You’re kidding me, right?

It’s not often that I can read through a whole Chris Elliott article without laughing, but for once it’s not Chris that’s causing my laughter, but rather the guy that wrote him. Check out this article about a guy that flew less than 25,000 miles within six months on United, yet complained well over 200 times, netting him 68,500 miles, several upgrades, and over $5,000 in vouchers.

I’d like to award Mr. Yen, the guy that wrote Chris Elliott, with the jackass of the year award. A few thoughts:

  • Did you really think United wouldn’t catch on when you complained “well over” 200 times about less than 25,000 flown miles?
  • Why on earth did you decide to contact Chris Elliott about this? You’re the one that looks like a tool.
  • How stupid is United for not catching on earlier? I’m still against audits that take months, but seriously, how did it take them so long?

The lesson is simple: don’t get too greedy.

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  1. Here’s a gem from the article:

    “What doesn’t seem fair is that I can continue to accumulate miles but not use them.”

    Man, you don’t even have to have your account audited and locked to experience that!

  2. I just hope United tells this jackass not to fly with them again or even refuese to fly him. I think my stats for letter writing totals at around 5 in approximately 300k miles on United.

  3. Read this yesterday, that many complaints in such a short time. Good Riddance, UA would be better off without him.

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