Check out the United glassware…

Thanks to my friend Basil for sharing a picture with me of his recent United transcon glassware. Gotta love it! It’s one thing if the logo were small or at the bottom, but this is pretty obvious. What’s even worse than catering not picking up on it is that the FA didn’t either…. or maybe s/he had a wicked sense of humor?


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  1. Or…your friend slipped a UA napkin on his NWA flight? Hmmm…perhaps you fell for the most nefarious hoax since the Howard Hughes biography?


  2. Hahaha. Being the cynic I am I would have probably thought that for a moment, but I actually flew with him from LAX to SFO on Saturday right after the transcon on which the picture was taken. I guess it’s possible, heh….

  3. Um… that’s caterings fault. Who cares anyway? I’m an airline employee and that randomly happens here and there.

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