100% bonus on purchased or transferred US Airways miles

This is like the ridiculously awesome deal they had in July, except better. US Airways is offering a 100% bonus on all miles purchased or transferred through the end of the year (maximum of 50,000 miles per account).

As Gary points out, that means you could fly between the US to Europe in business class for around $1,000. Just buy 40,000 miles and US Airways gives you 40,000 more, enough for such a ticket.

I know a lot of people that were angry at themselves for not taking advantage of the offer last time, so don’t let it pass if you think you might have a use for the miles….

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  1. 3 accounts — my domestic partner, my father, and I.

    For each account you can:

    Buy 50,000+50,000 = 100,000
    Gift 50,000+50,000 = 100,000
    Share 50,000+50,000 (less the 50,000 shared) = 50,000

    Total = 250,000 per account
    Three accounts = 750,000!!

    Too bad I don’t have any children. 🙂

  2. Grrr. I bought 4k last week to top off at only 20% bonus. Grrr. I’ll take comfort with the res agent saying “last seat” on a couple of the C/F segs.

    @Gene I’m up for adoption. 😀

  3. Thanks Lucky. Just bought/gifted a couple 100,000 miles and started redeeming for *A travel on AC.

    What a deal. Once I am out I may buy some more. Even with the steep change fees (free on UA) still a steal.

    I was even offered UA flights which .bomb and ANA did not show. Go figure.

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