Etihad Is Now Selling Access To Abu Dhabi Arrivals Lounge For $30

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Etihad has been increasingly trying to monetize their products and services to increase revenue and improve their financial performance. This has come in all kinds of different forms. For example, Etihad sells access to their first and business class lounges to economy passengers, they sell first and business class passengers access to their Residence lounge, they sell first class pajamas in economy, and more.

Etihad’s first class lounge Abu Dhabi

It looks like Etihad is now selling access to another lounge, which could prove useful to some. Etihad’s arrivals lounge in Abu Dhabi is available to first and business class passengers. The lounge is fairly nice, though simple. It features a small selection of food and drinks, comfortable seating, showers, shoe shine, steam press, and more (it used to also have a shave salon, though that has been cut).

Economy passengers can now buy access to Etihad’s Abu Dhabi arrivals lounge for 110AED, or 30USD. There’s no need to reserve a spot in advance — you can just show up on arrival and buy access on the spot.

Etihad’s arrivals lounge Abu Dhabi

That’s a fair price for access to the lounge, in my opinion. While I don’t think it’s worth visiting the lounge “just because,” if you have an early morning arrival and know you won’t be able to check into your hotel yet, this is a great place to spend some time, get a shower, use wifi, and enjoy food and drinks. I could certainly see this being worthwhile.

Etihad’s arrivals lounge Abu Dhabi

Every time I’ve visited the lounge it has been quiet, even in the mornings. I guess that’s not too surprising, given that this is intended for people terminating their travels in Abu Dhabi, as most people are simply transiting Abu Dhabi.

Could you see yourself paying $30 to use the Etihad Abu Dhabi arrivals lounge?

  1. @Lucky – noticed it says on the website: “And when you’re ready to leave, our Etihad Chauffeur service will take you from the airport to anywhere in the UAE.”

    Does this qualify for Econ passengers purchasing the pass on day off? Seems like a deal for the transport alone..

  2. I could really see the value here… especially if coming from a long Y flight and you want to refresh yourself and get something quick to eat/drink

  3. Would you be eligible to buy access even if you are connecting? To my understanding (and with the link you posted) EY only sells access to their F lounge, so the difference of paying $30 vs $200 is huge

  4. If they could sell access to the US lounge after customs and immigration, that would be extremely worthwhile! After being herded through customs and immigration pre-clearance, I’ve always had to wait nearly 90 minutes in the very uncomfortable and overpriced US zone of the airport.

  5. Why not open this up to priority pass since they typically pay the lounges $28-$30 per visit anyway ?

  6. To All travellers, SHOWERS, SHOWERS, SHOWERS, the most important amenity these days is to have access to showers in the lounge upon arrival after a long haul flight, it makes a big difference specially when you are on transit to the far East.

  7. Just checked their page, US lounge is also available for walk ins, $50 it says. it’s a good option after clearing customs although its a rather small lounge. Interesting developments…

  8. Way to go to destroy a nice premium product! Enjoy people while it lasts, then the EY Management will see this arrival lounge and chauffeuer transfers to be the next cost cutting victims! EY is on its way to be come a cheapo airline bordering to a premium LCC, if that word even exists!

  9. @Manson T – The lounge after US pre-clearance is very small and usually very crowded, not something anyone would likely want to pay for…

  10. Not sure exactly how these cuts and efforts at selling things ala carte are realistically going to shore up what appears to be a serious hemorrhaging of money. Best case scenario they make a couple more dollars, but it appears the larger problem is one of routes and overall competition, not the fact that too many people are using a limo service or there’s a great upswell for lounge access that is being denied.

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