Hilton Honors Selling Points For 0.5 Cents Each

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Hilton Honors has just rolled out their latest promotion on purchased points, which is in line with the best promos they offer. This comes just a couple of weeks after Hilton’s previous promo on purchased points ended.

Let me note that most people probably shouldn’t be buying points right now. There’s so much uncertainty, and I’m sure we’ll see all kinds of great offers once this global crisis is over.

However, I still do what I can to keep up to date posts on current promotions, and writing about this promotion is no exception. I know this is a deal a lot of people usually take advantage of, and some will still find it to be worthwhile, given the potential for outsized value.

Buy Hilton Points With 100% Bonus

Through Wednesday, July 15, 2020, Hilton Honors is offering a 100% bonus when members purchase points.

With this promotion you receive a 100% bonus as long as you purchase at least 10,000 points in one transaction, pre-bonus. A 100% bonus is as good as it gets on the purchase of Hilton points, and we see this promotion from Hilton pretty often.

The cost to purchase points with Hilton is ordinarily one cent per point (including tax), meaning that with a 100% bonus you’d pay just 0.5 cents per point.

If you maxed out this promotion you could purchase a total of 320,000 Honors points for $1,600.

Nowadays Hilton lets you combine points across accounts at no cost, so in reality you could buy substantially more points by simply buying them across accounts and then consolidating them. This could also be useful if you find yourself in a situation where a friend or family member is targeted for a bigger bonus than you are.

Hilton Honors points expire after 12 months of inactivity, though any sort of activity resets the expiration of your points.

Should You Buy Hilton Points For 0.5 Cents Each?

A few years ago Hilton radically changed their Honors program. They eliminated their traditional award chart, and rather moved to more variable pricing.

The good news is that there’s still value to be had in the program, and they’ve mostly capped how many points hotels cost. The highest cost for a standard room is 95,000 points per night (note that you’ll see higher pricing at some hotels, but that’s only when standard rooms aren’t available). The two exceptions are the Waldorf Astoria properties in the Maldives and Los Cabos, which cost 120,000 points per night.

Both before and after the changes I value Hilton Honors points at ~0.5 cents each, so this price is right around what I value them. However, there are instances where you can get a lot more value out of Hilton points than that.

For example, a bit over a year ago I stayed at the Conrad Bora Bora and had a spectacular stay. I can’t recommend the hotel enough, and plan on returning.

Points pricing varies throughout the year, though generally the property costs 80,000-85,000 points per night, and if you’re an Honors elite member you get the fifth night free on award redemptions.

So if you’re staying for five nights and get a fifth night free at 85,000 points per night, you’re paying an average of 68,000 Honors points per night. At the cost of 0.5 cents per point, that’s like paying $340 per night here, which is spectacular.

Let’s compare that to a normal paid rate in non-peak season.

If you stayed five nights and booked the absolute cheapest pre-paid rate, you’d pay just over $4,000.

Alternatively you could redeem 320,000 Honors points. If you’re acquiring those points for ~0.5 cents each, that’s the equivalent of paying $1,600. Not only is that 60% off, but it gives you a much more flexible cancelation policy.

There are also plenty of circumstances under which you can get value at more mid-range hotels. For example, I’ve also redeemed 30,000 Honors points for a night at the Hilton Tallinn, when the paid rate would have been over 500EUR. Talk about a heck of a deal.

On top of that Hilton has adjusted their Points & Money awards, where you can now redeem part points and part cash towards any redemption. There are many instances where you can get way over 0.5 cents of value per point through that system.

Which Credit Card Should You Buy Hilton Points With?

Hilton points purchases are processed by points.com, meaning they don’t count as a hotel purchase for the purposes of credit card spending.

Therefore I’d recommend using a card on which you’re trying to reach minimum spend, or otherwise a credit card that maximizes your return on everyday spend, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited® (review) or Citi® Double Cash Card (review).

See this post for more on which credit cards are best for buying points.

Earn Hilton Points With Great Amex Card Offers

If you’re looking for another way to earn Hilton Honors points without outright buying them, at the moment there are great welcome bonuses on Hilton’s four co-branded Amex cards:

Earn Hilton Points

See this post for everything you need to know about Hilton Honors credit cards.

Buy Hilton Points Summary

0.5 cents per point is the lowest cost you’ll see per purchased Hilton point, so offers don’t get better than this. There are many circumstances under which it could make sense to acquire Hilton points at this price. Hilton Honors has grown on me a ton, especially thanks to the Aspire Card.

See this post for more inspiration on how to redeem Hilton Honors points for luxury hotel stays.

Do you plan on buying Hilton Honors points with a 100% bonus?

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  1. We use our Hilton Amex for EVERTYTHING… We do a major trip at least once a year-same place Aruba Hilton. We go high season but book 10 months out each year. 80,000 points a night.
    Even booking ahead the rooms are close to $600. before taxes and fees. We usually have enough points to book. In addition, we earn a free weekend night and a free night as long as we have enough points to book the entire trip. This leaves us with 160,000 points for the coming year. I usually purchase points when they are doubled. I pay $800. which will give me 2 nights(80,000pts
    per night) No taxes-No Fees- plus being Diamond members we get a $25. resort credit a day. Use it or not they take $25. off your bill for each day. So now I’m down to $375. and they add other perks because of our status. Also you are getting points because you charged them on your Amex card! You are so right that buying without the double benefit is not always wise. The only savings is on the tax and fees that are added if you buy. For us this is the only way we get to spend 7-9 days in safe -weather perfect Paradise! Love my points!

  2. I have over 300K points with Hilton. Each time I try to use points, either:
    * Hilton’s price for $ is cheaper (i.e. $100 for rooms or 35,000 points),
    * Properties for competition’s properties for much lower points (i.e. IHG at 20,000 Hilton at 35,000 points for similar properties at close by locations)
    So with dynamic pricing Hilton has (in my eye) lowered the dollar value of their points to $0.25 of $0.30 max. In my view what used to be a good deal ($0.50 for HHonors points) is no longer one.

  3. We do almost the same thing in January at Montego Bay, Jamaica. We have already booked for January 2021 using points. For us, the Hilton Aspire has the perks that more than pay for the yearly fee. Do you get Hilton points when you use your AMX to buy Hilton points? That will be our deciding factor.

  4. @Gene, @Leon, your mileage may vary.

    If you have a specific use case, that saves you money (and is far enough out that you think COVID-19 will not be a concern) then why not?

    I’m looking at a two night stay in Washington in October, $1214 w/ tax, or 160,000 points (which would cost $800).

    Unless you think hotel $ prices will plummet post COVID-19, in which case you can still get your points back and re-book, what’s the risk?

  5. @Gene, beyond stupid to buy now?

    They might offer a better deal later, but unless that deal happens before the hotel books up for Georgetown parents weekend it does me no good for October, 2020.

    And if there’s better deal later, say at the end of the summer, I’ll use it for October, 2021.

    But you keep waiting.

  6. Unless you have a plan to buy and then redeem almost immediately, it doesn’t make any sense. There are going to be some great offers this year, I’m certain of it.

    ~ The Honorable Reginald

  7. @Reaper I am not saying there are absolutely no deals that guests can come on top. Your case might be an example. But in general Hilton is trying to give $0.30 – $0.40 per point based on near dated trips. The idea on selling points is “collect upfront money, and fill up empty rooms on a discounted wholesale price”. By going dynamic point pricing and valuing points at about $0.35 on redemption HHonors seems to be missing the point.

  8. Does anyone know if buying these points can help me meet the qualified spending requirement for the introductory offer on my Amex Hilton Aspire card?

  9. @ Greg — Yep, it’s eligible credit card spending, so for those purposes it would count.

  10. Do they ever offer more than double points? I have only ever seen the double.
    And Yes you do get points for the charged points. Not sure if you get a higher amount because it’s towards a Hilton stay??? need to look that up.

  11. I got this email this morning from Hilton,

    On behalf of the entire Hilton team, we hope this message finds you in good health. As the world adapts to these unusual circumstances, I wanted to share what we are doing to extend your Hilton Honors benefits and to support our communities during this turbulent time.

    Your Hilton Honors Status and Points

    We consider it our privilege to have you as a Hilton Honors member and we want to show our appreciation by extending your benefits:
    2019 Status Extension. All members whose 2019 status was scheduled to be downgraded on March 31, 2020—whether it’s Diamond, Gold or Silver—will automatically receive an extension through March 31, 2021.
    2020 Status Extension. We are extending your 2020 member status through March 31, 2022. This means you will continue to enjoy all the Diamond, Gold or Silver benefits you have access to today for the next 24 months.
    Points Extension. We will pause the expiration of all Points scheduled to expire between now and December 31, 2020.
    Weekend Night Rewards Earned on Eligible Hilton Credit Cards. We have extended the expiration date of all unexpired Weekend Night Rewards as of March 11, 2020, and all new ones issued until August 30, 2020, through the end of next summer (August 31, 2021).
    Your Travel Flexibility

    We remain committed to offering you flexible booking options. Given these unique circumstances, we are making further adjustments to our individual booking policies:
    Existing Reservations. All reservations—even those described as “non-cancellable” (“Advanced Purchase”)—that are scheduled for arrival on or before June 30, 2020 can be changed or canceled at no charge, up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival day.
    New Reservations. Any reservations you make—even those described as “non-cancellable” (“Advanced Purchase”)—that are booked between today and June 30, 2020 for any future arrival date can be changed or canceled at no charge, up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival day.
    If you need to adjust reservations made via the Hilton website, app or call center, you can change your reservation here or contact the Hilton Guest Assistance team. If you need to adjust reservations made through another travel site, please contact them for assistance.

  12. what is the location of the hotel at the top of this post on the beach with the cliff behind?

  13. I’ve been trying to purchase there points for the past two weeks and but it seems Hilton doesn’t want my money. I was going to buy 320k for a immediate redemption, so my first purchase was canceled one day after I purchased it. Then I tried again and after 48h the second one was also canceled. I called Hilton and no one was able to tell me why. So after the third time, the points came into my account. But after 24h Hilton canceled the operation and took of my points and canceled the purchase before I was able to book the hotel. What is going on here? I opened 3 cases already, so far no one replied me and now I gave up, if they don’t want my money that’s ok, will go look for another Hotel chain.

  14. I can’t imagine anyone is buying points right now. That, coupled with the fact that DCS will soon show up to (incorrectly) explain to you how you don’t value Hilton points correctly, makes me wonder why you even bother to post this news. JK…sorta.

  15. Happened to me last time. Turned out I was using my credit card when the account was attached to my husbands.

  16. Ben – if I purchase these points, would they actually count toward lifetime point accrual? Thinking about targeting lifetime diamond status. Maxing out the point purchase, and making that with my AmEx Hilton Aspire would add even more points to the total. And since all bonus points are added to the lifetime base points, it may make sense for me. Thoughts?

  17. @Bob sez: “I can’t imagine anyone is buying points right now” — agreed.

    “DCS will soon show up to (incorrectly) explain to you how you don’t value Hilton points correctly” — Except that (a) it is not the average redemption ‘values’ of points that everyone gets incorrectly; and (b) it is not even just about Hilton points; (c) rather, it is the *correct* interpretation of the average redemption values of points that continues to challenge even the brightest among self-anointed ‘travel gurus”, although the concepts are trivial; and lastly and importantly, (d) you have not stepped up to the plate to prove DCS wrong. It is an open and ongoing challenge to do so *coherently*, meaning using math so that no one can deny your proof. Asserting that “DCS will soon show up to (incorrectly) explain…” won’t do.

    Happy Remembrance Day!

  18. @Bob

    If I had a Ph.D and a double appointment at Ivy Leagues colleges like DCS, I’d be able to figure it out! Yuck, yuck, yuck.


  19. For those that say “too much risk” – is $500 (for 100,000 points) going to really change your life?

    I’m Hilton Diamond and have around 325,000 in my account. Obviously limited travel in 2020 but 2021 should be fine. I’ve “wasted” $500 on a lot less. Frankly that isn’t even working the variance of my average stock market swings so I have NO PROBLEM buying miles at value to add to my account.
    Of course if $500 matters to you by all means don’t do it – LOL

  20. @Pauline – all true, so just get over it or get used it. Unless, of course, you’d like to take the ‘challenge’ instead of yuck, yuck, yucking, which I doubt very much it.


  21. Always the same stupid examples of how you can get into hotels listed at thousands per night for a mere 350 or so. What about normal people, nothing for us in this offer.

    Reckon there’s a lot of bargains about these days and those hotels would jump at an offer of 350, that’s if you really want to spend your foreign vacation in a hermetically sealed USA-environment

  22. Ben,

    I think you are using “Cents” incorrectly here. I think it should be ” .5 Cent” – not ” .5 Cents”

    .5 is a half. So we would say half a penny or half a cent not half a cents. Consider 1/2 cent per point vs 1/2 cents per point- again I think it’s cent not cents.

    Feel free to chime in here guys but I’m I off???

  23. @Rodrigo Maia & @Ben – Isn’t there a yearly limit on purchased points? Might that explain why a transaction was canceled?

  24. @DCS: “It is an open and ongoing challenge to do so *coherently*, meaning using math so that no one can deny your proof. Asserting that “DCS will soon show up to (incorrectly) explain…” won’t do.”

    Shame that when you try to do this yourself, DCS, your math only ends up proving the point that you say is wrong.

  25. @DCS: “a glutton for punishment comes to mind…”

    And yet, you’re the one who keeps bringing up the same faulty arguments that everyone here except you knows are wrong, so you really have no room to talk here.

  26. It’s clear you’re looking for attention and relevance. I won’t indulge, you so go troll someone else.
    Thread close.

  27. @DCS: “It’s clear you’re looking for attention and relevance. I won’t indulge, you so go troll someone else.”

    And as I’ve pointed out before, DCS, if you think that I (or anyone else who calls you out on your bullshit) is posting simply to receive your approval, then you are completely delusional.

    If anything, I would suggest that you are the one who is so desperate for attention and relevance here, that you would believe that anyone responding to you is doing so just because you think they’re trying to win your approval.

    In other words, quit projecting, and keep your promise about ignoring me next time, because you’re as bad at that as you are about arguing how a single Hilton and Hyatt point have the same value.

  28. No offense- but I’m sorta new to this site and always interested in taking advantage of any points info….but who is DCS?

    0.5 cents per point is still a rippoff since Hilton removed property price cap. 95000 points per night for Hilton Osaka or Tokyo, Anyone?

  30. This has been extended to June 3rd. Quantity available for purchase also increased. DH bought 240k yesterday. 120 + 120 free. I bought 160k a couple months ago thru this and am now able to buy more if I want.

  31. What works as a great deal for some may not be so great for others.
    It happens to be a very good deal for our needs.
    Please keep posting these offers for those of us that benefit from them.

  32. Where is the hotel at the top of this post? Looks familiar, like Cabo, but wanted to confirm.

  33. @Maggie -What redemption are you aiming for? Thats a lot of points to buy speculatively so I assume you’re wanting then for something. I am finding less and less scenarios where I can even get a redemptive value of 0.05.

  34. Ben – I’m convinced you post this trash to to get people riled up over DCS posts.

    @Joesbabe – he’s a Hilton fan boy. His premise isn’t necessarily off he just doesn’t explain it right. A Hilton point in no way shape or form equals a Hyatt point or Marriott for that matter. However, as Hilton often has promos and allows one to earn more points per dollar spent its basically the same. The problem is he doesn’t say I can say I have 7 pesos or a dollar and it’s the same. He says one peso is the same as a dollar which is completely idiotic and leaves everyone to wonder WTH he’s talking about. Most just ignore him.

  35. Sorry got cut off….

    What he should be saying is that a 95,000 point Hilton redemption is generally the same as a 12500 point Hyatt redemption because one would average so many more points per dollar spent that its basically a wash. But instead of explaining it he just goes on and on as to how he’s some sage.

    It’s common sense but explained like an idiot.

  36. Shawn, we booked at Bakers Cay in Key largo. 240k pts for 5 nights. Cheapest rate was $3000. Paid $1200 for the points so saved alot. I’ve found that taxes, resort fees and getting a 5th night free can really tip the scale toward point usage. But not always. As another poster said, they go to Montego Bay Hilton every year. We are headed there too, but buying points to pay for 5 nights there works out closer to a break even, so no reason to rie up my cash in points for that property.

  37. HEYYY!!! Hilton Fan Boy here!! Actually I’m a girl dude. Note: Joe’s babe?
    Yes, Hilton Fan! Guilty! Been visiting the same hotel for 10 years now-It was a Radisson before a Hilton. So I was a Radisson fan then.(Club Carlson) It’s the location and the hotel. I have no other tropical destinations I prefer anymore. This is like a home away from home. We are recognized and appreciated when visiting. We are treated very well for our loyalty but that is not the reason we return to the same hotel for a February vacation. We just love it there. Our Hilton Amex provides almost all the points we need for a 7-day getaway using our earned points. This is including 2 free days! Need points for 7 days in order to get the 5th night free. We earn the free weekend night with our purchases. So the past 2 years we wanted to add 2 more days to our trip. Being a little short on points-we purchase them when they are doubled.
    If I buy 80,000 points its $800. But I’m getting 160,000….thats $400. a night taxes and fees included! for 2 more nights in paradise. High season! If you pay for the room you are hit with taxes and fees. Not short of at least $6-800.a night I would guess. Remember I needed enough points to get my free night? Sometimes I don’t even need all that I purchased. This puts me ahead for the next year. Then you get points for money spent buying the points. This works great for us-not interested in any other hotels. Like I said before “to each his own! ” Don’t be such a hater! Do what works for you! No Judgement.

  38. PS….No Pesos…just dollars…sorry you don’t understand. I hope my explanation cleared things up.

  39. Hey @joes babe, I’d like to try the Aruba Hilton also! Can I use the weekend certificates there? Do Diamond members get free or discounted breakfast? Is there a fb grouo for that resort u can hook me up with? I have so many questions!
    Also, I wanted to tell you my husband and I did Hilton La Romana all inclusive in February (before Covid) It was only 180k hh points for 7 nights for both of us! We were upgraded to premium for being Diamond. Awesome value for point redemption at 30k per night w one night free! That was an unusually low point cost so I jumped on it. Ymmv. Looking forward to trying Montego Bay all inclusive and Aruba even tho I greatly prefer all inclusive resorts. Have a great trip when you go : )

  40. Hi Maggie-Yes weekend free night excepted-Diamond members used to get $25. breakfast credit. Now we just get a $25. credit each day. I belong to a FB Aruba group -I know the resort has an Instagram page. Do know about a regular FB page. Aruba Hilton Spa & resort is not all-inclusive.
    I know other hotels very nearby are all-inclusive! You others sound very nice! We will have to look them up. Enjoy the February get away-I hope we all can travel again soon! Be safe!

  41. I guess these points don’t earn 14x on the Aspire ?

    Only case I could see for buying points right now was if Hilton posted these as base points.

  42. I buy/accumulate points for 1 use: Maui. In the end, with aggressive reservations, I almost always make out by 3X the value paid. Last year we were upgraded big time to a better suite which was easily a 6X value. 5th night free, no taxes, no fees, its always better used points even if they were purchased at .5 cents. I never use points for a lower 48 stay, military or AAA or diamond cash rate is just better than the dynamic point pricing.

  43. @Gene, @Leon, from March,

    You guys still waiting for that better deal? The hotel I booked in March for points savings in October is now completely full. Had I waited for the “better deal” I’d have been locked out, and the “better deal” has yet to appear.

    But you guys keep waiting.

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