Park Hyatt Mallorca Will Be Rebranded, Leave Hyatt

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Park Hyatt will be losing its only resort in Europe…

Park Hyatt Mallorca being rebranded

Majorca Daily Bulletin is reporting that the Park Hyatt Mallorca will no longer be branded as a Hyatt. The 142-room hotel first opened in 2016, and was an exciting addition for Hyatt, as all other Park Hyatt properties in Europe are city hotels.

The Park Hyatt Mallorca has been closed since mid-March, and as of now Hyatt’s website shows the hotel reopening in March 2021. While lots of other properties in Europe (including Spain) have reopened this summer, the Park Hyatt hasn’t been among those.

Park Hyatt Mallorca

Why is the hotel leaving Hyatt?

Media reports suggest that the hotel wasn’t meeting its targets as a Hyatt property — the goal was for the property to be busy year-round, but that wasn’t happening. The hotel is still expected to reopen in March 2021, and will be rebranded as a Cap Vermell property, which doesn’t exactly come with global name recognition.

According to Cap Vermell Group CEO Antoni Mir:

“It is bad news for Majorca, mainly because we have lost a worldwide hotel reference. The decision of the American hotel group was motivated by the fact that the Island had lost connectivity during recent winters, which affected Marketing and Management goals. Hyatt’s departure means we lost a trademark, but not the hotel, the resort will now be managed under our Cap Vermell brand, so we can guarantee about 210 jobs in maximum operational activity, of which 85 are fixed.”

Park Hyatt Mallorca

Bottom line

The Park Hyatt Mallorca is currently closed, and when it reopens in 2021, it will no longer be branded a Park Hyatt. Apparently the hotel has struggled with occupancy and room rates in the four years since opening, especially beyond the peak season.

I can’t blame the owners for trying something new, though I feel like the problem may not have been the hotel’s association with Hyatt.

While I never had the chance to stay at this property, I’m still sad to see the only Park Hyatt resort in Europe being deflagged. I sure do love Park Hyatts for the ability to earn and redeem points as a Globalist member, so I view this as quite a loss.

Did you have the chance to stay at the Park Hyatt Mallorca?

  1. Had the chance to stay last year and was upgraded to one of their best suites. Amazing room, unlikely to ever be topped. The resort was very quiet for mid-May and probably isn’t in the ideal location on the island. That said, an amazing property.

  2. Stayed for 5 nights in July ‘17. It was fabulous. But as you mentioned it was not crowded at all even mid-summer. I’m sad to see it go but not surprised.

  3. Another loss after the HILTON Mallorca closed already last year?! 🙁
    Now only Marriott is on the island of all those upper class US brand hotels and thank god for the Jumeirah too, as it’s NOT really a year around 100% summer feeling island, but still GREAT to relax and do outdoor activities and exploring of different cultures, maybe not the MAIn thing for US clients and HYATT was hoping for those at a high rate i guess, so i think to blame it on NOT meeting the HYATT expectations as a HYATT year-round “busy” property . . . . foul to think so!
    NOT everybody needs the hassle and bussle when at a resort! Ther is WAY better things to do then just hang at the Pool or Bar and have 1 drink after the other as a certain categorie of Nations like to call the “perfect” vacation? 🙁 Caribbean “Resorts” and Cancun Resorts on Zona Hotelera show that in a perfect way! Nice, but only if you have no other way to enjoy life in any other way or you’re so caught at home with family that this is the ONLY way OUT to have “fun”, well, it seems that product does NOT work so well all over the globe!
    Looking at previews of other frequent travellers who have stayed at the Park Hyatt Mallorca, seem to go way above and beyong of ANY Park Hyatt “Resort” in US! So i’d blame it mostly on the US style of “Resort” wanna be!
    Just like the Hilton, both Locatioons are not superb, BUT the properties are cool the staff was very friendly and human, absolutely NOT superficial in any department, no matter where!
    Stayed at both, the Hilton actually 4x as it was such a steal sometimes on HHonors Points, i can NOT say enough good things about them both! Spanish mentality is different, but at the Park Hyatt as well as the Hilton, TOP for Mallorca, no doubt! As a US American, you can’t expect US whipe my ass all the time like you do in a US property of a US hotel chain! DOES NOT WORK!
    That’s why i think, HYATT had wrong expectations on this property from the beginning on?!
    Some people even loved it so much (Zach Honig did!) that he sent a video to his Mom right after getting to his Suite at the Park Hyatt Mallorca, he does travel a lot too, so if he was happy, i don’t understand why HYATT wouldn’t be, unless only Numbers count at the end?
    If the Service was too different for them, then maybe start at the head of the entire thing, training your staff to your needs and likes?!?!? We in Germany always say: The fish starts to smell at the head! 😉

    What works on one continent, might not work on another?!
    HYATT should know that, you should think??? 😮

  4. What a bummer. Got to stay here 2 summers ago and really enjoyed our stay. It’s a very elegant feeling resort but has very steep prices in the summer that probably can’t be justified given that it’s not on the beach. Most vacationers that go to Mallorca in the summer go for the beaches. Glad I got to stay here when it was a PH. Will miss it.

  5. I stayed at this property back in June of 2017. Got an awesome spacious suite with dual balconies, room #22. This resort was quiet, but I had assumed it was that way because it was still a new property. I didn’t encounter any other guests except when I was dining.

    I do think the location was an issue with the resort not having enough guests. It’s very secluded and away from most popular area, which is a pro for some, but may be a con for many. Nothing is within walking distance; must have a car unless you plan to stay at the property all day and night.

    The service I recieved here was impeccable, one of the best at any Hyatt I’ve been to. Will miss this place as a Park Hyatt.

  6. One huge issue luxury hotels in Mallorca (and any of those islands) have is that there is a plethora of top-notch villas on the island available for rent. Almost each of the comments above notes that they were upgraded to a top suite. The people who normally book suites like those are instead booking private villas when they visit there.

    I know my clients almost exclusively book villas when visiting any of the Balearic islands.

  7. Not a surprise. Hyatt has always failed to develop the intra European market.

    They rely on a base load of US tourists and some European ones on top. But Mallorca is not a typical US destination. Most US tourists want to visit cultural destinations when they go to Europe, such as Barcelona or Venice or Paris. The lack of direct flights from the US doesn’t exactly help either. Mallorca is mainly a beach and sports destination with some culture. The US clients can have this cheaper and easier (e.g. Florida, Mexico).

    The European market, on the other hand side, loves Mallorca – but has no ties with Hyatt. They stay in Melia, Riu, Barcelo or perhaps Marriott properties. In all fairness, most Melia properties live up to Hyatt standards and Gran Melia to Park Hyatt level. But they have much stronger sales channels in Europe. I think it should rebrand as a Gran Melia and will do perfectly fine.

  8. From past business experience many times when this happens its the result of unrealistic expectations both on occupancy and revenue. One reason might the aggressive projections Hyatt management might have presented to the owners to sway them to sign an agreement, less than stellar marketing by Hyatt this also happens its just a fact of all the flags. Conversely it could be the limitations the ownership placed on Hyatt in the form of baseline room rates etc this is also not uncommon. Personally I think that a Ritz flag might give the resort a better start point than Park, disclaimer I have never stayed here however it was on our “to do” list.
    At the end of the day there are always two sides to any disagreement just thinking out loud that a “Ritz” flag might have worked out better, did not say Marriott said Ritz

  9. Absolutely beautiful property, horrible location, from what I hear, bad owner too. Apparently Hyatt warned the owner that a non-beach location on the wrong side of the island would not be a draw. I went here shortly after opening. The build quality is amazing. All of the structures were built using stone from the mountain it’s built upon. There is a beach below it, but several super-cheapo hotels sit on the beach with VERY drunk, low rent patrons wandering around at all hours. No idea what they were thinking here

  10. Mallorca is probably not a place for big resorts. Lots of people that go to Mallorca rent condos or houses.

  11. Very confused by the Cap Vermell CEO stating:

    “It is bad news for Majorca, mainly because we have lost a worldwide hotel reference…”

    If my company just gained a new hotel management / branding contract I’d be spinning this as a positive. This statement doesn’t inspire confidence to potential customers.

  12. Bummer. But it is worth re-emphasizing that it was Hyatt that decided to drop this hotel instead of the other way around.

    Given fairly limited footprint Hyatt has in Europe, managing this resort must have been a significant money-losing venture.

  13. oh my bad Park Hyatt Resort…I was like there’s a lot of Park Hyatts in Europe…I just need to learn how to read

  14. I did get a chance to stay at the property while on the MegaDo in 2017. The grounds & rooms were lovely and the service fine, but I didn’t love the location.

  15. Stayed here for a media event last year. Superb property but it is very isolated. You can’t just amble out of the resort and wander down the road to shops and restaurants. Closer to one of the many lovely Majorca towns and it would probably lure more guests.

  16. I stayed there last summer. The service was fantastic, but the hotel was too large and cookie-cutter although my room was stunning. The hotel just seemed like a giant pre-fab hotel. It seemed more like a Ritz Carlton. The location was meh. I stayed at Barceló Illetas Albatros – Adults only afterward, the hotel was four-star, but the rocky beach/cliffs were fantastic and unique. It was more what I would expect at the Park Hyatt, but nicer.

  17. I stayed here not long after they opened….. one of the best Park Hyatt’s I’d ever been to… room was fantastic…. upgraded to a suite…. breakfast was plentiful… we enjoyed the views and the location….

  18. I have stayed in this hotel once. The property is so beautiful and welcoming and the hotel crew were super nice.

    The problems could be the location of the hotel in the island. It is the opposite direction of the airport and the capital city Palma and a bit far from them. It is also very expensive and high end. It is a bit wishful thinking to expect it to be fully occupied year round.

  19. We stayed for 10 days in September 2019. It was perfect. Gorgeous Suite, amazing Breakfast, beautiful spa.
    The location was perfect, very secluded, espectacular sunsets.
    A hyatt loss.

  20. Been – you should probably edit the following:

    I can’t blame the owners for trying something new, though I feel like the problem may not have been the hotel’s association with Hyatt.

    Based on the CEO you quoted it was clearly Hyatt’s decision to pull out, not the hotel’s.

  21. Not surprising. I went two years ago, the rooms were lovely and really well designed. But service was not attentive and the language barrier proved detrimental. F&B was also not slick and polished. There was not a wide variety of things to do on site for a “resort” except spa and a few small restaurants. The play was it was attractive to Cap Vermell residential tenants, country club members, etc. but it had no draw for international tourists. No beach nearby, wrong side of the island, it was almost a very residential hotel. I did not want to return, but am normally a huge fan of Park Hyatt.

  22. We stayed in a garden suite as Globalists in June 2018 and 2019. Absolutely loved it. So sad to see this leave Hyatt. My husband says he would move to Mallorca in a heartbeat. Much of that is due to driving to this hotel and exploring all the beaches and small towns surrounding it. So glad we were there twice. It was amazing.

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