Wow, Sky Clubs are *actually* nice!

I’ve visited the Delta Crown Room Club in Tampa a few times in the past, but I have to say it has actually improved since it got Northwestified. First of all, thank God that Northwest moved to the Delta terminal in Tampa, or else there would be no lounge to use. Anyway, the Sky Club really is the best of both worlds. The Crown Room Club used to just have that crappy snack mix, but now it has a bunch of snacks, including the awesome Northwest cookies! I even managed to set up my own buffet, given that I hadn’t eaten all day.


Yep, that’s a Diet Coke with biscoffs, cheese, pretzels, spicy snack mix, hummus and crackers, and cookies! Totally healthy, I know. It’s worth noting that the sugar cookies are addictive. Like, really, really, really good. I think I had about nine, or something like that.

The best part about the Sky Club has to be the people working there. At United I’m used to getting served by a bartender that hides their face behind a gossip magazine, and if I’m noticed doesn’t exchange a word with me unless I tip. Here, on the other hand, they’re friendly, engaging, Delta employees, instead of some contracted employees that were hired off the street.


I also love the panoramic views from the Sky Club of…. security! Obviously this club was built before 9/11.


Anyway, I’m almost tempted to buy a lounge membership just for the times I’m waiting for a flight in Tampa. Either way, this is one area in which Delta and Northwest really did combine the best of both airlines.

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  1. How did you get in? Do you have a platinum Amex?

    Yes, the Delta people make the difference, ha. 🙂

  2. Sorry my friend but your enthusiasm is way over the top…Maybe for Delta people the SkyClub is an upgrade but for us Northwest WorldClub people – it’s yet another reduction. Whereas food and snacks were readily available at any hour, Delta has decided that us travelers do not need anything outside of the morning and 4-7pm time frame. Delta’s crappy snack mix at 12 noon doesn’t cut it. They’ve removed cheese, crackers and other items – and they happen to increase the dues! Now that’s the Delta I’m getting to hate…

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