Worst. Redeye. Ever.

A Ted redeye can’t be that bad, right? Wrong!

I had the pleasure of sitting in seat 11C, which is usually a great seat. I say usually because I have a soul. Well, at least part of a soul, which can be a problem at times, like last night’s flight. The guy sitting behind me (in 12C) was at least 6’8″. I’m not selfish or evil enough to recline in a situation like that.

I thought I got lucky with my seatmate, since she was a relatively small girl that looked like she maybe worked as an, erm, “waitress” in Vegas. What I didn’t realize is that she’d be on me for the whole flight. When I say “on me” I mean constantly placing her head on my shoulder as she drifted to sleep, until I gave her a bit of a nudge to get back into her “territory.”

What was the net result? Not a minute of sleep and a lot of standing in the galley. I’m cranky.

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  1. Must have been something about yesterday…I was flying back from SJU to ORD and I was in 16C and the guy behind me (who was shorter then me, i’m 6′) decided to take his lack of legroom out on my back throughout the entire flight. At one point he actually decided to brace himself so I couldn’t recline my seat at all. Was an amazing flight!

  2. With your seatmate, that is when you put your arm up and around her… 😉

    Afterall, TED was made for cuddling…

  3. Next time be sure to request a seat next to a POS 😉

    But yeah, I sort of understand where you’re coming from. Cute or not cute, I don’t necessarily want a stranger leaning on me for four hours.

  4. You should have gone thru DEN, turns out there IS an IAD redeye. But then you would have missed the excitement. Hopefully, you got some sleep going into TPA.

  5. Huh? On each redeye I say my prayers for an open middle first but if not I wish for a small cute, nice smelling girl who falls asleep on me 🙂 Ok, preferably my girlfriend 🙂

    As for the guy behind you… you are too nice… its a redeye and reclines are just required, it just is….

    I got one of the only open middles last night on my redeye (SEA-IAD) but it was over 1 hr delayed due to late inbound aircraft from SFO.

  6. … and on my first transpac (YVR-PVG) I knew the plane was full so I prayed for a small cute girl who speaks english and alas my prayers were answered when this cute petite college girl plops down next to me with a smile and a hi. I was telling myself I am just too damn lucky… it cant be true… stuck with her for 12 hrs… then 5 minutes later this 6′ college boy in a big parka says to her “uhh… I think thats my seat”. She double checks… I think ..”no, no, NO!”.. and … “oops, Im sorry, Im in the row in front”.. she looks at me sadly and picks up her things… oh, the pain… the pain…
    During the 6 hr de-icing delay he scarfs down a smelly hoagie and takes a loud nap… while in his parka exploding out of his seat the whole time nudging me. We never made it off the tarmac but thats another story…

  7. Ben..come on man..that was a perfect opportunity! Cute, young, wants to cuddle..maybe she even liked the jonas brothers? 🙂

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