Cathay Pacific’s New First Class Lounge Opens June 20, 2015

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One of my favorite things about the oneworld alliance is their lounge access policy, which no doubt is a bit of a double edged sword.

As a oneworld Emerald member (top tier elite) you get international first class lounge access, regardless of which cabin you’re flying in. The one exception worth noting is that American AAdvantage Executive Platinum members only receive that lounge access benefit when traveling internationally. The reason it’s a double edged sword is because it does make the lounges more crowded than if it exclusively had first class passengers.

I’d say probably the two best oneworld first class lounges are the Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney and Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class Lounge Hong Kong.

Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney Airport

Hong Kong already has a great selection of oneworld lounges. I’d say the business class lounges are especially exceptional, in particular the Qantas Lounge Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific’s The Bridge Business Class Lounge Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific The Bridge seating Hong Kong Airport

That being said, as of now the only first class lounge is The Wing. That’s a small problem because:

  • It’s at the far end of the terminal, so not that convenient to access when transiting the airport
  • The lounge tends to get quite crowded during peak hours
  • Many don’t like the decor of the lounge — admittedly it’s not that special of a lounge, though it does have great shower rooms, a nice champagne bar, and decent food

Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge Hong Kong Airport

Which brings me to the point of this post — Cathay Pacific will be opening The Pier, which is their newest first class lounge, on June 20, 2015. The Pier was open a long time ago but seems to have been under endless renovation.

While The Wing is open air and bright, The Pier is much darker, with more wood finishes. Below is a rendition of one of the lounge features, which was unveiled when Cathay Pacific announced their brand refresh last year. Most exciting is that the lounge will apparently have some day beds, which is a great feature for long transits.


I can’t wait to visit this lounge!

Anyone have plans to check out The Pier shortly after it opens? And to fellow old school travelers who remember both of the old first class lounges, were you on #TeamPier or #TeamWing?

  1. I’ll be leaving Hong Kong on the 23rd so I’ll be sure to check out The Pier. I’ve always been a fan of The Wing since it is so open and I enjoy the Cabanas, but I’m excited to try something new to see how it stacks up.

  2. On August 2, I´ll fly HKG-LHR on CX First and will be checking out the lounge for sure. If by that time you haven´t checked it out yourself, I´ll gladly send you some pictures and what I thought about the experience.

    By the way, it´ll be my first time on CX – thanks to your amazing trip reports I´ll know what to expect.

  3. I Prefer the pier as it’s less crowded and less bustling than the wing. The Mocha at the pier was my favourite drink. The Wing serves a different version with much less cream. That said, the wing is more convenient, being right outside the passport control area, and is great for circulating at rush hour– easy for locals to run into friends and sit down without having to queue.

  4. Never was a huge fan of either! The champagne bar is alright, I guess. I always park myself at the computers and do some work while watching take-offs. Excited to see what the renovated Pier looks like.

  5. flying HKK-LAX with the first leg on CX J and second JAL F. am I eligible? There’s no F service on CX to Tokyo.

  6. Cx beats qr to opening their latest f lounge.

    Thought qr’s al safwa was due to open end apr, but nothing happened. cx is the one to put a confirmed date n looks to open ahead.

  7. I’ll check it out if F availability opens up for my trip in October. As of now, I’m “stuck” with The Bridge!

  8. Hope there’s no delay to the opening. How firm is the opening date? Will be going through HKG on June 26 and would love to check it out.

    Visited The Wings F Lounge last year and thought it was nice, but nothing special outside of the Cabanas. Will compare it to The Pier F Lounge this time.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  9. @colleen – There is definitely CX F service to Tokyo. I’m on a CX 747-400 in F (nose cone) HKG-HND in July. CX542.

  10. thanks @ken. I’m flying via NRT. They told me no F available. But I will then pick up JAL F to LAX. Still keeping fingers crossed for HKG-LAX Nonstop on CX, but excited to try two new-to-me airlines.

  11. @colleen – We’re doing HND-SFO in JAL F if that’s something that might work for you.

  12. Flying Cathay F LAX – HKG – BKK on 6/22 so will get a chance to checkout the lounge before flight to BKK. @Lucky – will there be cabanas similar to the Wing?

  13. @ Evan — Nope, the cabanas are exclusive to The Wing. There will be shower rooms, but no cabanas.

  14. @ JimC — Don’t have any inside information, but Cathay is usually pretty good about this stuff. I’d expect it to open when they say it will.

  15. @colleen – I’ve been looking at BA and expert flyer for a couple months now and have found that a lot of award choices are missing with CX. Best bet is to call AA once a day or so (or call right back if your csr seems lazy or high) to have them check options. With my flexibility on dates and connections, I know if a call isn’t at least 15+ minutes the agent didn’t look through it all. Successful calls last 30+

  16. Thanks @Tracie. I’ll try that, as it seems BA availability searches aren’t turning up much.

  17. I am looking to book n CX award for NYC to Hong Kong and see business class seats going there towards end of June. The problem is I do not see any availability coming back in the second week of July. Is it safe to book the flight there under the belief that at least a business class seat award will open up during that July timer period over the new few weeks as the departure date approaches? The days I leave and can come back are a bit flexible and I have heard first class awards can open up within a day or two of departure. How are my odds of snagging one to upgrade to? Can I change my award to a different flight if a first class seat on another flight opens up if I am flying to/from the same cities?

  18. Omg I am flying CX F HKG-JFK on the 19th June… Maybe I’ll try to push it back a day..!

  19. I fly INTO Hong Kong on CX F(in Sept.)–will I be able to access the lounge, or is it only for departures?

  20. @mh – This is departures only. However, CX does have an arrivals lounge that you can use.

  21. @Bill – you can change flights as long as departure / arrival city doesn’t change.

  22. Thanks for the news!

    I’ll be flying etihad F and Cathay F on a RTW trip to AUH/CMB/HKG next January

  23. @ Bill — I’d say odds are very good, as space does usually open up last minute. As long as the origin and destination remain the same, you can change the routing for free.

  24. Sweet – will be in HKG on CX F a few days after it opens. Will report back! Haven’t been to The Wing before either, so we will try to hit up both of these depending on what time they open. We have a 9am flight.

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