“Breaking Up With United Airlines”

Thanks to FlyerTalker flygirl94 for posting a link to this video on FlyerTalk. On one hand it’s absolutely hilarious, but at the same time it’s largely true and sad.

That being said, some of Steve’s points don’t add up. He complains about legroom at United, which is probably the one department United isn’t weak in. They have Economy Plus, which has plenty of legroom, and even if you’re not in Economy Plus it’s like most other airline. As for the checked bag fee, it’s the same as most legacy carriers, and definitely not a reason to “break up,” in my opinion. If he were even a moderately frequent flyer that wouldn’t be an issue though, since he’d have E+ access and be exempt from the bag fees. That being said, you can’t compete with JetBlue and Southwest nowadays if you don’t care about the frequent flyer program and are just for the best all around experience.

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  1. Right on all counts, but the sad part is you could substitute “Delta” or “American” or “US Airways” for United in this, and it would be just the same. We’ve also been big United fans, but domestic U.S. carriers (except for maybe JetBlue, Frontier, and Alaska) simply do not CARE about customers any more. We’re now a commodity, like baggage or cargo. We also love(d) United for E+, but is that enough to override the abysmal service the airlines are providing? From now on, we’re trying to fly JetBlue, Alaska, etc. to a domestic gateway, and an international carrier overseas.

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