Review: Andaz Munich, Germany

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Want to receive extra benefits for your stay at the Andaz Munich, including complimentary breakfast, a confirmed upgrade at the time of booking (if available), a $100 hotel credit, and more? Contact [email protected] for more details. He may even be able to help if you already have a stay booked.

Over the summer we spent one night at the Andaz Munich. I never got around to reviewing it, but better late than never, right?

I’ve had nothing but phenomenal experiences at Hyatt’s full service properties in Germany (like the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf and Park Hyatt Hamburg), and the Andaz Munich was no exception… well, except the service, but I’m willing to give the hotel the benefit of the doubt on that, given the pandemic.

The 277-room Andaz Munich opened in early 2019, so it’s one of Hyatt’s newest properties in Germany.

For context, I visited Munich on the way back from Turkey — my mom was in Germany, and we had spent some time with her there before returning to the US. I’ll focus mostly on the “hard product” of the hotel, since hotels are constantly adjusting service due to coronavirus right now.

Booking the Andaz Munich

We were booking two rooms (like I said, we were seeing my mom), so Ford booked our own night stay through Hyatt Privé, which offered exceptional value. The rate for one night was ~$250 (the same as the “Best Available Rate”), and for booking through the program we received the following:

  • Daily full breakfast for two in the hotel’s restaurant
  • A $100 property credit per room per stay
  • A one category room upgrade confirmed within 24 hours of booking (room-to-room or suite-to-suite) — based on availability at the time of booking
  • Early check-in (as early as 9AM) and late check-out (as late as 4PM), subject to availability
  • A welcome gift and letter

Redeeming points at the Andaz Munich

For context, the Andaz Munich is a Category 5 World of Hyatt property, meaning that a free night here costs 20,000 World of Hyatt points. I value World of Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each, so redeeming points here would be the equivalent of paying ~$300 per night, by my valuation.

In this case paying cash for the stay was definitely the better value, especially when factoring in the value of the Hyatt Privé perks, and in particular the credit, which is disproportionately valuable on a one night stay.

Even if you’re not a Hyatt loyalist, earning World of Hyatt points can be pretty easy. In addition to being able to earn World of Hyatt points with the World of Hyatt Credit Card (review), you can also transfer over points from Ultimate Rewards.

Andaz Munich arrival, check-in, and lobby

The Andaz Munich has a pretty exterior — there’s the main tower, and then that’s connected to another building with just five floors.

Andaz Munich exterior

I loved the design of the Andaz, starting with the massive pretzel just inside the lobby and to the right. Apparently it’s not edible, though I didn’t verify myself. 😉

Andaz Munich lobby

While Andaz typically has a check-in concept whereby there’s no traditional front desk, coronavirus has changed that. The Andaz has three podiums where check-in happens, with each having a plexiglass shield.

Andaz Munich reception

The lobby had plenty of seating, and the hotel’s bar and restaurant were also on this floor (more on that later).

Andaz Munich lobby

Eventually we were given keys to our rooms, and took the elevators up to the third floor.

Andaz Munich elevators

The Andaz Munich has a cool atrium — at first I thought the colorful rails were a bit cheap-looking, but it grew on me.

Andaz Munich hallway

Andaz Munich atrium

Andaz Munich Andaz Large Suite

On account of my Globalist status we received a fantastic upgrade to an Andaz Large Suite (room #344), which is two categories above the standard suite at this property (the standard suite is an Andaz Suite, then there’s an Andaz View Suite, and then this is the next suite).

The Andaz Large Suite is allegedly 1,300 square feet. Personally it didn’t feel quite that big to me, but it’s also all one room, which is either good or bad, depending on how you look at it. It means you don’t have much privacy, but it also means the space generally feels quite large.

The room had a “U” shaped entryway, where you could walk either left or right to access the room.

Andaz Munich suite entryway

Andaz Munich suite entryway

There were tons of closets, and a half bath right off the entrance.

Andaz Munich suite half bath

I liked the design of the room — it featured a king size bed facing a TV, which was on a console in the middle of the room.

Andaz Munich suite bedroom area

Andaz Munich suite bedroom area

Andaz Munich suite bedroom area

On the console was an illy coffee machine, as well as some complimentary drinks and snacks. Andaz properties have free minibars as a standard amenity. This minibar wasn’t very well stocked — I’m not sure if that’s the norm, or if they’ve cut back on minibar contents due to coronavirus.

Andaz Munich suite coffee machine

Andaz Munich in-room coffee

Andaz Munich complimentary snacks & drinks

Past that was a large “L” shaped couch with a coffee table, and behind that was a desk with a chair.

Andaz Munich suite living area

Andaz Munich suite living area & desk

Then in the far corner of the room was a dining table with four chairs.

Andaz Munich suite dining area

The room overlooked another wing of the hotel, as well as an area with a garden and trees.

Andaz Munich suite view

The bathroom was back near the entrance, and was rather W Hotel-esque, in the sense that it looked out over the rest of the room. On the plus side, there were blinds you could draw, so there was limited downside to this setup.

The bathroom featured double sinks, a tub, a walk-in shower, and a partitioned off toilet.

Andaz Munich suite bathroom

Andaz Munich suite bathtub

Andaz Munich suite shower

Andaz Munich suite toilet

Toiletries were from Silver Saskia Diez. They were in large bottles, and I don’t think I’ve seen these before at any other Hyatts.

Andaz Munich suite toiletries

Andaz Munich King Room

The second room we were assigned was #328, which was a king room, I believe with a view (or maybe not).

Andaz Munich room exterior

The room followed the same general design pattern, with the bed in the middle of the room, the sitting area by the window, and the bathroom near the entrance.

Andaz Munich king room

Andaz Munich king room

Andaz Munich king room

Andaz Munich king room shower

Andaz Munich Andaz Lounge Bar

The Andaz Munich’s lobby lounge is open daily from 7AM until 10PM. I didn’t end up having anything here, but essentially the hotel’s lobby has a lot of seating options, and you can order everything from coffee to cocktails here.

Andaz Lounge Bar

Andaz Lounge Bar

Andaz Lounge Bar seating

Andaz Lounge Bar seating

Andaz Lounge Bar seating

Andaz Lounge Bar seating

Andaz Munich The Lonely Broccoli dinner

The Andaz Munich’s signature restaurant is The Lonely Broccoli, and we decided to have dinner here (given that we had a $100 per room credit thanks to booking through Hyatt Privé). The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, and seems to be popular with locals as well.

The Lonely Broccoli Munich indoor seating

The Lonely Broccoli Munich indoor seating

The Lonely Broccoli Munich outdoor seating

The dinner menu read as follows:

We were offered some bread to start.

The Lonely Broccoli Munich dinner — bread

We ordered the salmon with caper salsa, the sausages, and sides of broccoli and garden vegetables.

The Lonely Broccoli Munich dinner — main course

The Lonely Broccoli Munich dinner — main course

The Lonely Broccoli Munich dinner — sides

Andaz Munich breakfast

Breakfast was served in the restaurant from 7AM until 12PM, and consisted of a buffet where you were served by hotel staff. The buffet was reasonable good, though nothing memorable.

Andaz Munich breakfast buffet

Andaz Munich breakfast buffet

Andaz Munich breakfast buffet

Andaz Munich breakfast buffet

On top of that, you could order custom eggs and waffles.

Andaz Munich breakfast

Andaz Munich breakfast

Andaz Munich gym, spa, and pool

Arguably the most impressive amenity of the Andaz is the 22,000 square foot spa complex on the fifth floor. There are six spa treatment rooms, a pool, a spa deck, and a gym.

Andaz Munich spa reception

While I didn’t get any spa treatments, the spa area looked gorgeous.

Andaz Munich spa

Andaz Munich spa

Andaz Munich spa treatment room

The pool was up a spiral staircase from the lower level.

Andaz Munich spa

You guys know I’m pretty good about taking pictures of hotel amenities when they’re empty, but my gosh, no one can compete with Germans who want to go to a pool. I know I’m spoiled being from Florida (even though I never go to a pool there either), but every time I’m in Germany I’m amazed by how excited Germans get about pools. I feel like in Germany many would choose a trip to the pool over a free iPhone.

I went up at 7AM right as the pool opened, and there seemed to be a procession of people in bathrobes and slippers looking to swim, as I had to wait for three elevators before I got an empty one (and in both there were people going to the pool).

The pool was indeed quite nice, and there was also a large outdoor deck.

Andaz Munich pool

Andaz Munich pool deck

Andaz Munich pool deck

The Andaz also had a solid gym with both cardio and weights.

Andaz Munich gym

Andaz Munich gym

Andaz Munich gym

Andaz Munich gym

Andaz Munich service

I’m extremely forgiving of bad service at big hotels during the pandemic, since they just about all seem to be understaffed. I suspect two things contributed to that during our stay:

  • I was expecting the hotel would be mostly empty, but it ended up being packed, seemingly with people taking weekend getaways
  • This summer most Hyatt rates included free breakfast, which is fine when a hotel isn’t particularly full, but it’s problematic when a restaurant isn’t properly staffed and isn’t used to having this many guests

Service for our one night stay was comically bad, though personally I’m not holding it against the hotel too much, since I would imagine it’s usually much better (otherwise the hotel wouldn’t be so well reviewed):

  • It took over 20 minutes to check-in, as there was only one person working
  • No one answered the phone when we called guest services
  • Service at breakfast was a struggle, and it took real effort to get one coffee, let alone a refill
  • My mom’s TV wasn’t working and our air conditioning wasn’t working; we only discovered our air conditioning problem at around 11PM, so the hotel said it would call maintenance, though it took an hour for anyone to come, and then we were told that the problem existed throughout the hotel
  • There was no coffee or wine hour in the lobby, which I’ve otherwise found to be a standard at Andaz, though perhaps it was eliminated due to coronavirus

I would hope service is usually much better than that, and I’d certainly give the hotel another try in hopes of that being the case.

Bottom line

We mostly enjoyed our one night stay at the Andaz Munich. The hotel has a great hard product, with nice guest rooms and public spaces. In particular, the pool, spa, and gym, seem to be popular with guests.

Service during our stay was bad, but I think it’s only fair to give large hotels the benefit of the doubt during these times. I’d absolutely give the Andaz another try when I’m next in Munich, as it’s probably the all around best points option in the city.

If you’ve stayed at the Andaz Munich, what was your experience like?

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  1. I really love this hotel and I stay there way too often. Always on a Privé rate and now as a Explorist i can’t blame the hotel for not having good treatment. The funny thing is: I now have 29 nights in 2020 in this hotel and i now get greeted by name when entering the hotel.
    Yes, since the pandemic they are ridiculously understaffed and especially Bavaria is at this moment a sh*t-show when it comes to covid-regulations, but just to comment on your point about wine hour: I had it twice and it was great. But since May(?) they had to cancel it and are not even talking about it anymore – Let’s see what 2021 brings to that.
    The minibar normally has 2 beer (to pay), 2 water and 2 lemonades/cokes/etc. in there. Free refills twice a day if you ask and they follow what is in the WOH comment field.
    So yeah, lovely hotel, great spa (closed at this time) and I really like the suites where I got to enjoy all of them apart from the Penthouse 😉

  2. Agree with Alex. I was at this property in January this year and had a great experience and no issues with service so I assume that is pandemic related.

    One note – those check-in podiums have been there even before the pandemic so perhaps just their own interpretation of the Andaz check-in process unlrelated to COVID requirements.

    They certainly used to have the wine hour which was done quite nicely. I was also impressed by my treatment as someone without status. When I checked into my (standard King) room booked with points, I had a nice note and a bottle of wine waiting in the room. They also provided a free drink from the bar when I checked in as there was a bit of a wait. I felt like I received better treatment at this Andaz with no status and no special rate than I normally do as a Titanium member staying at Marriott properties.

    The only negative for me was how far of a trek the shorter building was from the front lobby (had to go up the elevator bank, across the bridge connecting the buildings and back down to my floor).

  3. I stayed at this hotel in January and February this year and service was great both times. The first stay (2 nights) we were upgraded to a suite as a globalist. The restaurant and gym and pool were not crowded at all. Perhaps in January people don’t travel as much! We stayed again in February when we were departing Germany and our flight was canceled due to a storm. I booked online at 9 pm and got a $200/night rate. There was wine in the lobby in the early evening and we were also offered drinks on check in, which was fast on both stays. It is a little out of the way, but definitely a hotel we will return to.

  4. One note regarding the complimentary mini bar drinks and snacks at various Andaz Hotels: in my experience they became scarcer and scarcer over time, and now Covid has been a great excuse to further reduce the offerings. I was at Andaz Scottsdale and Savannah recently and it was close to nothing

  5. Not to nitpick, but if the “suite” doesn’t have a door that closes the bedroom off from the living room, I’d classify that as a junior suite, notwithstanding its size. Clearly, however, it’s a very nice room 🙂

  6. Your comments about Germans and their affection for hotel pools are spot on. I had never encountered busier city hotel pool areas than I experienced last year at the Park Hyatt Hamburg and the Grand Hyatt Berlin. I probably encountered more people in robes in the elevators at those two hotels than I’ve encountered at all other city hotel stays combined during the previous 20 years of traveling.

  7. You missed out on the fancy bar – on the top floor of the tower (maybe it was closed due to the pandemic though).

  8. The hotel looks lovely, but my only concern is the location – it looks seriously out of the way. Munich is a bit of a sprawl at the best of times, but this is almost at the end of the English Gardens, plus a good few minute walk from the U-Bahn.

  9. I’d be disappointed with the service regardless of the pandemic. USSD 250 might be a good rate for this hotel, but it isn’t a throw-away rate. A 20 minute wait for a check-in, an unanswered phone, hotel-wide maintenance problems, or poor restaurant service are all individually acceptable to dismiss as pandemic related. However, all of them combined with elimination of brand standard amenities isn’t acceptable at that price point. Frankly, I think you’re owed compensation.

  10. Good review, and a reminder of why I hate the Andaz brand. I can’t stand their check-in style and weird rooms.

    Give me the Marriott Scwabing every day of the week.

  11. We were there back in November (2019) and the service was extraordinary. We arrived from the US at 8am and our room was ready and they said we were welcome to have breakfast. As a globalist it was included but not typically when you arrive at 8am.

    And the front desk staff was no nice and friendly in addition to being incredibly hot. They were totally rocking the super tight chinos. But I digress…

  12. We stayed during August for 3 nights at the Andaz.
    While the spa/pool area is really amazing (and one of the few sun decks in German cities!), the other parts were “schwierig” 😉
    Regular room service had to be asked, even the refill of the minibar had to be asked. The restaurant is nothing to write home about, but the rooftop bar was pretty nice – though quite expensive.

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