Emirates To Launch Israel Flights In February 2021

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It looks like Emirates is planning on launching flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv as of next month.

This follows normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, which was first revealed in August 2020. Part of this new cooperation involves an air service agreement, which allows for commercial flights. EL AL, Etihad, and FlyDubai, among others, have already either announced or launched nonstop flights between the two countries.

Emirates will fly to Tel Aviv by February 2021

There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Emirates would actually launch nonstop flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv. The reason for the speculation is that FlyDubai operates several daily frequencies between the two airports, and the airline is also owned by the government of Dubai.

The two airlines cooperate closely, and there aren’t many markets that are served by both FlyDubai and Emirates.

FlyDubai already flies to Tel Aviv

Globes is now reporting that Emirates will be launching daily nonstop flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv as of February 15, 2021. The airline has allegedly received slots from the Israel Airports Authority.

The website of Ben Gurion Airport even already shows Emirates on its arrivals and departures board as of February 15, showing that EK931 will land in Israel daily at 4:25PM, and EK932 will depart from Israel daily at 6:25PM (the other flights listed are codeshare flights, and it should also be Emirates Airline rather than Emirates Airways).

Ben Gurion Airport’s website already lists Emirates

Flights between the two countries will be allowed to use airspace of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, significantly cutting down travel time compared to the circuitous routing that would otherwise be needed.

Emirates hasn’t yet officially announced this route, though I’d be surprised if this wasn’t made official in the next week or two at the latest.

Emirates is expected to start flying to Tel Aviv

Emirates’ kosher catering facility in Dubai

In September 2020 it was announced that Emirates Flight Catering is launching Kosher Arabia, a dedicated kosher food production facility at the company’s facility in the UAE.

This is the first catering facility in the UAE to become a registered and certified producer of kosher food. While Emirates Flight Catering previously offered kosher meals, this was done via an outsourced supplier, and that will now be brought in-house, with production expected to start in early 2021.

As Saeed Mohammed, CEO of Emirates Flight Catering, said:

“We are delighted to enter into an agreement with CCL to provide Kosher food. For many years, EKFC has been offering kosher meals primarily to our airline customers, via an outsourced supplier overseas. We’ve been watching the global trends for kosher food, and with recent developments we expect that demand for kosher food in the UAE and region will grow quickly. Our partnership will cover all food channels and we will also explore opening restaurants across Dubai and the GCC.

By setting up our own capability at EKFC to produce kosher food, we are confident that we can better serve our customers not only in the aviation sector, but also in the hospitality, F&B, and events sector including the upcoming Expo 2020. Making freshly prepared meals here in the UAE gives us better control over meal design and quality assurance.”

Emirates is bringing kosher catering in-house

Bottom line

While there hasn’t been an official announcement yet from Emirates, it seems highly likely that the airline will start flying between Dubai and Tel Aviv in February 2021. The airline has requested permission with authorities in Israel, and the expect flight numbers and times already show on Ben Gurion Airport’s website.

It looks like we’ll see both Emirates and FlyDubai offering flights between the two cities — there aren’t many markets where that’s the case. Based on everything I’ve seen, flights between Israel and the UAE have been a huge success so far, which explains why this is a market where both airlines can coexist.

Are you surprised to see Emirates add flights to Tel Aviv, complementing FlyDubai’s service?

  1. Great news! Flight time on TLV-DXB perfect for onward connections to APAC.

    Also I’d note that Israeli media is reporting that this route will be served daily on a 777 – if true, this would be the 1st wide-body to serve this new route, so finally a decent option for premium classes.

  2. A lot better than flying El Al from the west coast tech hubs of SF, Portland and Seattle (Intel has a big design center in Israel).

    And Emirates needs all the passengers they can get in order to stay afloat.

  3. @Dude26

    100% going to be 777, Emirates only flies 777s and A380s. Even if they had enough demand for an A380, almost positive that TLV cannot accommodate an A380. Is Emirates First Class by far the most luxurious way to (commercially) travel between NY-TLV now?

  4. @Micah

    It’s been over 20 years but I don’t see why TLV wouldn’t be able to accommodate an a380. I’ve flown out of there on a 747 many times back in the day.

  5. @Micah – yeah, I totally forgot for a moment that they only fly wide-bodies:)

    I believe it would be the “most luxurious way to fly first class between NY-TLV”, unless somehow Etihad will bring A380 back on NY-AUH, and then “the apartment” 1st class would be available.

  6. Very good news. However I think El Al already operates a Dreamline 787 on one of the daily flights as well so there is already a wide bodied plane option.
    The other thing is that the Emirates website is showing fares from TLV to other destinations via Dubai at competitive prices whereas El Al only sells tickets between DXB and TLV without any option of connections to other international destinations.
    It would be nice to get options to book from DXB to other cities via TLV on El Al as well.

  7. Oy Vey, First things First! will they offer Matzo Ball Soup, Latkes, Gefilte Fish With the meal service? Otherwise stop waisting my time, I am popping my dentures back in and fly another Airline!

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