevents people from wearing a mask Suggest you talk to medical staff in the front line
    The only reason is most likely discomfort or being a trump supporter
    Anti -vaxxer as well most likely therefore selfish and not inconsiderate of others.

    You know the regulations so don’t fly or visit a store Stay at home

  49. No mask. No flight. That’s great! Good for American Airlines for doing its part to help keep passengers safe and healthy. This passenger needs to put his hat where his mouth (and nose) is.

  50. This guy is a total attention-grabbing moron and a liar! Look at the mask he has put on not even covering his nose properly, and he said he has a medical condition for not wearing a mask??
    And of course, he is going to play the race card soon to grab more attention… wait for it.

    Good for AA, I plan to but more miles now. 🙂

  51. No mask, no flight. Couldn’t be clearer. Got AA flight booked for November to Tucson via Dallas. Can anybody confirm whether British people flying from Heathrow are actually being allowed into USA? If not then will have to cancel; will I get my money back from AA?

  52. What a moron. And it didn’t take long for one of the isms to be raised- ageism, raceism, etc. Grow up and get responsible you raceism taunting fools.

  53. @Robert Hanson
    “the ADA law is that you can’t discriminate against people with disabilities”

    My understanding is that US law — like disability discrimination laws everywhere — is based on the idea that corporations must make “reasonable adjustments”. If, to take an extreme example, I have to use an iron lung at all times, an airline would not be required to rip out rows of seats and install a guaranteed power supply. That would be unreasonable. And they would be entitled to discriminate against me on the grounds of my disability.

    It’s more complicated than that with masks: you are required to wear a mask so that you reduce the risk of you infecting others (not to protect yourself). The airline has an obligation to all its passengers and crew to minimise risks to their health. So it has to balance competing priorities.

    That also assumes people are acting in good faith, though — call me cynical — I suspect he is not. The moral of the story is if you’re dependent on one company to provide you with an essential service, it’s probably best not to deliberately piss them off.

  54. For those who are tired of mask articles, relax and don’t read them! There were seven articles in this blog and only one of them was about a mask issue. Maturity implies the ability to make choices about which articles in newspapers or blogs interest you. Just bypass the stuff you are tired of reading and let the rest of us read and make comments about articles that are of interest without having to read your immature blather.

  55. @Mary Adkins
    Yes, you’re a parent so you’re expected to be parenting.
    I know, a wild concept.

  56. Kudos to AA! A minority guy wearing a MAGA hat marks him out as a cretin (=his medical condition). His onboard behaviour proves it. What an ***hole! Maybe that bride out of sight is Cruella de Vos?

  57. A self called “FIRST CLASS FATHER” of 2 daughters (maybe that 1st Class is in relation to his desired class of transportation ), but as he is such a fast cured Guy on his medical issues just weeks ago, maybe he has a recipe to heal the most needed human organ to be healed soon too, to not look so hypocritical to me?
    Publicity is ALL for this so much caring Father of 2, but it seems he loves his Jesus more than his fellow US Citizen on this AA flight by not needing to wear a mask on a tight plane? Shows how much he is “First Class” .
    Some people still think, they buy a private plane when buying an airline, train ticket or rent a hotel room, . . . they pay for service, transportation and accommodation, THAT’S IT . . but still be “GUESTS” and those guests need to follow the rules from the house owner!
    Simple as that.
    Even if Jesus might love him as much as he loves him, . . . looks like that Love went separate ways when it came to AA and Mr. Harris Jr.
    Well, . . . he got his publicity again, but there is people like me, who know how to use things like that against such riots, sometimes things might just backfire Mr. Harris. I’m glad he’s healed again and knows now how to “FLY ” these days. He must be VERY important, to be needing to fly so much in these times?
    Glad, i can rely on AA to still have a black list for certain passengers

  58. While I don’t believe for a second he had a valid medical condition (though if there are no medical exemptions, that wouldn’t help anyway), I’m amazed that you’re apparently unfamiliar with short term illnesses (how have you never had one!?) and illnesses which go through good and bad patches.

  59. @Callum … uhhhhh … and that makes it OK to put a planeload of people at risk??? Get real.

  60. Barry Demchak – Is it tough being illiterate, or do you find you just blend in with everyone else?

    It doesn’t make it ok to put the other passengers at risk, I didn’t say it makes it ok and there’s absolutely no way anyone remotely competent in English could possibly get that statement from what I had written.

  61. 1. This is a blog, not a newspaper or a Government information site. He can post whatever he wants. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.
    2. AA has a mandatory mask policy. If you don’t like it, don’t fly AA.
    3. If you are unable to breathe behind a piece of cloth you are probably also high risk to contract Covid. Stay home.

  62. Simple, everyone who thinks of himself egoistically and risk infecting others for no reasons. Should be banned from flying! Revoked his status. It should hurt him and cost him a lot of money, so this idiot understands the severe situation right now! There are cars or trains or ships or walk for what I care!

  63. 1. Thank you for keeping us updated on airlines current policy and enforcement of masking policies and the efforts of airlines to make airline travel as safe as possible.
    2. As an emergency physician I see people of all types ill and at times dying from this pandemic. IMO I do not believe that there should be NO medical exemptions for wearing a mask in crowded public spaces and especially airlines. If you cannot wear a mask then you should simply not fly commercially nor be permitted by airlines to fly commercially at this time – and for the next few months at a minimum.
    3. This should NOT be considered a political or race discussion.

  64. @Robert Hanson said: “What he said is correct, the ADA law is that you can’t discriminate against people with disabilities, nor are you allowed to force them to describe, much less prove them.”

    This is not correct. The ADA (technically airlines are governed by the Air Carrier Access Act, not the ADA, but the two laws are virtually the same and the ADA applies where the ACAA is silent) does not require that you “not discriminate against people with disabilities”. It requires that businesses make “reasonable accommodation” for people with disabilities, and companies can ask you about your disability to the extent necessary to determine what accommodation is rquired and, in turn, if it is “reasonable”.

    As masks are not for the wearer’s protection, but for the protection of others, this sets a pretty high bar for a “reasonable” exception to the mask requirement, since the “disabled” person is, in effect, arguing that they have a right under the ACAA/ADA to endanger others. This position is unreasonable, so the airline is justified in banning the individual from flying.

    (HIPAA would come into play if an airline asked a passenger to allow their medical providers to release information to the airline.)

    @Icarus – personally, I’d pay a little extra to sit next to someone with a raccoon or a wombat, but that’s just me.

  65. To repeat, there is NO research, (absolutely none), that demonstrates that making people who have not tested positive (yes, this includes “asymptomatic” folks) wear a mask protects the general public. People just think it makes sense, so it MUST be true.

    In fact, there are some credible reports (again not definitive, but reasonable) that wearing a mask may quite possibly make you more likely to get the virus. You won’t read about that on facebook, or see it on YouTube, because non-mainstream posts are censored. In the same way that all the Karen’s commenting on here want to shut me up.

    Think about it: not wearing a mask during meal service is no problem. Not wearing it before and after meal service is a case of attempted murder. Apparently the virus says, “ok, you’re eating so I won’t infect anyone”, but once the meal is over, that deal with the virus expires. 😉

  66. @Robert Hanson
    Your statements are idiotic. A lack of evidence isn’t evidence for none. Furthermore, it’s absurd to claim everyone thinks wearing a mask MUST be able to prevent spread. But most functional humans recognize the fact that wearing a mask is not a big deal, compared to the POTENTIAL benefit.

    Your second paragraph also reveal your own double standard. There are reasonable reports as to viral loads from asymptomatic carriers (published in the New England Journal of Medicine), plenty of evidence that the virus spreads through aerosol, and that the use of mask reduces transmission (a meta study of 172 studies, published in the Lancet).

    Eating is a human NECESSITY and you can’t eat wearing a mask. So it’s not “no problem”, it’s called a compromise. Your lack of ability to understand simple points that have been made over and over again is truly breathtaking, much more breathtaking than any mask.

  67. I just don’t get how many of you thinks this is racist. American Airlines has banned white, black, yellow, brown and every other color person for not wearing a mask. This has got nothing to do with race and shame on you all for putting it in that category. This has got to do with public health.

  68. @David, two case studies for you with ample sample sizes for both:

    California – mask mandate in place June 18. Covid Numbers increased for the next month-and-a-half.

    Florida – no mask mandate. Covid numbers have decreased significantly since mid-July.

    Please explain?

    Masks are a placebo effect! Are they harmful? No. Are they effective? Prove it.

    If all of these masks are soooooo effective, then strip the medical community of their specialized masks and face shields and force them to use the masks the rest of us have every single day.

  69. @Mr. Obvious

    More strawmen. First, there is no statewide mandate, but individual counties have individual mandates. Go look at Polk county, one of the few with no mask mandate, and they’ve been hitting new highs in daily infected even now. Worse yet, you are talking about 2 states within a small time slice, compared to a meta study of 172 studies.

    If you knew the first thing about science, you’d know it’s impossible to prove anything. You can only offer evidence that something might be true (e.g. the studies I’ve cited). If there were enough supplies and money wasn’t an issue, everyone would have a stockpile of N95 masks, but alas we live in a reality with material constraints. (And even if everyone had N95, anti-masking idiots like yourself would complain even more about how it’s harder to breath with them on)

    I have yet to see an explanation from you anti-maskers as to why you think your comfort outweighs a potential for saving lives. It’s actual YOUR burden of proof to show that masks absolutely do not help at all with COVID spread. Go ahead and refute all the studies out there that shows mask effectiveness, I’ll be waiting here for your article in the Lancet.

  70. @Robert Hanson I think your followup statements have more or less exposed that you do not have an actual medical condition preventing you from wearing masks. Instead, you have a political position on masks. Stop lying please in your effort to endanger others.

    Even if somehow your political position is valid or medically sound, the lying undermines your argument. You do not deserve to debate others who are making arguments in good faith. As you are lying about your medical condition, every other argument you’re making is also likely to be lies. (Someone should also tell the guy in the white house this.)

  71. Whatever happened to your blog post on your confronting two security officers for not wearing masks………Just totally disappeared from your blog. It was there last night. Today it’s gone. You remove comments and now it seems you remove posts too? Just saying

  72. I can’t even imagine the disappointment the anti-maskers parents and grandparents would have for their kids. They went to war and risked their lives and limbs to protect the people at home and the people in need, while the anti-masking idiots are crying about their “sacrifice” of putting on a mask.

  73. @David. So because I challenge you with two substantial population studies that you dismiss as “too short a time period (?)” you claim I am an anti-masker. Yup, fall in line with the rest of the moo-cows my friend and file your way to the trough.

    I wear my mask, which I am comfortable doing, but I don’t believe in any way is it protecting me. It makes others feel better, that is it. So yeah, I am a scientist because I challenge the status quo. Feel free to go out and look at all the studies on mask effectiveness. I could give a rats about the politics. But if it makes you feel better, keep screaming “anti-masker” and ill just wash my hands some more.

    There is a reason medical pros where N95s vs skimpy cloth masks.

  74. @Robert Hanson

    “To repeat, there is NO research, (absolutely none), that demonstrates that making people who have not tested positive (yes, this includes “asymptomatic” folks) wear a mask protects the general public. People just think it makes sense, so it MUST be true.”

    This is 100% factually incorrect. Such research does exist. You need to do your homework before making such statements. There are many, many examples but here is one:

    “Researchers say the benefits of widespread mask use were recently seen in a Missouri hair salon, where two stylists directly served 139 clients in May before testing positive for coronavirus. According to a recent report published by the CDC, both wore either a double-layered cotton or surgical mask, and nearly all clients who were interviewed reported wearing masks the entire time.

    After contact tracing and two weeks of follow-up, no Covid-19 symptoms were identified among the 139 clients or their secondary contacts, the report found. Of the 67 who were willing to be tested, all were negative for coronavirus.”


  75. @Mr. Obvious
    “I challenge you with two substantial population studies that you dismiss as “too short a time period (?)” you claim I am an anti-masker.”

    You didn’t provide any studies. You anecdotally mentioned two states and time periods and drew a correlation. That is far too simplistic to constitute a study. If you believe masks are ineffective, then back it up with actual scientific research, published in a reputable source.

    In the meantime, I will provide evidence of studies that contradict your belief. I hope the CDC, Wall Street Journal and University of California are acceptable sources for you.

    I do look forward to seeing your published studies though.

  76. @Mr. Obvious
    “I wear my mask, which I am comfortable doing, but I don’t believe in any way is it protecting me.”

    Also, this statement above suggests you don’t understand why masks are being recommended. You don’t wear a mask to protect you, you wear it to protect others.

  77. I wish he really didn’t know he was not going to allowed on the flight and was denied all the way at the check in counter. But yeah he knew all along, oh well.

  78. Here you are – took about 30 seconds to find this article which has links to a number of studies from the last decade! But I am sure you’ll all try to poke holes at each of these articles in any way which serves your purposes and supports only your perspective instead of constructive dialogue (which has gone entirely by the wayside in today’s ‘ME NOW’ and ‘ONLY MY OPINION MATTERS’ society).

    For your benefit @RK – I’ll amend my statement and say “I wear my mask, which I am comfortable doing, but I don’t believe in any way is it protecting me, nor YOU!” What does work? Wash hands, stay home if you feel sick, keep your body as healthy as possible, stay socially distant. Unfortunately – most of these we fail miserably at in the U.S.A.

  79. @Mr. Obvious
    Your “study” is by a guy who has a Ph.D in physics, not medicine, and somehow managed to lose a full professor position more than a decade ago, and has been out of academia ever since. He is now in a fringe group and frequently edits the group’s wiki entry, and his “paper” reads like a political manifesto more than a research paper. By the way, the article you cited is literally written by the author of the “research paper”.

    There are so many red flags about the author, and it’s so obviously biased + poorly researched ( and clearly not peer reviewed). If that’s the basis for why you feel justified in taking chances with other people’s lives and your country’s economy, then you, sir, are an idiot of the highest calibre.

  80. If you *think* you can’t wear a mask, especially during a pandemic where people are dying (I’m a physician in a rural area and admitted several people to the ICU with COVID this week alone) then don’t fly. Airline rules. Personally, I hope he’s banned from other carriers as well for attempting the same maneuvering.

    I’m scratching my head trying to think of a reversible medical condition that permits the mask to be work one minute and not the next. None of the cardiopulmonary diseases come to mind, just Axis II stuff. Either way, those with *severe* medical conditions that prevent use of PEP in a public arena shouldn’t be attempting to travel publicly under the circumstances during a pandemic. We can’t have these kind of people exposing themselves to harmful germs as they don’t do well when they become ill.

    And…..can’t smoke on the plane either….or do a plethora of other things that bring the federal Marshalls your way.

    Get over it and get yourself a comfortable car and a good GPS. You’re going to need it, moron.

  81. @David, you beat me to it. Well done, again. This “doctor’s” “study” appears to be the only item in the back pocket of the anti-maskers. I have seen it no fewer than 20 times as people in different fora attempt to justify their political leanings with “facts”.

  82. @Chuck

    Crazy right? Even crazier that they’re now trying to pass themselves off as “moderate concerned (about our freedom and mainstream propaganda) citizens” while calling other people Karens. I really shouldn’t have all the fun flogging these anti-mask idiots, so I’ll leave the rest of the flogging to all you good folks!

  83. @David @Mr Obvious
    “Your “study” is by a guy who has a Ph.D in physics, not medicine, and somehow managed to lose a full professor position more than a decade ago, and has been out of academia ever since. He is now in a fringe group…”
    Also. The River Cities’ Reader “is an independently owned alternative newspaper based in Davenport, Iowa”

    Basically I provide him research sourced in the Wall Street Journal, University of California and a list of 20 scientific papers on the CDC website and what he provides to back up his claim is some quack in a local alternative newspaper that nobody has ever heard of.

    But somehow his opinion trumps the CDC, the WHO, practically all experts in this field and practically all the research done so far but yet, bizarrely, in his mind we are the ones guilty of ‘ONLY MY OPINION MATTERS’.

    Mr Obvious, you need a mirror.

  84. Wow… thanks for truly “putting me in my place” guys, using a news article about a non-scientific study at some random hair salon (not a lab or anything) that supposedly “supports” your point (if that is your idea of research, Lord help us all). Hmm seems no different than the comparison I used between the California and Florida case numbers (which YOU felt was inappropriate). I guess with enough time on ones hands we can go to any closet to dig up skeletons that so and so is this or that, or no longer does this or that. Well, with all that time you have, please proceed to every single one of those articles referenced in there and come up with whatever discounting theories you can come up with. Meanwhile, I am going to go wash my hands again because THAT is the most effective way to prevent the spread (aside from total isolation).

    By the way, if you want to reference and trust anything the WHO puts out there, good luck with that! If you become the mayor of my town – I’m moving out!

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