Another amazing Park Hyatt stay in Zurich!

Park Hyatts are among my favorite hotel brand in the world, because for the most part they’re “true” five star, luxury hotels, and most importantly they’re attainable on points. I’ve stayed at the Park Hyatts in Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Istanbul, Melbourne, Mendoza, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo, and without exception have had amazing stays.

I just finished a two night stay at the Park Hyatt Zurich, which was using the two suite nights I earned for signing up for the Chase Hyatt Visa card. The free nights were going to expire in August and I came to realize that I kept pushing off redeeming them hoping for an uber-aspirational stay, and this seemed about as good of an opportunity as any to redeem them.

The retail cost for my two night stay was an astounding 3,005CHF (~$3,170USD).


Now, admittedly Zurich is an outrageously expensive city, so you can’t really compare this to what you’d get for ~$1,600USD per night in a city like Munich or Bangkok. In Zurich a pack of gum costs $4USD and a grande iced drink from Starbucks costs $9USD, so it’s on a bit of a different scale.

Still, everything about the stay was phenomenal. The suite was gorgeous, service was top notch, location was right where you want to be, and Diamond breakfast was great as well.

Park Suite

Park Suite

Park Suite

Park Suite

It was also my first time in Zurich, and I thought it was beautiful. The city itself isn’t quite as charming as Vienna, for example, though it’s setting on Z├╝richsee sure makes up for any other shortcomings. The only downside of my stay was that aside from the first afternoon the weather was horrible. I don’t think it stopped raining once.


I love Park Hyatts and I love our little hobby. That’s all.

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  1. Indeed, we do have a nice hobby. Writing from a 5000 point priority club redemption hotel where I got upgraded to the club level, with buffet breakfast. ­čÖé

  2. Hi Ben, so my wife and I have 4 nights coming to us through having aquired Hyatt cards. Where would you recommend using them. They don’t all have to be used at once. Europe is favored by her. I dont’t think we get the suite upgrade ajust standard rooms. Cheers for your thought!

  3. The PH chain is my favorite, also. I would love to “collect” all the hotels in that chain.

    Try the PH Vendome. It’s my all-time favorite.

  4. @Levy: yes, I am biased, but The PH Vendome(Paris) was incredible. Very centrally located, rooms amazing, service even better.

  5. My dad and I stayed a couple of nights in Zurich last year and were blown away by how nice and clean and friendly the city was. The Swiss get top marks. And really enjoyed the Sheraton just down the street from the PH, which was a good value.

  6. Same weather in Berchtesgaden. First day cloud ceiling was below level of IC Hotel. Couldn’t see mountains or town, just clouds/ fog. Today, just cloudy with higher ceiling so you can at least see the mts, although not the peaks.

  7. Bamboola and Geoff – thanks ofr the pointer to PH Vendone. I think I would have a very happy wife of we spend a few night in Paris based there. mich appreciated.

  8. @Levy, I agree on the PH Vend├┤me. I used my two free nights to stay there last year in just a regular room. From the couple of pics that Ben posted of Zurich, it appears that my entry-level room in Paris was just as nice as his suite (though not as big of course.) And it’s located in an ideal area of the city.

    Generally the four PH’s where you’d want to use your free nights are: Maldives, Paris, Sydney, or Tokyo. Those properties are where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

    @Ben, I’m surprised that you didn’t use those nights in Paris, as you’ve mentioned before that you wanted to check out that property.

  9. Park Hyatts are indeed great but your post validated me using 2 spare days on the French Riviera instead of Switzerland……there’s expensive and then there’s funny money expensive………and I think the Hyatt Martinez in Cannes while not a Park Hyatt is high on the list of top Hyatts

  10. @ Levy Flight — As mentioned above, I think you really can’t go wrong with any of the Park Hyatts. In Europe those in Milan, Paris, and Zurich consistently get high marks, and the Hotel Martinez in Cannes was stunning as well.

    Otherwise it’s tough to seat the Park Hyatts in Sydney, the Maldives, Tokyo, etc.

  11. @ Coutureguy — To be honest the hotel choice was dictated more by wanting to visit a new city than just getting the best possible hotel. I’ve been to Paris many times and while I’d love to stay at the Park Hyatt, I’m happy with my decision to visit a new city and check another Park Hyatt off my list.

    Still going to do Paris soon, when it naturally fits into my travel plans. ­čÖé

  12. I am curious about your general experience with the Hyatt web site. I have two award nights I have been trying to use for some time (expire at end of September). I always get NOT available or TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES (50/50). I’ve even tried odd Hyatts for a Wednesday in mid-September and get one or the other message. I called Gold Passport and was told it was often like that (after being disconnected once). They also said the rooms were limited. I regret ever getting the Hyatt credit card.

  13. Ben, sorry I didn’t mean to imply that you should have gone to Paris. I was just surprised that you didn’t save the 2-night benefit for Paris, as I thought in the past you had indicated that’s probably where you were going to use it. But anyway, cool that you got to see a new city and stay in such an expensive suite for free. Looking forward to the full trip report. ­čÖé

  14. Great report – I love how you just get to the point…being able to travel like a millionaire thanks to the hobby. Thanks partially to your tips I just happen to be writing this comment from a suite in the Andaz 5th Ave (NYC), after an awesome 4th of July. ­čÖé

  15. @ Coutureguy — Hah, sorry if what I said came across wrong. That was actually my plan all along, I wanted to redeem them for the Park Hyatt. But given that they expire in a month figured still trying to make it to Paris before that date was too risky.

  16. @ Carl P — Totally agree their website is pretty bad. Have you tried calling Hyatt to redeem them, because at least the suite night awards can only be redeemed by phone?

  17. @Ben- No worries. I was hoping my message didn’t come across the wrong way either, lol.

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