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JetSmarter is basically trying to be the Uber of private jets. There’s a lot of inefficiency in the private jet industry (given the number of “empty legs” that are operated as private jets reposition), and JetSmarter is trying to take advantage of that. You can buy a membership and then in many cases take shuttle and empty leg flights at no additional cost. Other times you can pay for private jet rides, though at discounted costs.

Personally the concept has never interested me all that much. I once had the chance to truly fly a private jet from Seattle to San Diego thanks to a reader, and that was incredible. But JetSmarter takes the “private” part out of the private jet experience. When you fill up every single seat on a private jet, arguably it’s not all that much more pleasant than your typical commercial aviation experience.

Anyway JetSmarter has been doing everything they can to grow their membership base, and they’ve been offering tons of promotions. Their latest promotion offers anyone with at least a million airline or credit card points, or top tier elite status with an airline, a free three month membership.

Here’s how it works:

If you have 1,000,000 frequent flyer miles or credit card points, or if you hold the highest elite status with a major airline, JetSmarter is giving you a three-month membership with:

  • Complimentary single-seat bookings on posted JETSHUTTLE routes

  • Complimentary seats on empty-leg JETDEALS for spontaneous getaways

  • Access to on-demand whole aircraft PRIVATECHARTERS

  • Access to on-demand SHAREDCHARTERS tailored to your schedule and shared with fellow members

To redeem:

  1. Send a photo or short video that provides verifiable proof that you meet the requirements for this offer to [email protected]Email must contain your first and last name, and phone number.

  2. We’ll verify your submission, and notify you as soon as your free membership has been activated.

  3. Must be redeemed by July 1, 2017.

I think this offer is at least worth posting about, though I should also mention that JetSmarter is notorious for backtracking on promos and not honoring them. They’re also known for some shady practices, and seem to be short on cash, based on the fact that they’re offering people a few percent bonus if they deposit $50,000+ in their JetSmarter account.

Anyway, if you’re eligible this is absolutely something you should consider. However, be prepared for JetSmarter to possibly not honor the promotion, and also don’t get too excited about these “private jet” flights, since they’re typically anything but private. But this is still a great opportunity.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of this JetSmarter “status match?”

(Tip of the hat to Teddy)

  1. I had a free three month trial with them through my FoundersCard membership. The availability of empty legs out of my home area (BOS) was spotty at times but I was able to grab a few empty legs here and there. Worth a free trial – but not something I can see great value in as you’re subject to their schedule (and last minute cancelations.)

  2. If you can combine totals to hit 1M, I’m sure there’s going to be too much interest to make this worthwhile. I’m a few hundred thousand short at the moment thanks to a recent redemption, or I’d give it a shot.

  3. While I don’t doubt they may be having money issues, offering a bonus to deposit money doesn’t back that up. Amazon do it too, and they’re hardly cash-poor! If you have money tied up in your account, you’re more likely to spend it than if you had to use your “real” money.

  4. A friend of mine has a paid membership for him and his GF, he uses them quite a bit out of FLL. Don’t recall how much he is paying but it was surprisingly low. I think he gets heli transfers in the NYC area. Gets to the airport 20 min before departure, no lines, no TSA, he loves it.

  5. Based on another version of the promo I saw, it says you need to have invitation-only status, so I’m assuming they are targeting AA Concierge Key and UA Global Services. Which makes sense given their target demographic.

  6. Nice marketing by JetSmarter. Just looked at full T&C and there are no strings attached it seems. Cool way for the right people to try out their service. I am unfortuntely short of the million mark.

  7. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a marketing ploy and they fully intend to deny based on not providing “verifiable proof”

  8. China Southern Gold is the highest in China Southern Sky Pearl ,40 segment per year is Easy compare to 1M miles

  9. I just sent my email to them. I am currently Global Services with United. Will update this post when I get a response from them.

  10. I’ve been a member of JetSmarter for about seven months, and I’d like to say it’s been absolutely fantastic. Sure you share jets with people, but that’s actually part of the fun. I’ve met some really interesting people, and I’ve made some great friends as well.

    I’ve also been on a few flights where I was only on with one other person, and two weeks ago I was on a flight by myself, on a Citation X.

    Certainly, when you’re an early adopter, there’s always the risk that a product or service might shut down, but hey, life is a risk as well. So far, so good with JetSmarter.

  11. My status match was granted, and I do not have 1,000,000 miles in a single program or top tier elite status in a program. I submitted account statements from 4 programs showing an aggregate total of about 1.4 million miles, match was granted.

    Looking forward to trying it out but It’s going to be tough for me to find a couple free rides during the trial period since the bulk of the shuttles and empty legs involve New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Florida (so far from what I’ve seen) – and I do not live in any of those four places.

  12. Just an update about mine. I too was also granted the 3 months free with United Global Services. All I had to do was download their app and that was it after sending the email. I will not be able to take advantage of any of their free legs or anything like that. Currently living in Munich, so the free legs aren’t from there. Just out of curiosity though, a couple weeks ago, my wife and I were heading to Amsterdam, so I took a look at their app. The cheapest I could see was $8000 for round trip between MUC-AMS. Needless to say, I didn’t book that flight and went with Lufthansa instead. Don’t plan on using the service for anything. Was mainly curious to see if I would actually get approved or not.

  13. This JetSmarter promotion was a total scam. I submitted my Amex (1.4 million), my Alaska 75k and 1.2 million miles, along with AA, BA, Virgin and Delta miles (combined additional 2 million miles), and never heard back from JetSmarter. Now JetSmarter is charging members for their shuttle flights.

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