Worst Hotel Bathroom I’ve Had In Years

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I love a hotel with a good bathroom. When I wrote my “Day 47” update of living in hotels, two of the three things I missed about having an apartment involved bathrooms:

  • I miss not consistently having a bathtub
  • I miss not consistently having good water pressure in showers

Of course there are some hotels with amazing bathrooms that I would’ve gladly given up the one in my previous apartment for.

The Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur comes to mind, for example.


In terms of “destination bathrooms,” if you will, the Park Hyatt Istanbul comes to mind. They have “Spa King” rooms, which are actually more expensive than the suites thanks to the Turkish baths they have.


And I want to make it clear that I don’t expect such bathrooms at all hotels. I realize not all hotels will have bathtubs, and not hotels will even have large bathrooms, but today I’m kind of experiencing the other extreme.

I’m at the Grand Hyatt New York right now. I’m staying here because I want to review all the Hyatt properties in New York, and I only have a couple of Hyatt New York properties left to review. I’ve reviewed the Hyatt Union Square, Hyatt Times Square, Andaz 5th Avenue, and Andaz Wall Street.

On the while I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the hotel. The club lounge is great and the room itself is surprisingly large and hip for an otherwise sterile 1,300+ room hotel.


I was actually thrilled about the room until I opened the bathroom door.


The bathroom looked clean enough, though it’s so small that it’s entirely impossible to use without getting frustrated. First of all, you can’t use the sink without standing sideways and/or being hit by the doorknob. The toilet is wedged in there so oddly that it’s incredibly impractical to use. And while the shower is at least “walk-in,” it’s extremely tight — good luck doing the chicken dance.


Anyway, this was the tightest and most impractically designed hotel bathroom I’ve ever experienced, I think, and I’ve stayed in quite a few “compact” European hotel rooms.

Made me wish I had an airplane bathroom instead. 😉

  1. I knew as soon as I saw the picture what hotel you were at! The club lounge does help make up for the mini bathroom. And try have two people in the room who both are trying to get ready at the same time.

  2. Agreed – I’ve been in those rooms!

    But the shower isn’t as small as the one I had at the Andaz Liverpool a few months ago – standing still you touched the door in front of you and the water regulator knob behind you at the same time. And this was in a suite with an otherwise reasonably large bathroom.

  3. @ mark – Well indeed!
    @ wxguy – The Andaz Liverpool on TripAdvisor has quite large bathrooms. I think they renovated them.
    @ lucky – Hmmm, at least it’s nicely decorated. Do you have a picture of the interior of the shower? And also, I think I’ve seen worse somewhere though I don’t know where. I’m itching to see the full report!

  4. Lived in this hotel for two months last fall before switching to the Hyatt 48 Lex. The Grand Hyatt is so large it’s run like a factory and if you really look at the grout on the tile and the wheels on the shower door at the bottom, you’ll notice black grit/mold. The turnover is so high here housekeeping can’t deep clean the rooms the way they should be cleaned. It had it in EVERY SINGLE ROOM i stayed in over an eight week plus period.

    Great staff at the front desk and in the lounge and a great location at Grand Central in Midtown East, but that’s all this giant property has going for it. Andaz 5th Avenue, Hyatt Times Square, or Hyatt 48 Lex are your safest and most centrally located bets in Manhattan.

  5. That looks even smaller than the bathroom we had at the US Grant in San Diego, in a suite, no less! Zero counter space. At least in yours, the shelf above the toilet runs all the way across. It didn’t at the Grant.

  6. Oh my gosh, we just stayed at that hotel. The bathrooms are ridiculous. You can’t lean over the the sink to wash your face or brush your teeth without banging your forehead on the ledge above. We changed to a suite where the bathroom in the living room was larger and didn’t have the ledge. Of course, the one in the bedroom looked just like your’s! I did really like the club lounge, though, with the patio outside.

  7. Lucky, is this revenue or points? I am looking at making a reservation at a New York hotel near Central Park and I can’t figure out which is more ridiculous the $900 fare before taxes etc at the Park Hyatt or the 35000 pints per night!

  8. I knew which hotel you were writing about before the reveal. After my stay there a few years ago I flew home on a 757 and took a picture of that comparatively spacious lav. In later communication with the hotel I sent them a side by side picture comparing the two toilets and commented how sad it was that there was more space to use the facilities in an airplane lav than the bathroom at their property.

  9. I have bathroom that is laid out about like the pics except mine has two doors . It wouldn’t be a problem because I’m used to small bathrooms.

  10. @Lucky

    Smallest bathroom I’ve been in was at the Conrad Hong Kong. The toilet itself was behind a closed door at the far end of the bathroom. I could barely fit in there, let alone close the door.

    For a luxury high end hotel, oops. That certainly placed the standard room into the “more style than substance” category.

  11. Hey, I can’t find the last leg of your last trip report anywhere (Etihad First Class) – is the link broken, or are you posting it later?

    Thanks for the great reports – love living vicariously.

  12. Dan- You’ve got to be kidding complaining about the Conrad Hong Kong Bathroom. The toilet was in a separate room/space. The bathroom had double sinks, a separate shower and tub. I’ve stayed in this hotel 3 times. I had no issues with the bathroom.

  13. I’ve seen a few bathrooms that size in my travels but usually at low end hotels or in very large cities. I’ve actually had a few where the door would hit the toilet so it wouldn’t open all the way.
    It also seems like some clubquarters have really small bathrooms but not that small.

  14. Yes x 1,000. Throw in all the products women usually use with no space for them and/or trying to get a kid clean in there and it’s almost funny!

  15. I stayed there recently too and had the same reaction to the small bathroom. Where do I put my stuff?!

    Nice job not getting reflected in the mirror in the picture of bathroom. Or do you not show up in mirrors…? 😉

    Check out Il Corso around the corner for a nice Italian meal.

    I like the new format so far…

  16. @ Bill — Hell yeah, assuming it’s a nice bathtub. How else am I supposed to socialize with my collection of Lufthansa ducks?

  17. @ RS — It will be published in a matter of hours. Was going to publish it over the weekend, but blog was down. Thanks for your patience!

  18. @ Peter — Agree with you 100% regarding numbering, trying to see what I can to do to get that fixed.

  19. “The post Worst Hotel Bathroom I’ve Had In Years appeared first on One Mile at a Time.”

    …gee, good thing you settled that.

    (maybe let some of that silliness go since it’s a new web site??)


  20. @Eric – Yes, Copenhagen has the worst bathrooms! The bathroom of the 3-star hotel I stayed in basically had a toilet and sink with a shower attachment and a drain in the floor. There was also a shower curtain to prevent the toilet from getting wet (but not the actual bathroom door or anything else). You would literally shower in the space between the toilet and the bathroom door. It was bizzare, because otherwise my hotel was quite nice and provided a nice breakfast in the morning.

  21. hey at least you get the authentic experience! this is what we manhattanites have to deal with!

  22. You must have had a very different Grand Club experience than I did. I was there during the week for a 3 night stay and every morning the Club was mobbed with tourists and kids running around. I’m all about being a tourist and staying at nice hotels, but this was ridiculous. There were no tables available, the food was a mess, and you had to dodge/weave around the kids.

    I guess I feel the same way about children in the Club as I feel about them at airline lounges. They are welcome as long as the parents realize people use those spaces for work and relaxation, and are often paying to do so.

  23. Hey Ben,
    I live near the city and would love to meet up with you. I figure the answer will be no, but it’s worth a shot. Let me know

  24. Only marginally worse than the Hilton Brussels City. Bathroom was very small, and sink/vanity had NO counter space, so nowhere to put toothbrush, soap, etc.. At least it had a regular toilet and not a stadium flusher–yours takes the cake. 🙂

  25. Whoa. My experience was not like this at all! I stayed at the Grand Hyatt and LOVED my room, which I was certain was the lowest tier because I had booked it on some weird discount hotel site I’d never heard of for ridiculously cheap during the busy holiday season. The room was very spacious and while the bathroom wasn’t gigantic it was certainly not like this at all! Reading the comments though, other people seem to have had similar rooms as you… This is rather a disappointment. I really loved the room and was looking forward to my next stay, but seeing this will make me wary of returning. 🙁

    Love all the tech features of the room though. 🙂

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