Transfer Marriott Points To Aeroplan And Get A 35% Bonus (Promo Now Live)

Update: This is an update to my post from a couple of days ago to note that this promotion is now live, for anyone who is interested.

Aeroplan has announced that they’re offering a 35% bonus when you convert Marriott points into Aeroplan miles between September 13 and September 17, 2018. There’s no registration required, and bonus miles will post within 4-6 weeks of the promotion end date.

Converting Marriott points into Aeroplan miles continues to be a solid value, as they’re maintaining the old Starwood value proposition.

60,000 Marriott points converts into 20,000 airline miles, and you get a 5,000 mile bonus for every 60,000 Marriott points transferred (60,000 Marriott points is the equivalent of 20,000 former Starpoints, given the transfer ratio).

This means 60,000 Marriott points ordinarily converts into 25,000 airline miles. Then during this promotion you get a further 35% bonus, for a total of 33,750 Aeroplan miles.

So at the moment Marriott points can be converted into Aeroplan miles at a ratio of ~1.78:1.

With a specific use in mind, I’d say that this could represent an excellent deal. Aeroplan is Air Canada’s spun off loyalty program, though as of 2020 Air Canada will own the program, so it will continue to be associated with the airline.

Aeroplan has lots of great redemption rates on Star Alliance partners, and many can be booked without huge surcharges, including travel on EVA Air, LOT Polish, Turkish, United, and more.

Redeem Aeroplan miles for travel in United Polaris business class

Here’s the Aeroplan reward chart for travel originating in the US:

Bottom line

I wouldn’t speculatively transfer points to take advantage of this promotion, but with a specific Star Alliance redemption in mind, this could be a good use of Marriott points.

Also keep in mind that at the moment LifeMiles is selling miles with up to a 140% bonus, which can also be a great way to acquire miles for the purposes of Star Alliance redemptions.

Anyone plan to take advantage of this Aeroplan transfer bonus?


  1. @ Ben — I hope IHG offers something similar soon. I am finally tired of being treated as a second-class citizen on awards and am I ready to divest of oir IHG points. My love is all for Hyatt these days (I never thought I would say that…).

  2. Many Star Alliance partners — including Thai, SAS, ANA, Swiss, and LOT Polish — currently cannot be booked on Aeroplan due to “technical issues” with no timeline for a solution.

  3. That would be great if only Marriott would sort out the ongoing fiasco whereby cancelled SPG bookings do not result in a points refund…in my case 14 days and counting; consequently short of 500,000 points. Maybe they should hold off on these promos until they make some progress in sorting the IT CF.

  4. @Lucky, thanks for the info. Question: I have two 7-nights Marriott cert. cat.1-5 which was redeemed under the old rules (bought mainly for Aeroplan miles but also with hope I can upgrade these certs to higher cat.), but under new rules, I can’t upgrade these certs. one is expiring end of this year & the other in 5/2019. Since I won’t have any usage for cat.1-5 and I’m assuming it’s highly unlikely Marriott will change direction on the upgrade possibility, do you think it’s better I have these 2 refunded for a total of 90K Marriott pts and transfer it to Aeroplan for a total of 47,250 Aeroplan miles (which I need for an Asian trip in early 2020)?

  5. @Joey – any reference on the Aeroplan to Amadeus (thai/swiss/sas/…) issue?

    @Ahnef – you’d get the 35%, yes. but not the 5000 (6750 after +35%)

  6. I have the new Canadian spg Amex. And hit my 15000 spend before my statement date 8 days ago. The points and 50k Marriott bonus still hasn’t posted to my account. Amex says it’s good from their side…I have only 11k Marriott points – if Amex points get posted I could take advantage of the offer.

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