I Love Sheraton’s New Le Grand Bain Bath Amenities?!?

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A bit over a month ago I wrote about how Sheraton is introducing new bath amenities. Sheraton was discontinuing their “Shine” amenities, and instead transitioning to “Le Grand Bain,” which I hadn’t ever heard of.


Getting rid of the Shine line of toiletries was long overdue. Tiffany wrote a post early last year entitled “Dear Sheraton, It’s Time To Rethink Your Bath Amenities.” As she explained at the time:

Sheraton has been undergoing a bit of a “soft” rebrand, adding more luxurious properties to the portfolio, and updating others with the “Grand” designation. And I’ve had really great experiences at some of these new-concept hotels — like the charming Sheraton Dubrovnik and the Sheraton Grand Dubai (which I haven’t had a chance to tell y’all about, but was just lovely).

The problem isn’t with the “Shine” amenities as such (although I don’t really get labeling a fragrance as “Mandarin and Mint” when it smells nothing like either of those things), but rather the association.

Matt wrote about this a few months back — fragrances are part of our memories of a place, and can create impressions of a brand.

So it is incredibly jarring to walk through a new or freshly-renovated room in a fun hotel to discover the same crummy Sheraton Shine bath products I’d find at a junky airport hotel (or the Sheraton Catania, which is likely worse than any airport property you’ve been to).

Well, I finally had the chance to try the new toiletries for the first time yesterday, ironically staying at a junky airport Sheraton. And I was very impressed. I wouldn’t be writing about if I thought they were just okay, but they greatly exceeded my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t Le Labo or anything, but given that we’re talking about Sheraton here, I wasn’t expecting that either.

The packaging is simple but classy enough, and frankly I think that’s what Sheraton is best off offering, rather than the “in your face” and colorful branding on the Shine toiletries. The Shine products just looked so artificial and like they belonged at a summer camp rather than a halfway decent hotel.

But what actually impressed me was the scent. Despite how mild it was, it smelled great. And it smelled good in a mature way, rather than in a Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works way. Actually, it smells so good that I’m sitting here sniffing myself as I write this post.

Well done, Sheraton. While minor, this is a step in the right direction for the brand, in my opinion. Hopefully the change holds after the Marriott takeover of Starwood in August of 2018. 

If you’ve tried the new Le Grand Bain toiletries, what did you make of them?

  1. It’s weird that Shine was created by Bliss, who does an excellent job with the W hotel amenities, yet ‘Shine’ smelled like ‘generic hotel.’

    But man, nothing beats Le Labo.

  2. My biggest issue with hotel soaps is, when combined with hard water, they leave my skin incredibly dry and itchy. How’re the new products in that sense? Especially those “Facial Bars”.

  3. Kind of curious what’s wrong with Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle. As far as candles go, they actually make pretty great candles compared to no-name brands or store brands. Sure it’s not $10/oz like Diptyque but who has that kind of money?

  4. I just stayed in a Sheraton the last two weeks – I rarely stay at them. I actually noticed the toiletries and thought they stood out as very nice. I occasionally notice when toiletries are particularly crummy but the only other hotel I remember thinking “I really like these” is the Ritz Carlton.

    The scent is really nice, the shampoo and body wash felt high quality (good consistency, not too thick/syrupy), and the bottles look classy. I like the shorter wider bottles.

  5. I just stayed at a Sheraton in California. I guess they had some extra shampoo because I had Shine for that, but the rest was the new stuff. Honestly, I think the new stuff smells like cigarette smoke.

  6. Your most perceptive comment: “And it smelled good in a mature way, rather than in a Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works way.”

    It’s the difference between Labo, Aesop, or Fig & Yarrow and that cheap barber shop aftershave smell.

  7. Just stayed at a Sheraton about a month ago and got to experience the new amenities, they were actually quite nice. I was pleasantly surprised!

  8. “Actually, it smells so good that I’m sitting here sniffing myself as I write this post.”

    Um…this is simultaneously sooooooo wrong and soooooo right…

  9. Nothing beats Aesop in my view, but not many hotels have it unfortunately.

    Good to see Sheraton step up their game though. Stayed at the Sheraton Deva Resort in New Caledonia a few months ago and while it was the nicest Sheraton I had been to so far (although there are many decent ones in Asia Pacific to be fair), the Shine amenities were a let down.

    Stayed at the Shangri-La Sydney a few times recently and they have L’Occitane products, which are great too.

  10. My man and I was also recently at the Sheraton in Memphis and boy was these new soaps and amenities a pleasure! We took three baths and even skipped the dinner we had planned with my man’s cousin who lives in Memphis. I felt like a lady of luxury using these Grand scents! I’m glad you did too Ben! Take care hunny, and keep blogging away. Xo, S

  11. My biggest issue is all that packaging waste. For business trips, started bringing some of my own toiletries.

  12. This is great to hear. I was in the habit of bringing my own amenities when staying at Sheratons. Hard to rank but I can definitely put into tiers. I completely agree that hotel scents are part of the experience, most particularly at luxury brands.
    Tier 1: Acqua di Parma, Aesop, Blaise Mautin (Park Hyatt), Le Labo, Ferragamo, Lamarin, Hermes, Bvlgari
    Tier 2: L’Occitane, Atelier Bloem, Bliss, Laboratoire Remede, Molton Brown, Aspar (Qantas First), ESPA, Co Bigelow, Malin+Goetz, Cowshed
    Tier 3: Neutrogena (Hilton), Shine, June Jacobs

  13. I think it’s a huge improvement. I like the scent of the soap.

    Now if Sheraton would just do something about the tired, worn, dirty furniture & carpet…..

  14. I like the scent, but I am not sure I like how my hair and skin feel afterwards. I don’t think I’d like using it every day for an extended period of time.

  15. I have to agree all around. We were at the Sheraton La Jolla last week and very much enjoyed the new line. Being SPG members, I usually want to stay at a Westin because I love the White Tea Aloe product. But this new scent was refreshing and felt very classy.

  16. That leaves Grand Hyatt/June Jacobs’ cucumber-ginger ass wash standing as the nastiest smelling bath product

  17. I suppose I’m a hold out. These suck, IMO. Packaging feels ‘Motel 6’, smell is probably something my grandma would love, and it didn’t clean any better than the old stuff.

  18. Stayed at Marriott Heathrow last week and was impressed they have Acca Kappa products. It smelled amazing and really good quality. Agree that Le Labo and Aesop are a level up. Wondering how Marriott will manage their sourcing with so many hotel brands offering different products from different suppliers.

  19. I’m not a fan and actually like the old Bliss much better.

    My only complaint is the soap. Very thin and reminds me of a cheap hotel…same size and thickness of a Hampton Inn or Fairview Inn. The old Sheraton was thicker and would actually last more than a day or two.

  20. I’m at a Sheraton now & LOVE this new line. So much so that I got online to look for it to buy, but can’t find it :(. Help! 🙂

  21. Was in Dallas last week. I took the hand lotion home with me it smelled so awesome! I would do buy some if I could find it for sale.

  22. Absolutely agree with you…funny enough, the first two hits on Le Grand Bain Shampoo come up with your two articles…as I just posted, I concur, they’re quite nice! I actually brought my Le Labo Bergamote 22 (my absolute fav) toiletries to the Sheraton New Orleans because I can’t stand the Shine toiletries. I actually came away asking for extras to take home! Good job, Sheraton!

  23. I absolutely love your le grand bain body lotion and its freshness! I would like to purchase some and would appreciate if you could tell me where I might order some.
    Thank you

  24. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Lotion. Where in the world can we buy this stuff????? I am in Canada, but don’t really care where I have to order from.
    If anyone figures out how to buy these products, PLEASE let me know 😉

  25. I agree with the couple outliers here in the comments. I hate these. They look like cheap dollar store approximations of fancy French products and the scent reminds me of “nothing, plus a hint of rust.” The tiny, square soap belongs at a Travelodge.

    I wish they had revamped the Shine line – maybe toning down the scent and rebranding the packaging.

  26. I love the new scent! I actually went online to purchase the lotion for home. Good job Sheraton!

  27. I was surprised when I learned that these amenities (Le Grand Bain) are actually created by Ben Gorham of Byredo. Soooooo much better than Shine.

  28. I loved their soap, smells divine. It’s the vetiver which gives it that edge, I believe. But I felt that they were making my hands a bit dry. So, not sure it is very conditioning, but the scent is mind blowing!

  29. I would not have found this article if I hadn’t been searching for how to purchase Sheraton’s new Citron & Vetiver Le Grand Bain toiletries. I love it! The scent is soft and fresh, not cloying.

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