Emirates Takes Delivery Of Last Boeing 777-300ER

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Emirates has a massive and consistent widebody fleet. The airline only flies Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s.

They’re the world’s largest operator of both the A380 and 777-300ER, and it’s this widebody fleet that has allowed them to scale their longhaul route network unlike any other airline in the world (like offering 10x daily flights between Dubai and London).

The airline ordered a total of 162 A380s, over 100 of which they already have in their fleet (they won’t ever actually have 162 in their fleet at once, as they’ll begin retiring some as they take delivery of more). So we should expect to see A380s delivered to them for years to come.

Emirates A380

What I hadn’t realized is that Emirates has been nearing the end of their 777-300ER deliveries. As a matter of fact, Emirates has just taken delivery of their 145th (and last) 777-300ER.

The world’s largest operator of the 777-300ER now has no more of the aircraft type on order. The plane was sent off from Paine Field in Washington with a water cannon salute yesterday, and just completed the roughly 14hr30min flight to Dubai. Fittingly it used the flight number EK7777.

This won’t be the end of Emirates’ relationship with the 777, though. The airline has a further 150 “next generation” 777s on order:

  • Emirates has 115 777-9 aircraft on order, which they’ll start taking delivery of in 2020
  • Emirates has 35 777-8 aircraft on order, which they’ll start taking delivery of in 2022

There’s one other major implication to Emirates taking delivery of their last 777-300ER. They now have all the planes that will be getting their new first class in the next couple of years. Emirates’ first plane to feature their new first class was A6-EQH, which they took delivery of just over a year ago.

The plane they just took delivery of was A6-EQP, so the nine planes with the new first class are EQH, EQI, EQJ, EQK, EQL, EQM, EQN, EQO, and EQP.

While Emirates’ new first class is spectacular (the best in the world), I do find that it’s more of a gimmick than anything else. Nine of their 250+ planes feature the new first class product, and they haven’t committed to installing it on any other planes in the next couple of years:

  • Emirates A380s won’t get the new first class suites until 2021 at the earliest
  • Emirates still hasn’t decided whether to reconfigure existing 777s with the new first class
  • Emirates will install the new first class suites on 777Xs and 787-10s, for which deliveries start in a couple of years

Emirates’ new first class

So for now we can expect these nine 777s to fly the following routes:

  • EK33/34 between Dubai and London Stansted
  • EK43/44 between Dubai and Frankfurt
  • EK89/90 and EK83/84 between Dubai and Geneva
  • EK183/184 and EK181/182 between Dubai and Brussels
  • EK125/126 between Dubai and Vienna
  • EK59/60 between Dubai and Hamburg (2x weekly)
  • EK312/313 between Dubai and Tokyo Haneda (5x weekly)

Emirates’ new first class

  1. The only reasonable route imo to enjoy the new first class is the DXB-HND route. In which I’m sure there is either zero award space or ridiculously expensive in miles. Come on Emirates

  2. A great example of why an airline should be “judged/rated” based on their worst/most common product!

  3. Still don’t understand the rationale behind their route choices for new F. Do you have any insight?

  4. Emirates has 139 777-300ERs in its fleet… out of a total backlog of 146 777-300ERs – 7 have been retired.

  5. @Bagoly

    Stansted is very close to Godolphin Stables, the centre of the Maktoum’s racing business. I think there’s also a regular EK 777F service to STN for the horses.

  6. Like the Emirates A380’s the newer the better but I now hate transit through Dubai. The airport is tedious with little to really do if you have a longer transit. Having been to Dubai itself several year apart I see to reason to actually stay. Singapore is far better in the airport and outside and is my preferred option heading east.

  7. Wasn’t the initial rationale of operating the new F-class 777s on shorter routes like Brussels and Geneva that there were too few aircraft to make longer routes viable?
    But now that they have a sizable number, wouldn’t it make more sense to use them to Australia and/or US where F class and particularly the sleep mode could be better utilized?

    Also, is the total weight of the new 77Ws different because of the reconfigured cabin? Those F suites must weigh a lot, especially given that they are floor-to-ceiling.

  8. what’s business class like on this ✈ ? hopefully 2-2-2 lie flat
    Cause there is no 1st class award space between HND – DXB

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