Delta’s New Le Labo Amenity Kits

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We are nothing if not aficionados of bathroom amenities here at One Mile at a Time, be they hotel toiletries or premium class airline amenity kits.

While at the end of the day whether your carrier’s itty-bitty hand moisturizing cream is Ferragamo or Kiehl’s or Lubriderm might not matter in the long run — a cream is a cream, after all (though the La Prairie in Lufthansa and Swiss first class is truly covetable) — it’s an opportunity for an airline to build goodwill through offering higher end brands that spark recognition and delight in its customer base.

Le Labo is a particular favorite around these parts — Ben is an especially big fan, and Le Labo toiletries can be found in select Park Hyatt hotels as well as in Fairmont properties (the Fairmont toiletries, if I’m not mistaken, are all Rose scented while the Le Labo scents at Park Hyatt run the gamut and are largely unique to the individual hotel).

As part of a major refresh of its amenity kits debuting later this month, Delta will be introducing Le Labo products in its new Delta One TUMI-branded kits. On offer are small tubes of Le Labo basil-scented hand cream and lip balm, each in small 10 milliliter tubes.  These will be replacing the Kiehl’s hand cream and lip balms currently on offer.

Delta’s Le Labo hand cream and lip balm

Moreover, Delta has confirmed that they will be replacing the Malin + Goetz branded toiletries in SkyClub bathrooms and showers later this year with Le Labo, which represents a bit of a step up (at least from a brand perception perspective). It’s unclear whether Delta will eventually replace the Malin + Goetz toiletries in its first class and Delta One lavatories with Le Labo products, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s planned for the future.

This is not the only change to Delta’s amenity kits. The airline will be getting rid of plastic wrappers and presenting kits with a cardboard sleeve.

Delta’s new TUMI kit for Delta One passengers

Delta’s new Delta One kits will be TUMI-branded leather pouches, rather than the hard-sided cases currently offered. Delta One kits will also receive a slightly revamped sleep mask with a more comfortable strap. (I use Delta’s sleep masks constantly and highly recommend them over other airlines’ — even the cloth masks offered by Cathay Pacific in First Class pale to Delta’s, which do a fantastic job of keeping the light out but remaining comfortable enough to be worn unnoticed.)

Contents of the new Delta One amenity kit

Delta’s Premium Select cabin will also receive slightly smaller TUMI pouches with Malin + Goetz toiletries in lieu of Le Labo, a more basic sleep mask, and an antibacterial towelette (as compared to the bottle of hand sanitizer offered in Delta One kits).

TUMI amenity pouch for Premium Select passengers
Delta’s Premium Select amenity kit contents

Delta provided me with samples of each of the kits, and I was able to snap some photos so that you could see what’s inside them. Off the bat, the thing I’m happiest about is the lack of plastic — boarding a Delta One cabin means handing over a dry cleaners’ supply of plastic garbage to a flight attendant once you’ve unwrapped the blanket, pillow, amenity kit, and headphones at your seat.

Impressively, Delta is not leaving out domestic passengers in Main Cabin or Comfort+, either. While not exactly anything to save as a keepsake, Comfort+ passengers on overnight flights will get earplugs, a sleep mask, a hand towelette and a dental kit, while Main Cabin passengers will get the sleep mask and towelette (but will have to make do with self-brought Altoids as far as morning breath goes).

Comfort+ travel kit
Comfort+ domestic amenity kit contents
Main Cabin amenity kit
Delta’s new Main Cabin amenity kit contents

While not the most radical change to amenity kits I’ve seen, I’m impressed with Delta’s partnership with Le Labo, a brand I like a great deal; I’m also quite impressed that Delta is offering sleep masks to every passenger on an overnight flight, from a Main Cabin passenger on a domestic route to a Delta One passenger flying to Europe.

I recognize this is about as good as an amenity kit for a U.S. carrier gets, though I’d love to see products in sizes that are good for more than just a single use. No one’s asking for full-size amenities, but 10ml/0.33 fluid ounces is really skimpy. Other than that, though, I’m looking forward to amassing a hoarder-like collection of Delta’s new kits starting later this month.

Has anyone seen Delta’s new amenity kits in the wild yet, and if so, what did you think?

  1. My DeltaOne Tumi case from TATL flights this week from and to JFK has had inside it. They are soft sided gray with a light gray leather-ish area band across the top of the front side only but some kind of nylon-ish material everywhere else.

  2. It’s fantastic that coach passengers get amenity kits. It’s illuminating that Delta distinguishes amenity kits between coach and Comfort+. But the amenity kit bags seem cheap and there’s very little Le Labo stuff inside.

  3. Kiehls Inside it.

    The Tumi label on the cases were in metal and on the right side while the zipper pull was in metal too. The color of the top leatherish band on the front side was in the same gray color as the rest of the case despite being a different material type.

  4. There don’t seem to be any earplugs in these new kits. Huge bummer as that’s typically the only thing I use from these kits… makes a big difference for me when trying to sleep.

  5. My two soft side Tumi kits from DL One flights this week didn’t have ear plugs. I do like their mini-pens. I do appreciate the mini-bottles of hand sanitizer.

  6. Just FYI Le Labo is no longer a small speciality cosmetic brand but is has been acquired by giant group Estée Lauder. Kiehl’s was from another giant L’Oréal. I just wonder why Delta added so much complexity to their amenity kits which now have products supplied by different companies including the two big competitors in toothpaste with Crest from P&G on Delta One and Colgate for the others.

  7. I have been a huge fan of Le Labo for years and swear by anything in the Santal 33 scent. But this seems a bit whatever…a lip balm and a hand cream? Hardy see this as a win for Le Labo or Delta in people really discovering the brand. It’s the scents that are the true draw.

    The Park Hyatt partnership though is a good one as it introduces the real strength of Le Labo products to many.

  8. I would argue that not all products are the same. You cannot say that a cream is a cream in the long run. Try to use La Met or even Le Labo moisturizer and toner for a year, and compare the results with using Kielh’s or any middle-range brand out there. You’ll be impressed by the difference

  9. If anyone has an unopened hard sided Tumi amenity kit that would like to donate or sell to me, I’d be forever grateful. I’ve never flown Delta but have been lusting over their hard sided Tumi for quite some time. Let me know I’d be forever grateful!!!

  10. In November, I am flying BOS-CDG in Delta One and can’t wait to get one of these new amenity kits.

  11. @schar: Not sure how to contact you but I do have several of Delta’s small hard case amenity kits. Too lazy to get up and look now but I do have them in at least 2 colors. A small incentive would be great, in addition to shipping charges to where you are… I’ll check back here in a couple of weeks. Cheers

  12. For those complaining about “no ear plugs”… Ask a FA and they’ll exchange your Delta One kit with 2 Main Cabin kits. This way you’ll have a set of wax-free ear plugs for the return flight as well Hahaaa

  13. I love Delta One’s bergamot scented moisturinzing lotion they have in the Delta One lavatories. I hope they never change it. And I have never bothered to check the label, if they do change it, now I know where to get it. Thanks for naming the source.

  14. “Other than that, though, I’m looking forward to amassing a hoarder-like collection of Delta’s new kits starting later this month.” – which is why the contents come in smaller sizes! hahah

    I easily have about 30+ F and J amenity kits at home, and I am always giving them and new ones out to friends and family. They can make nice little gifts inbetween real purchased gifts. Sometimes if a hotel or car rental person is overly helpful I’ll give one to them, they are always speechless and makes one pause for a moment to realize the overall “value” of such an item.

  15. I thought the lotion at the Fairmont Orchid was cedar scented. Maybe I’m wrong, but I know I liked it so much I bought a full size bottle.

  16. @Schar

    Sent you an email several says ago…. But I suspect it may have ended up in the spam folder.

    I may send you another one without any brand names (I mentioned Delta & Tumi in my last one)… May be that’ll go through…

  17. Next month I’ll be on business flight for the first time with my (soon-to-be) wife on our honeymoon trip. She loves miniatures and has a collections of mini-perfume, she was very happy to get the hard cased tumi, but we are very disappointed with delta, this amenity kit is terrible in comparison to that mini tumi bag.

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