How Long Do Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Transfers Take?

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How Long Do Amex Membership Rewards Points Transfers Take?
How Long Do Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Transfers Take?
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If you’re collecting miles & points through credit card spend, I always recommend doing what you can to accrue transferrable points currencies. That’s because these points are much more flexible than when you’re earning an individual airline or hotel points currency. You have the flexibility to transfer these points to all kinds of travel partners, and you’re safeguarded from a devaluation in a specific points currency.

With that in mind, I’m writing a series about the three major transferrable points currencies — Amex Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Citi ThankYou — talking about how long it takes to transfer points, along with the other basic details you need to know about transferring points. Yesterday I wrote about Amex Membership Rewards, so today I’m writing about Chase Ultimate Rewards.

How many airline and hotel partners does Chase Ultimate Rewards have?

As of now, Chase Ultimate Rewards has 13 airline and hotel transfer partners — that includes nine airline partners and four hotel partners.

Ultimate-Rewards-1 Ultimate-Rewards-2

How long does it take to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points?

Below is a chart with how long it typically takes to transfer Ultimate Rewards points:

Ultimate Rewards Transfer PartnerTransfer RatioTransfer Time
Aer Lingus Aer Club1000 : 1000Instant
Air France KLM FlyingBlue1000 : 1000Instant
British Airways Executive Club1000 : 1000Instant
Iberia Plus1000 : 1000Instant
Korean Air SkyPass1000 : 1000Instant
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer1000 : 1000~ 12 to 24 hours
Southwest Rapid Rewards1000 : 1000Instant
United MileagePlus1000 : 1000Instant
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club1000 : 1000Instant
IHG Rewards Club1000 : 1000~ 1 to 2 days
Marriott Rewards1000 : 1000~ 1 to 2 days
Ritz-Carlton Rewards1000 : 1000~ 1 to 2 days
World Of Hyatt1000 : 1000Instant

As you can see, transfers to all but four partners are typically instant, and even the partners that aren’t instant process points transfers within a couple of days.

Are there fees associated with transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points?

Nope, there are no fees associated with transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points. This is one advantage of Chase Ultimate Rewards over Amex Membership Rewards, since Amex imposes small fees when you transfer points to their U.S. airline partners.

Can you transfer Chase points to someone else’s Chase account?

Chase lets you pool the points you earn on all cards in your name that accrue Ultimate Rewards points. On top of that, you can move your points to another Chase account of someone in your household. Do note that if you abuse this benefit, Chase may close your account. Here are the terms associated with that:

You can move your points, but only to another Chase card with Ultimate Rewards belonging to you, or one member of your household. If we suspect that you’ve engaged in fraudulent activity related to your credit card account or Ultimate Rewards, or that you’ve misused Ultimate Rewards in any way (for example by buying or selling points, moving or transferring points with or to an ineligible third party or account, or repeatedly opening or otherwise maintaining credit card accounts for the sole purpose of generating rewards) we may temporarily prohibit you from earning points or using points you’ve already earned. If we believe you’ve engaged in any of these acts, we’ll close your credit card account and you’ll lose all your points.

Can you transfer Chase points to someone else’s airline or hotel accounts?

You can transfer your points in 1,000 point increments to a loyalty program belonging to you, or one additional household member who is also listed as an authorized user on your card. Once you transfer points to an authorized user, that person will be the only authorized user eligible to receive points transfers.

What cards earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points?

Some of the best cards for earning Chase Ultimate Rewards points include the following:

  • The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card offers 2x points on dining and travel; the card has a $95 annual fee, waived the first year
  • The Chase Sapphire Reserve® offers 3x points on dining and travel, plus a $300 annual travel credit; the card has a $450 annual fee
  • Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card offers 3x points on the first $150,000 spent in combined purchases annually on travel, shipping purchases, internet, cable, and phone services, advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines; the card has a $95 annual fee

On top of that, the following three no annual fee cards earn points that can be converted into Ultimate Rewards points at a 1:1 ratio in conjunction with one of the above cards:

  • The Chase Freedom® Card offers 5x points in rotating quarterly categories, on up to $1,500 of spend per quarter; the card has no annual fee
  • The Chase Freedom Unlimited® offers 1.5x points on everyday spend; the card has no annual fee
  • The Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card offers 5x points on the first $25,000 spent in combined purchases each anniversary year on cellular phone, landline, internet and cable TV services, plus 2x points on the first $25,000 spend in combined purchases each anniversary year on gas stations and restaurants; the card has no annual fee

Note that you can earn the sign-up bonus on each of the above cards, and pool all those points towards one Ultimate Rewards account. However, the biggest restriction in getting approved for the above cards is Chase’s 5/24 rule, where they typically won’t approve you for one of those cards if you’ve opened more than five card accounts in the past 24 months.

Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points for travel in Korean Air first class

Should you transfer Chase points to travel partners?

In general the best use of Chase Ultimate Rewards points is to convert them into airline miles or hotel points. Specifically, my favorite transfer partners are British Airways Executive Club, Korean Air SkyPass, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, United MileagePlus, and World of Hyatt. However, you only want to do this once you’ve figured out the award you want to book, have verified availability, and are sure you understand how that program works.

If you’re someone who prefers to redeem your points as cashback towards travel, be sure you at least maximize the value. You get different value out of the points depending on the most premium card you have:

Personally I value Chase Ultimate Rewards points at ~1.7 cents each, so this isn’t how I’d choose to redeem them. That being said, if you can get 1.5 cents of value per point, that’s not half bad. Especially if you have the Chase Freedom Unlimited® in addition to the Reserve. It offers 1.5 points, so at a redemption value of 1.5 cents per point, that’s like a return of 2.25% on everyday, non-bonused spend.

Bottom line

Chase Ultimate Rewards are one of the all around most valuable points currencies out there. Chase Ultimate Rewards has some great transfer partners, and some might find it worthwhile to redeem the points for 1.5 cents each towards a travel purchase.

On top of that, the points are pretty easy to rack up thanks to all the great cards that accrue Ultimate Rewards points.

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  1. “If you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, you can redeem each point for 1.5 cents towards a travel redemption”

    Don’t you mean the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

  2. I think there’s a small mixup in the post. You have CSP transferring at 1.5X on Chase’s travel portal, and CSR AT 1.25. They’re the other way around, right?

  3. Shouldnt that say that the chase Sapphire reserve card offers redemptions at 1.5 cents towards a redemption? not the chase sapphire preferred?

  4. Hey Ben
    i have read that there are credit card which you can use for a wire transfer.
    this means instead of doing a regular wire transfer via your bank account you can use your credit card.
    have you ever encountered such an option?
    if you did, do any of the credit cards that provide such good points such as the Chase cards allow this?

  5. I transferred some UR points to my Hyatt account last night and it took ~1 hour, so it’s not exactly instant.

  6. I need to transfer points to my spouse’s BA account from UR (CSR). They are an AU on the account and in the same household. However, when I go to UR site I only have my name in the drop own box. I called Chase and they are escalating the issue. They comped points. Ever heard of this? Know any workarounds (spouse has BA status want to book ticket under their account). Never had an issue before.

  7. Here’s something that came to my mind while reading the article: say I have the CSR and a Freedom Unlimited, with my SO (who I share an address with) as an authorized user on the Unlimited. Do I have any way to transfer points to my SO’s account if they aren’t an authorized user on my Reserve but they are on the Unlimited? As I see it I don’t, unless both of us have either a CSP or an Ink Preferred. Could you help clarify this, Lucky?

    I suppose the workaround would be to just transfer the points to my own account and then book travel for my SO that way, but I’d like the added flexibility of being able to transfer points to them as well. Could factor in to my decision when the fees for my CSR and Ink come up.

  8. Just transfered Chase UR Points to my Singapore KrisFlyer (who the hell is Kris, btw :P) account and it took around between 12-16 hours. Not exactly sure because I still have not received an email saying the transaction has been completed.

    Check your accounts and do not wait for confirmation emails as they may not come.

    I have a saver award on hold that I am paying for on the last day before Singapore redemptions go up in smiles so the timing is tight. 🙂

    And also, be aware the Singapore award online ticketing/availability system can be VERY dynamic. I randomly found a SFO-SIN award not waitlisted so I called in to hold it and 5 minutes later when I got the agent sure enough it showed in the system as waitlisted. I held a LAX-NRT-SIN seat instead. 30 minutes later the original SFO-SIN seat was off waitlist so I called back again and changed from the LAX departure to the original SFO one I wanted.

    I’m not a SIN award guru by any means, but getting business class awards between SIN and the US and vice versa does not seem simple.

  9. @Luis @David Just another data point. Transferred 30,000 UR points to Hyatt last Friday. Hyatt representative stayed on the phone with me while I did it (I was booking several awards and was 30,000 points short in my Hyatt account). The 30,000 points showed up in my Hyatt account instantly, and the Hyatt rep saw it immediately. Pretty impressed!

  10. There seems to be a delay on chase transfer to Krisflyer. It’s been more than two business days and I still don’t see them posted on Krisflyer yet. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

  11. MC, I have been waiting 4 business days.

    On 5/23, I executed a transfer of Chase UR points to Singapore airlines, and also some Amex Membership Rewards points.

    The Amex points posted the next day. 4 days later I am still waiting for the Chase points. Chase advised they should take no longer than 2 business days. After 2 days I called Chase and they stated that the points had been “sent” and there was nothing they could do.

    I called Singapore and gave them the transaction number. They could “see” it, and offered to put a “rush” on it which they admitted may make no difference in the 2 to 4 week processing posting time!!!

    Had I known the official time was 2-4 weeks, I would have chosen a different airline. I have an upgrade “reserved”, but no timeline as to when I can complete the reservation.

    I’m giving serious thought to canceling the Chase card given the underperformance of the points program and the fact that customer service for the Reserve card has been unable to resolve the issue.

  12. Thanks AP. My points just posted this morning so hopefully yours will post soon! Not sure the delay (maybe holiday weekend?) but I will definitely plan at least a week to wait for the points next time.

  13. @shlomi I transferred yesterday to Korean air. Wait 24 hours but no shown. how long will it take? last year it was instantly 🙁

  14. Im also having problem with Korean Air.. haven’t see the point posted to my account yet and it has been over 24 hours..

  15. @Nicole have you contacted KA? I felt it’s their problem. Waiting these points for tickets. So frustrated not sure how long it will take

  16. Has anyone had their miles post yet?? I just submitted a UR transfer and was surprised when the transfer wasn’t instantaneous so I started googling and saw the comments here from the past few days …

  17. My son just realized his BA points expired today, and he was able to transfer 1000 UR points to BA with pretty much instantaneous response.

    Talk about cutting it close…

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