Funniest Ebay auction ever!

I saw this on FlyerTalk, but it’s simply too good to pass up. Check out this auction. Let’s go through this together, shall we?

2. The account is is only 4,600 miles away to reach Gold Status. That means you are only one flight away to become Gold Memeber.

First of all, wouldn’t it be cool if he actually knew the name of the status, “Premier.” Second, wouldn’t it be nice if he knew that the person he sells this to can’t fly under his Mileage Plus number.

Membership level: Member
Current redeemable miles balance: 44,232
Year to date Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) 20,402
Year to date Elite Qualifying Segments (EQS) 5
Lifetime United flight miles: 0

While I’m all for providing as many details as possible when putting up an auction, this is a case of too many details. I mean, how many Mileage Plus members have 44,232 redeemable miles, 20,402 elite qualifying miles, and five elite qualifying segments, all while having zero lifetime miles on United? That raises another question: why the hell is this person crediting to United if he never flies with them?


Let’s see how long that lasts….

Regarding my next level status indicated below, please double check with United with the requirement.

So I guess the phone call would go something like “Hi, I’m thinking about buying a mileage accout on ebay, but I just wanted to double check that I would make Gold status if I earned 4,400 more miles. Is this correct?

I believe my account is 4,600 away from the next status, which might subject to United terms.

Like, eh, not selling your miles on ebay while posting all the information United could possibly want to close your account?

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