Trump Supporter Kicked Off Southwest Flight: Why, Though?

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Well, I think this is the most 2020 story yet, as it involves Trump, masks, and being thrown off an airplane

Thrown off Southwest flight for Trump support?

A Twitter user shared a video of an incident that allegedly occurred on a Southwest Airlines flight yesterday, and it’s going viral, with over 650K people having seen the video since last night.

The video shows the interaction a passenger had with a ground agent, who boarded the plane to remove him. The passenger was wearing a Trump hat and face mask and had a bag of nuts in one of his hands.

It’s not entirely clear how the passenger filming the video is connected to the man, though it does seem like they know one another. In the video we see the following:

  • The woman filming jumps in repeatedly to comment, including saying “could you tell us the policy that prevents him from taking his mask off while he’s eating please?”
  • She also claims “it’s the hat and the mask, it’s not the eating”
  • The person she is traveling with says “I’ll go with him” when he’s removed from the plane
  • The camera then points to the woman seated a row behind, who says “he put his mask on, he took it off when he started eating the nuts”
  • Someone suggests this is a publicity stunt, to which this woman responds “it’s not a publicity stunt, it’s trying to make you follow policy, indiscriminately and impartially”
  • In a video showing the passenger finally deplaning, you can hear another passenger say “please leave so we can leave,” to which the woman responds “yeah, and that’s what they said in Germany too, right, just comply, thank you very much for showing us who you are”

Here are the two videos:

My take on this situation

Let me start by acknowledging that this is a very divisive time politically, and I don’t think anyone who is being honest with themselves can claim to be fully unbiased. A few things stand out to me about the video, though, which I hope are details most of us can agree on:

  • The man being kicked off the plane and the woman filming have almost a suspiciously good defense on video — he’s literally holding the bag of nuts, and she repeatedly asks if someone is not allowed to take off their mask to eat, which suggests they clearly know the rules; the woman even suggests she flies Southwest three times per week (who the heck is flying three times per week nowadays?)
  • At the same time, the man being kicked off the plane doesn’t exactly seem to be great with masks — he takes it off, then briefly puts it over his mouth (but not nose), and then takes it off again, which doesn’t exactly support his claim of only taking it off to eat
  • The video ends abruptly and then restarts, despite the fact that they’re not asked to stop filming, which makes me wonder why it stopped suddenly; was there something they were trying to not show?
  • The gate agent references how they weren’t following the crew’s instructions, suggesting this wasn’t about eating as such
  • The woman who was seated one row behind and speaks out in their favor specifically notes that “he put his mask on, he took it off when he started eating the nuts,” which suggests that his mask wasn’t just off while eating

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened. However, based on the candid take of the woman behind (who is even speaking out on the passenger’s behalf), here’s my best guess as to what may have unfolded:

  • The man wasn’t wearing a mask at some point (again, she said “he put his mask on”)
  • The crew confronted him about it and gave him a warning (the gate agent said “you need to follow the crew’s instructions”)
  • Then he took his mask off again at some point during boarding to eat, knowing the snacking exception (it’s anyone’s guess if this was just intended to push buttons or what)
  • Perhaps the crew had different political opinions, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they perhaps weren’t as patient as they may have been with someone else

Bottom line

A man wearing a Trump hat and Trump face mask was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight yesterday. If the passenger’s version of the story is to be believed, he simply briefly removed his mask to eat some nuts, and was then kicked off without a warning.

It’s anyone’s guess if that’s the real story, though. We don’t have the other side of the story, though there are a few details that make me wonder what else unfolded…

What do you make of this Southwest Airlines situation?

  1. Here we go again… I think it’s enough, Ben and I’m your huge supporter. Please contribute to the UNITY of Americans, not division. Thank you.

  2. One of those “i don’t want to put things on fire, but here is my huge flamethrower” posts. Exactly what people need right now.

  3. Airline industry has shown its real face during the “plandemic” and I am disgusted by them. Haven’t flown since March because of this gestapo!

  4. I agree with the comments above: this is an entirely pointless post, which will attract predictable and unpleasant arguments, of a kind the world really doesn’t need right now.

    You ask a question in the post title. The answer is: we don’t know. The readers of this blog cannot possibly know. But what they can do is bicker and fight and posture and conjecture, contributing to a nasty atmosphere on an otherwise inclusive and fun website.

  5. I don’t think it makes much sense to watch such videos or report on them. To judge what we see there, we would need more information on how the situation developed, accounts from a number of witnesses, statements of the flight attendants etc. etc. If they take it to court, the court will do just that. That’s what courts are for, I don’t believe in trial by the public.

  6. IMHO it’s a set up.

    Someone refusing to follow instructions needs kicking off whether they are wearing a Trump hat or a Biden hat or no hat at all.

  7. Nothing is gained by disabling comments. It destroys whatever chance there is for discourse. Glad someone’s reporting on the story though, because the news channels sure aren’t.

  8. Ben, your bias is showing through loud and clear. If this was somebody with a Biden mask, you would be screaming bloody murder. What you are saying is that because it is a Trump mask, this guy obviously did something to be deserved to be thrown off the plane.

    If you can’t be impartial about a topic, either don’t post about it, or just say that your hatred of Trump is why you are posting about it

  9. This video poses an interesting question. Does Trump hatred justify a white man using his white privilege to kick a black man off a plane? Apparently systemic racism is alive and well at LUV.

  10. I think there is a reason we don’t see this with Biden face masks or whatever. It’s always someone trying to make a political statement about being forced to do something. Like they are being marched into the gas chambers in WW2. Please. They want to make it way bigger than it is. They just started boarding so why didn’t he eat in the terminal where it’s easier to social distance while having the mask off? Whenever I’m in public, I think of ways to avoid spreading the virus in case I’m asymptomatic. This is common sense during a pandemic!

  11. Unfortunately there’s a huge biased in the way this post was written. A trump supporter was harassed for his political belief, which absolutely disgusts me, especially when the left wing advocates for tolerance and acceptance.

    If the roles were to be switched, you would’ve pinned this on the trump supporter for harassment almost immediately. This is why when you recommended a card once, I went directly with the bank instead of clicking on your link because I can’t keep supporting a biased “tolerant and accepting” person, and this is coming from a Mexican gay trump supporter. You either advocate for everyone’s acceptance or you don’t.

  12. “Hey guys, this is another post for which I have zero context but here’s my hot take”

    Christ, at this point you deserve all the flaming you get.

  13. Amazing that all these Trump supporters read your blog. To them you are just entertainment and not a full human being deserving the same respect or status as them.

    Thanks for positing this. It shows how low the Trump supporters will go to fake that they are being oppressed. Why don’t we ever see someone in a Biden hat making a big fuss? Because they aren’t morons.

  14. This is ClickBait.. Obviously you are struggling just like the rest of the tourism industry so I can appreciate you trying to drive traffic, but please be impartial. This guy might have been intentionally trying to make a point and I think he made the point. People, like you, believe that public opinion should be the judge juror and executioner. It should not matter what he believes or looks like… he was following the rules. Not to mention that sometimes the rules themselves especially over the past several months prove to infringe upon our individual liberties. People need to realize that when we say the country is divided that means that roughly half the people like Trump’s policies. Why do people like you (Ben) pretend that because Hollywood and the media all hate him that everyone does. HAve some perspective and respect!

  15. It could be – just maybe – that he was removed because of the potentially FATAL bag of nuts. I have seen people collapse when they smell some nuts. The peanut allergy does kill people, which is why they are no longer served on planes.

    But it does look a bit faked.

  16. My husband was on this flight a few rows behind these passengers. Southwest announces that you can take your mask off when “actively eating and drinking”. The video shut off (probably) when the lady ran to the front of the plane to talk to the pilot & snap pictures. Everyone on the flight thought it was trump related due to his attire, not his race. The woman speaking in the video knows her rights. Southwest turned the plane around and unpacked all of their luggage from the belly of the plane before it took off again. This was not a political stunt! My husband also flies several times a goes on, just differently. This video speaks volumes that we can’t have free speech anymore in an election year.

  17. @Alan

    “This just shows that the democrat party has become a Terrorist Organization.” Oh, do tell how Ben’s post proves the point you hope to make about the “democrat party”.

  18. …and drama like this is why I’m only flying if I absolutely have to these days.

    Tensions are high, our politics are broken, and people are (understandably) getting a little crazy with the pandemic. Arguments used to happen fairly often on airplanes BEFORE the pandemic – now after, it’s probably even worse.

    Hopefully we can start to heal (literally and metaphorically) in the next year or two.

  19. Wow! Such unnecessary vitriol over Ben’s post. Follow the rules so everyone remains safe…nothing wrong with that. Isn’t this the guy who was banned from American Airlines for a similar stunt? Looks like SWA will happily do the same.

  20. if someone is offended by this, and has ever said about another human being’s death at the hands of police officers that “well they should have complied” then they should just zip it up and take that outrage somewhere else.

  21. Why are so many democrats triggered by this post? I have seen numerous post related to blacks or other groups and how they were treated unfairly but the minute a Trump supporter was treated unfairly, all hell breaks lose and all liberals want to shut down whole thing so no one knows what happened to people with different beliefs

  22. Just saw the headline, not reading the post. So my answer is probably because he/she is a piece of shit just like every other Trump supporter.

  23. I would be interested to see how precipitous the drop in your traffic has been in the last 6 months.

  24. @BlackHill, the only outraged people seem to be the ones who lean conservative. This is Ben’s blog and he can do and post whatever he wants. Don’t like it, fine, feel free to comment just like we all are, but to feign that anyone is triggered besides all of the Trumptards is just pathetic denial, scroll up, and down, and read. It’s pretty clear who the snowflakes are.

  25. If wasn’t there and I wouldn’t speculate on who was right or wrong. I do know based upon comments made by FTers and on netters there’s no shortage of people that seemingly will “judge” whether a person is “purposely” avoiding wearing a mask during bouts of eating and drinking. In fact they’re obsessed with it. I think no doubt this extends to the greater population.

  26. Ben, the guy’s name is David Harris, and is not his first time, he’s done similar instigating videos before, look it up, he was denied checking in in American airlines for not wearing a mask on one flight and taking pictures and posting it on Instagram, it is obviously all set up video. Hopefully he will get banned from all airlines and will end traveling on bus or train

  27. Ben, thanks for posting the videos. Now we know the real story: he is David Harris and creating situations like this is what he does for a living (check his Patreon page). Those who are defending this nudnik should think about the delay his fellow passengers had to endure.

  28. Before I post my worthless opinion, I’d like to say that I haven’t been born in the US, I don’t live there and I couldn’t care less who wins this election.

    But I have to say your forefathers who left Europe to make a free country would be ashamed if they saw this generation complaining that Benjamin cannot report on something that caught his attention on his blog that he works for free on. Really? You want freedom of expression to stop? Have you ever thought of asking for asylum in a country like Cuba?
    What you are doing is destroying hundreds of years of extrenuous work and blood from your forefathers who fought tooth and nail for a free country. You don’t like the content of this blog? Feel free to open up yours. But really? Demand that Benjamin stops reporting because the reporting doesn’t suit your little brain’s lack of capacity for dialogue? Leave your comments, stop reading, boycott, do whatever you want, but don’t ever demand the media stop reporting. You have no idea how privileged you are to have been born in a free country.

  29. “Just saw the headline, not reading the post. So my answer is probably because he/she is a piece of shit just like every other Trump supporter.”

    Ben, you are allowing this kind of post on your site?

  30. I do not think of this stunt (yes, repeated stunt) as political. Sounds more like a 3 year old telling Mommy: ” If I take it off again will I get punished?? How about again???”? I just took it off again, did you see me?? I’m glad the FA did not take the bait and let the boarding process continue.

  31. Typical left wing cancel culture. If they don’t like something or someone they destroy it, kick it out, remove it , vandalize it or defame it. At one time the Democrats were the voice of reason and tolerance now they are the exact opposite. ( Former Democrat supporter).

  32. The flight attendants could care less if someone wears trump gear, happens every single day. Clearly the guy has issues wearing his mask (watch the video) which is required for flying SW. Even the eating excuse is supposed to be for short periods of time. Theres a reason you dont get anything in the video showing what preceded him being asked to leave.

    I think you can find a better rallying call to get behind then this guy, who’s made other setup videos antagonizing airlines.

  33. I’m a Trump supporter (Fair Disclosure). I think you explained the incident as fairly and as impartially as one could. I, too, have zero knowledge of this incident or that it even occurred. Well Done. In the course of time, maybe you will find out the full context and share it with us. Thank you.

  34. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. From reading most of the posts, it seems as though the Trumpers are angry. I think the post is fair and does not show any bias. Respond otherwise if you wish. I’m not following comments anymore.

  35. @D3kingg – based on your post history I think you mean “Heil Trump”, not “Hail”.

    20 days chumps…enjoy your tyranny while it lasts!

  36. Three things:
    1. This isn’t a political post. It’s about aviation. People made it political.
    2. What happened to Southwest blocking middle seats?
    3. People wearing any party affiliation, anywhere-period, are asking for trouble. It’s a sensitive time.

  37. If you can’t follow the rules, don’t fly. I think 99 times out of a 100, Southwest isn’t going to kick someone off a plane for no reason.

  38. I know travel news is slow now but what’s the point of this post? Take it down and stop with the politics. I understand it happened on an airplane but it’s a stretch to include this type of story as it just stirs divisiveness that is so common right now. Maybe that was your point but I suggest you stick to relevant travel posts if you want to keep some of your followers.

  39. Ben!!!! Thank you for allowing comments !

    Also I couldn’t agree with you more on this. As a BLM supporter and someone accepting of political leanings I do not agree with, it was clear to me this was not about racism nor political.

    It was clear to me that this was a set up like you said. It was no coincidence that he was chosen amongst his group, as a black man intentionally wearing a trump hat to try to show how intolerant the lefties are. But no one was harassing him so they stepped it up a notch didn’t they ?

    You know what I’m intolerant of of ? Reckless people who don’t allow others to fly safely. Selfish people who sit on the plane with a tiny bag of peanuts or holding the same drink for an hour so they can use this excuse to not wear their mask. This virus is so dangerous that I wouldnt even eat on a plane, but if I was starving I would eat fast and facing the wall away from others. This schmuck didn’t even bother to wear his mask while the flight attendant was talking to him. It’s clear he wore it only to board and the rest of the time wears it as an accessory. The FA wore his which protects the passenger, the passenger didn’t return the favor, putting others near him at risk. I wish his equally ignorant buddies were also thrown off the plane. Shame on them all for this stupid publicity stunt. Hope SW adds these conartist bad actor disruptors to the no fly list.

  40. I fondly remember the days when this blog gave detailed accounts of premium travel classes.

    Now all I’m seeing is anti-Trump flame-throwing ‘reports’ from economy from USA backwater A to USA backwater B.

    Please start a separate political blog if that’s your jam and keep the quality airline review on this one.

  41. My other comment never posted so not sure if this one will but here goes. For those who said it’s anti masker Trumpie David Harris, I looked at their faces and I’m not sure ? DH looks older Doesn’t this guy kinda look like this guy here ? Wish I knew his name. I guess these winners pretend to be eating a tiny bag of peanuts for 2 hours to not wear their mask. They get banned and do the same on the next airline. Losers.

  42. This is obviously a case of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” America is sick of your act, Trumpians. We want the pandemic to end, not continue through your malicious and completely bonkers “herd immunity” concept. Crawl back into the sewer you came out of. If you want to spread covid, try a mega church or a Trump rally and keep away from me and from the travel industry.

  43. Please continue to share these stories of people not wanting to follow instructions and wear masks when required on a plane. These are all relevant travel-related matters. BTW, no one will be kicked off a plane for lowering their masks to eat any food. I say again, if you don’t want to wear a mask on a plane, and/or follow any other instruction on a plane, then drive or stay home and do as you please.

  44. This incident was not about left or right. This is about an ignorant man, regardless of the color of his skin or what’s printed on his hat, doing a cheap publicity stunt and recklessly endangering the health and welfare of the crew and passengers on this plane. He clearly has a problem with keeping his mask on and from the sound of her voice, so does the woman filming. If I had been on this flight, I would have asked that the man keep his man on or transfer me to another flight. I wouldn’t want to be enclosed in the airspace if someone who clearly has the potential to spread this virus.
    I’m in Europe at the moment and unable to travel home to spend the holidays with my family for the first time. We are all making sacrifices for our own safety and that of others in our family and community.
    Maybe it would be better to say that on short flights, unless you have a medical condition verified by a doctor’s letter, don’t eat or drink at all. Most adults in the US can stand to go a few hours without additional caloric intake, quite frankly.
    This is not about political party or tolerance. I have no tolerance though for people who are willing to sacrifice my health for their asinine behavior or idea of some ‘political freedom’.
    I call bullshit.

  45. Mask is a Joke!!! Not keeping anyone well, what about your hair hands and feet, omg use your brain, people may wear them but their laughing it’s a Joke.

  46. Seems so many are triggered. It must be a setup since Ben says nobody is flying 3 times a week. Makes sense to extrapolate that. Trump is an imbecile but it seems he’s joined by many of your readers Ben. TDS is real.

  47. As a Trump voter, I actually think the article was very unbiased. We do not know the whole story and every person should be asking these questions in ALL situations. We should not merely judge actions but intentions. Too much we focus on action which is perverted and distorted through a media lense of any sort. Also, shutting down the comments section is ridiculous. That’s suppression of free speech. Just go along, it’s easier than arguing. Sometimes we need to smelt and boil metal so the crud rises to the top. Only by civil confrontations can we grow as a civilized culture. Suppressing people leads to violence. As if that isn’t obvious enough today.

  48. I just like looking at all the food and drinks available at airport lounges and executive level club rooms.

  49. I am appalled that Ben is allowing the amount of ignorant hate speech that is being posted here.

    I wonder how Ben would react if such hate speech was directed at his sexuality?

    I am cancelling my subscription to his newsletter. I will not tolerate this kind of garbage.

    If enough other people did so, it would financially impact Ben and perhaps he would change his ways.

    Ciao, haters.

  50. 1kBrad with 1k to his name lol, it’s pretty low to shame Ben for whatever his sexuality is. No one cares about that , get with the century. You’re so silly to imply that is is anything more than a stunt, there is no discrimination. I’m pretty sure Ben can handle the loss of you. Ba bye now.

    Also , I’m still confused as to why the middle seats were not blocked off.

  51. This is political performance art and this post gives them exactly what they want — publicity. It’s like showing a video made by a pyromaniac for the thrill of millions of other pyros.

  52. Amazed that all the Trump Sycophants are able to tear themselves away from the latest QAnon news to come to OMAAT

  53. Really! Anyone who travels for work could fly 3 times a week. I know my husband does. And he also takes his mask off to eat.

  54. To Shawn who said his/her husband flys 3x a week but the reason that is a bit doubtful is that during the pandemic even those who traveled a lot before have stopped or very much decreased it. Most industries have followed suit. Even if you are an entrepreneur doing what you like, your suppliers and customers are not likely to be on board so yeah it’s a bit of a stretch for this lawyer in the video to fly so much right now. Most lawyers handle local cases. Even big hot shots handling big class act in suits are mostly zooming. I forget her name or I’d look up the lawyer name. The one yacking loudly on the plane likely also without a mask like this schmuck.

  55. Here are the facts…. it basically goes like this …once you enter the plane the FA is in charge. Once the door closes that pilot is 100% in charge. Failure to comply with crew orders is against FAA regulations plain and simple. If they ask you to wear a mask you are required to comply…further it is their plane not yours… they make the rules not you. Don’t like it, buy or hire your own private plane. I also suspect there was(as there usually is) more to the story that we are unaware of.

  56. The fact the the video recording suddenly stopped and then restarted which you imply possibly something suspicious about that is completely unfounded. My phone will only record for a specific and short time then the video camera automatically stops and I have to start it again to continue recording. I know this because just last week it automatic stopped 7 times and I had to restart it again each time to record my grandson. It’s just how my cell works when recording and I’m sure there’s others just like mine. Please don’t inject your own unfounded opinions in your posts that you would be completely wrong about if you were speaking of my phone and you don’t know anything about their phone. Sick of everyone trying to stir things up and pour fuel on the fire just to generate clicks.

  57. This gentleman was banned from American Airlines a few months ago for similar behavior and this was reported on this website. Could it be that the airlines are not penalizing his politics but that his name was circulated amongst the airlines as a known trouble maker in an effort to boost the flying public’s confidence in health and safety measures regardless of their effectiveness?

    I remember an Arabic speaking passenger on a phone call removed from a flight (I think it was Southwest?) after an adjacent passenger complained for fear of a potential terror plot? He was calling family to say that he would be home soon but because of safety concerns was removed because the crew felt uncomfortable. No matter what your politics are, if the crew wants you off, shut up and get off the airplane. I believe that’s called compliance. Interesting how Trump and his supporters are all for law and order but in this case are inciting trouble on an airplane which is arguably the most sacred of places to comply given how many terror plots are aimed at air travel.

  58. Wow, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but that doesn’t mean you’re right. This man is not David Harris and they don’t even look alike other than their skin color and beard. The man’s name is Philip Dnifon and the video shows him being respectful. He just wanted to know why he was getting kicked off. The gate agent was being a jerk and refused to answer the legal friend’s multiple questions about Southwest’s policy of not needing to wear a mask when eating.

    Southwest claims Philip was told multiple times by multiple people to put a mask on but there is no evidence to support that. Of course we don’t know what happened off camera but the lady behind them said he did cooperate and put his mask on when he was told to. Also, a poster above (Keri) said her husband was on that plane and said “Everyone on the flight thought it was trump related due to his attire, not his race.” Philip was clearly upset but was courteous and left peacefully. My take is the black flight attendants couldn’t stand to have a black Trump supporter on their flight.

  59. Karenp,
    His name was mentioned since my post, but on another thread, so that is the one thing we agree on is his name and not being another guy. But everything looked super staged. He was a bit too calm about things too. Even a naturally chill person would take a little issue. He was trying to look so innocent and confused lol. You say there is no evidence that he was told to remove it, but you only saw 2 minutes. They conveniently didn’t include anything more. For the FA to make a black man leave with a political hat, he knew it was risky, he doesn’t benefit at all to do that, especially while being filmed. It means a SW investigation, it’s not fun for him to go through all that unless something was in fact wrong.

    Why is it so hard for you to believe that he didn’t wear the mask before eating and ate for an usually long time? I mean, he wasn’t even wearing his mask to protect the FA talking with him, so why would have earlier? I doubt the obnoxious lawyer friend of his yelling across the seats over people had on her mask either. This is not an anti trump situation, this is an anti safety situation.

    Just because someone said they were on that specific flight does not mean they were. I could have said I was on the flight and this and this happened, but I wouldn’t do that because I am honest. Not saying the other person is lying just that all the things that look off, is likely because they are OFF. Without itinerary proof I will assume that was a fake posing, it was a little too convenient.

  60. “Why is it so hard for you to believe that he didn’t wear the mask before eating and ate for an usually long time?” Because Southwest wouldn’t have let him board without the mask on and I believe in innocence until proven guilty. How could he have eaten for a long time when the plane was still at the gate? It’s fascinating how the minds of liberals and conservatives have such different perspectives. To you, “everything looked super staged. He was a bit too calm”. To me it didn’t looked the least bit staged. I see a guy that is clearly confused as to what he did wrong, but you see a guy who is “trying to look so innocent and confused” as if he’s acting. Do you really think he wanted to get kicked off? The lawyer’s husband offered to get off with Philip; was that part of the set up too? Do you think the lady behind them was also part of this deliberate plot? Contrary to what you state, I think Philip did take a little issue with being forced to leave.

    There was 3 minutes of video, not 2 and it did not show Philip doing anything wrong. He did put his mask up and down but he was eating and talking with the supervisor and was clearly agitated. To you “they conveniently didn’t include anything more” in the video. To me, the lawyer didn’t start recording until the supervisor came and told him to get off. Somehow based on the video, you have the opinion that Philip and his co-workers are schmucks, ignorant, losers, and obnoxious. You don’t believe Keri in this thread because her post “was a little too convenient.” You also doubt the posters who state they or their spouses are currently flying 3 or more times a week like the lawyer said she does.

    Look at all the nasty comments made by the liberals in this thread. They said the man in the video is David Harris, he was banned from American Airlines, he’s going from airline to airline doing publicity stunts. None of that is true. Poster F.I. added this gem. “No matter what your politics are, if the crew wants you off, shut up and get off the airplane. I believe that’s called compliance. Interesting how Trump and his supporters are all for law and order but in this case are inciting trouble”. Even though the captain of the plane is in charge, he still has to follow laws along with FAA and airline policy. Therefore he is not allowed to discriminate.

    As someone mentioned early in this thread, Philip and the lawyer who he worked for did an interview on the Rubin report. Philip says the FA only told him once to make sure his mask was also over his nose.

    As you can clearly see in the video, they were seated so the decision to kick him off must have happened after he started eating. Philip’s hat said ‘black voices for Trump” and my speculation is the FA was just looking for a reason to kick him off. I’m inclined to believe Philip, the lawyer, the lawyer’s husband, the lady on the plane behind them, and what Keri said in this thread. You’re welcome to believe that little liberal voice in your head and what Southwest stated to cover their asses. They said “the customer did not comply with our crew’s multiple verbal requests — including while boarding” so then why did they let him board and be seated?

    You say you’re honest so let’s test that. If Philip was wearing a Biden hat and mask and got kicked off, would you be making your defamatory posts about him and his companions, would you be calling them the same names and saying it’s a set up and a publicity stunt? If he was a black Biden supporter, do you think the liberal media would be airing him being kicked off while playing the race card? Do you think liberals would be enacting their cancel culture and calling for people at Southwest to be fired ? Would you be saying you don’t believe Keri’s husband was on the plane unless she can provide itinerary proof? I know the answers to these questions and you would too if you are truly honest.

  61. Karenp (appropriate name non masking Karen), you seem to want to not get it. Thus we are kind of wasting time here.

    Biden, Trump, Bernie, big Bird hat doesn’t matter ! Black, white, any other passenger no matter ! It’s about following rules for everyones safety ! Yes one guy was wrong about who this guy is, it happened, I don’t think he meant harm! Plus I corrected him.

    There was no reason for this schmuck to pretend confusion. It’s like someone stealing and being caught yet continuing to steal as he’s being told to stop but pretending confusion. They planned to provoke and film, simple as that. This guy was not eating, he was talking to the FA while not wearing his mask. He didn’t even attempt to comply. What I see is talking, a high transmission route and this guy continues to not put up his mask. The virus can travel up to 27 feet via aeresol! But the closer anyone is to him the higher risk. All those passengers have to deal with that now. Yes their masks will help but it’s not 100%, especially when someone doesn’t wear theirs, it works best when all wear it. And the virus can still land on the person and they touch that part of them (hair, mask, jeans etc…) and then scratch their nose or rub their eyes. People wash hands after touching surfaces but aeresols are a different transmission. Thanks Phil for that! That creep left his germs in the air that can last up to 3 hours !!! Lastly, it takes a looong time to take off so yes in theory he could have been eating a snack for a half hour, thus the FA asking him to finish up several times. Why the heck would he eat as soon as he got on? It’s not like hours into the flight when a person gets hungry. Why not eat before he boarded, there is a lot of time then and people can space out more. People need to be doing everything they can to keep themseves and others safe. Eating leisurely is not safe. I would only eat hours into a flight, fast, not facing anyone. But I guess that’s inconvenient or not as fun for one without any self control.

    It certainly didn’t sound like his lawyer buddy was wearing a mask yelling across innocent people.

    You are clearly an anti masker Covid denier or major trumpy, likely both, but in either case you cannot be reasoned with when you show zero concern for this idiots germs all over the place.

    The article below shares why some people deny the severity of the virus. It boils down to lack of crituval thinking, comprehension issues, not understanding basic science and so forth.

  62. You’re the one who clearly doesn’t get it. Read this really slow until it sinks in. There is no evidence that Philip broke any rules before the supervisor came to kick him off. I told you that before and you said “but you only saw 2 minutes. They conveniently didn’t include anything more.” They had no reason to record before the supervisor came and you obviously have no comprehension of what evidence is.

    You stated they “planned to provoke and film, simple as that.” That’s speculation, not evidence. You stated “It was no coincidence that he was chosen amongst his group, as a black man intentionally wearing a trump hat to try to show how intolerant the lefties are. But no one was harassing him so they stepped it up a notch didn’t they?”. That’s speculation, not evidence. You stated “It certainly didn’t sound like his lawyer buddy was wearing a mask yelling”. That’s speculation, not evidence, and it’s ridiculous. You can’t tell if she was wearing a mask based on just sound and she would be kicked off if she didn’t have it on.

    You’ve made several other foolish and speculative comments that you’re wrong about. You obviously didn’t listen to Philip’s and KrisAnne’s (the lawyer) interview either, but why should you? You have all the facts in your head and you think anyone that disagrees with your speculation is wrong. Typical liberal mindset, but it is you that is wrong. More than one person in this thread said the man was David Harris. You’re wrong about that. The Southwest person talking to Philip is a gate supervisor, not a FA. You’re wrong again. Philip was eating Planter’s Trail Mix, not peanuts. You’re wrong again. You said this was a setup and a publicity stunt. That’s speculation which makes you wrong again. You said they go to different airlines doing the same until they get banned. More speculation and you’re wrong again. You also speculate about how long Philip was eating and how long he planned to eat which makes you wrong again.

    Southwest’s policy allows one to eat and drink on a plane without a mask, obviously. If you don’t like the rules or if you’re high risk for the virus, then you should stay home. The CDC says “Because of how air circulates and is filtered on airplanes, most viruses and other germs do not spread easily on airplanes”.

    I assume “Karenp (appropriate name non masking Karen)” is suppose to be an insult but you’re just showing your lack of maturity. I follow the rules when traveling which includes wearing a mask except when I’m eating or drinking. By the way, the only person who is a schmuck, loser, ignorant , obnoxious, and a creep is the one you see in your bathroom mirror.

  63. Karenp, appropriately named Karen, I’ve stated my side, you stated yours before, now let’s give it a rest ok? I’m not reading your long novel, I’ve read too much of your yackedy yack already. Go support your anti masking I wear my mask as a necklace buddy, because you won’t get far with me. I’ve done all I can to educate you. Run along now!

  64. Sure DJ, but you’re still wrong. Don’t worry about educating me. I have a masters and 2 bachelor degrees and am clearly lightyears more intelligent that you. And as I said, I follow the rules and wear my mask when required.

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