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As I mentioned in my review of the Hyatt Union Square New York, Hyatt’s growth in New York the past few years has been explosive. Going back a few years they only had one property in New York City, while they now have seven (the Grand Hyatt, Andaz 5th Avenue, Andaz Wall Street, Hyatt Union Square, Hyatt Times Square, Hyatt 48 Lex, and soon the Park Hyatt).

Up until now I’ve always stayed at the Andaz 5th Avenue and Andaz Wall Street. I consider those two hotels to be the best value in New York as a Gold Passport Diamond member. The service at both properties is great, the rooms are large, and both hotels are fairly good with upgrades.

So this time around for my two night stay in New York I decided to try two new Hyatt properties. I spent the first night at the Hyatt Union Square, and my second night at the Hyatt Times Square, which just opened late last year.

For the Hyatt Times Square I booked the “My Elite Rate.” which was about $160 — that’s tough to beat in New York! Usually I avoid Times Square like the plague, though I figured it was still worth checking out this hotel for one night.

The good news is that it’s not right in the heart of Times Square — it’s about two blocks away, so that’s nice. It’s a touristy area, but not nearly as bad as being right in Times Square, like the W Hotel, for example.

Hyatt Times Square exterior

Hyatt Times Square exterior

The Hyatt Times Square is fairly large — it has 487 rooms spread across 54 floors. The actual “footprint” of the hotel isn’t that big, as there are fewer than a dozen rooms per floor.

Hyatt Times Square exterior

The lobby is small but functional, and the front desk was located right by the entrance.

Hyatt Times Square lobby

Hyatt Times Square lobby

The associate checking me in was extremely friendly, and reminded me I would receive complimentary internet, 4PM late check-out (which she proactively applied to my room), complimentary breakfast (she didn’t name a dollar limit), and a choice of Diamond welcome amenities (I chose the 1,000 Gold Passport points).

The hotel has two sets of elevators — one for the lower floors and one for the higher floors. I was assigned a King Room on the 37th floor.

Hyatt Times Square elevator

I was assigned room 3702, located just outside the elevator to the left.

Hyatt Times Square hallway

Hyatt Times Square room entrance

Hyatt Times Square floorplan

I thought my room was a good size for an entry level room.

Hyatt Times Square room entrance

The room featured a king size bed, a chair with ottoman, and then a desk and flat screen TV on the opposite side of the room.

Hyatt Times Square room

Hyatt Times Square room

Hyatt Times Square room TV & desk

Instead of having a minibar there was just an empty fridge, which I far prefer.

Hyatt Times Square room fridge

While I was impressed that the other Hyatt had a Nespresso machine, this one just had a standard coffee machine with Starbucks blend coffee.

Hyatt Times Square room coffee machine

The desk was functional, with lots of outlets and adapters, and a comfortable enough rolling chair.

Hyatt Times Square room desk

Hyatt Times Square room chair with ottoman

The view from the room was nice enough thanks to the high floor I was on.

Hyatt Times Square room view

The bathroom was sleek, though at the same time black bathrooms drive me nuts and are almost blinding.

Hyatt Times Square room bathroom

Hyatt Times Square room bathroom

The bathroom featured a walk-in shower, with both a “rainforest” shower head and one you could hold. The shower pressure was excellent.

Hyatt Times Square room shower

The toiletries were KenetMD branded, which, well… at least it’s not Portico White Ginger (the brand they used to have).

Hyatt Times Square room shower

In the morning I had breakfast at t45, the hotel’s attempt at a retro diner. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is served daily from 6AM till 11AM.

The restaurant was huge and spacious, and I took a seat by the window.

Hyatt Times Square t45 Midtown Diner

Hyatt Times Square t45 Midtown Diner

The breakfast menu read as follows:



I had an egg white omelet, non-fat cappuccino, and orange juice for breakfast. The food and service were both excellent.

Hyatt Times Square t45 Midtown Diner

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, there was a large gym on the 4th floor with a good variety of equipment.

Hyatt Times Square gym

Hyatt Times Square gym

Hyatt Times Square bottom line

The Hyatt Times Square is modern and feels “fresh” (as you’d expect from a brand new hotel). I thought it was well designed, and all of the employees I interacted with were genuinely friendly and wanting to please, to a higher level than I’ve found at most other hotels.

That being said, this does feel to me like a fairly bland property — the rooms are nice but plain, and the lobby is small and lacks any character. On one hand I like that the hotel is further uptown than the Hyatt Union Square, on the other hand I don’t like being only a couple of blocks from Times Square.

So I don’t have anything bad to say abut the hotel, but it’s not one of my favorites either, despite the great employees. If the price is right and my other “go to” New York hotels aren’t available/priced reasonably, I’d certainly consider returning.

Have you stayed at the Hyatt Times Square? If so, what did you think? What’s your favorite Hyatt property in New York?

  1. From your review, I found this hotel way better than Hyatt Union Square.
    What is that paint in front of the desk? A map?

  2. @Carlos/@lucky – did I read the same review? I do not find this hotel way better than Hyatt Union Square. other than the truly comp’ed breakfast, coffee is worse, chair looks gawd awful and i hate large hotels, and diner chairs. ugh. maybe im biased b/c im staying at the union square in a couple of weeks in the alcove loft (applied DSU). also i hate time square with a passion. couldnt pay me to stay in that area. tourists walking slowly through the area. double ugh.

  3. oh and the kemet stuff is def a grade lower than the C.O. Bigelow stuff – that goes straight into the suitcase.

  4. @ beachfan — They apparently didn’t have any upgrades available, which the website seemed to confirm.

  5. My favourite hotels in NYC are definitely the two Hyatt Andaz Hotels. The Andaz Wall Street for the spacious rooms and fantastic bathroom as well as the atmosphere. The snacks in the refrigerator are also a nice touch along with coffee, tea and muffins served in the lobby during the morning. The Andaz 5th Ave. for the elegance of the hotel, beautiful rooms along with an excellent location . While I would stay at the Hyatt Place in NYC if the rates were reasonable enough, I cannot recommend it highly.

  6. try the top floor outside deck bar–when I told the bartender I had never been served a $25.00 drink before–a regular vodka martini—he told me I could now cross that off my bucket list!

  7. I stayed at this property a few weeks ago for the first time, and I think your review was spot on, but it left out the one feature that I think made the room unique: heated tile floors in the bathroom. While it didn’t make a material difference in my stay, I thought it was a nice touch (and made me want them at home).

  8. Will you do a comparison and ranking of the Andaz 5th Avenue, Andaz Wall Street, Hyatt Union Square, Hyatt Times Square and possibly all other hotels in New York you’ve stayed at (e.g. W, etc.)? That would be fun and informative (if I go to New York, it will be long until I return).

  9. Lucky, i stayed at this hotel about 3 weeks ago. The rooftop bar is pricey, but has great views. It also has a rather large outdoor patio. I also agree that breakfast was very good, and as a diamond they removed the enitre charge from my bill. (was probably about $65 for 2 people. I booked a my eltie rate and for the price of the room the size cant be beat. Also, for people staying in NYC i think you underestimate how good the transportation options are from this location….you can get anywhere in the city on the subway with ease.

  10. Free room service breakfast is the best thing about this hotel. The rooftop bar is the tallest bar in NYC.

  11. I stayed at this hotel a few weeks ago and will definitely go back. I appreciated that they have 2 queen rooms for families. Quiet location despite being steps from Times Square, which is great for a tourist going to a few Broadway shows. And I absolutely agree about the staff – everyone I met was genuinely nice and helpful. They proactively offered free drinks, dessert, and Internet for my whole family to apologize for the delay at check in. I have no status at Hyatt, yet truly felt welcome there.

  12. I stayed at the Hyatt Times Square back in December, right after its soft opening. I used a Suite upgrade and was given an Executive Suite. Overall, considering the hotel was very new when I was there, I enjoyed my stay… in large part because of the staff. I liked the decor… but agree, sadly missed the Nespresso. I’m not too much of a fan of the ‘Starbuck Bland’ coffee 😉

  13. It’s a pleasant hyatt, and the views are pretty good from most rooms, which isn’t true of the Andaz 5th Ave. The rooftop bar is impressive, and expensive. I found the LED light show in the elevator lobby to be headache inducing though, lol. Great review!

  14. It seems hotels around Times Square cater to the tourists and/family as there aren’t many nicer amenities you would find away from TS. Take for example the Nespresso machine (which is the best!) Also, over at the IC Times Square there isn’t an Ambassador Lounge.

  15. Looks pretty good (it should since it’s new, lol) and I guess proximity to Times Square would be viewed as a plus for many tourists.

    I do wonder if two banks of elevators is enough. I’d worked in a 50-story building and we had three banks of elevators.

  16. I’ve stayed at this hotel several times, and while Lucky’s description is wholly accurate, I came away with a very different impression. To me, it felt like a hotel with two distinct personalities.

    I could;t be more grateful for the staff, which is consistently the friendliest and most care-oriented I have experienced at any NY hotel. The Peninsula-level properties provide classier service, but none have made me feel as welcome as this one. In every single interaction over five stays — whether with the bellmen, the front-desk staff, the maids, the waiters, the security staff, or the managers — I felt truly valued.

    As for the location, I love it; it’s actually just a half-block from Times Square, but it feels more removed (and has superb sound-proofing) which is a perfect combination for me.

    The problems with the property — for me — begin with the design. The lobby is the coldest (emotionally) I’ve ever been in, with virtually no place to sit.

    Guest rooms are decorated in a style that I think was supposed to combine ’50s retro cool with Scandinavian smooth, but no design can work when the furniture is less than Ikea quality, and it’s clear it won’t wear well (drawers in several rooms were wobbly when pulled out, sofas felt like pleather.) The TV system, including remote, is unwieldy and non-intuitive, etc. The beds, however, were comfy, with high-grade linens.

    Few of the bathrooms have tubs, and those that do have them inside the same compartment as the “separate” shower, which is to say that the shower is next to the tub, with no barrier between the two. So, if I want to take a shower at the same time my wife is in the bath, she will get drenched. I’ve seen this design before at W properties, and disliked it there, too. Lucky and I differ on our experience of the water pressure; I thought it was weak for NY (which, to be fair, is middling everywhere else). It often took 20 minutes to fill the tub, and the rain showers were ultimately more for show than a true drenching.

    Oh, and robes were rarely provided, even in suites, though one could request them.

    Room service is delivered like deli take-out, in plastic containers inside paper bags, accompanied by plasticwear and disposable napkins (forget getting drinking glasses with bottled water.) The food, while not bad, is clumsily designed to feel “upscale-comfort”; the result is a limited, mostly unhealthy selection, that comes off as pretentious. My best meal was an egg-white omelet, like Lucky’s.

    The whole dining operation added to my feeling that I was staying in a sort of Hyatt Place Plus, except that one can get snacks 24/7 at the limited service properties, and here the restaurant is closed from 11p – 6a.

    The gym and spa are both quite good. The upstairs bar is intimate, cool, and well-designed; in fact, it’s so good that it feels like it belongs in another hotel. There is meeting space, though I never used it; laundry and dry cleaning were handled perfectly.

    In short, my feeling (as I mentioned about the food) was that I was in a sort of full-service Hyatt Place, a hotel with multiple personality disorder. If the guest rooms, lobby and restaurant/room service matched the location, bar, gym, spa & especially service, this would be an ideal NY hotel.

  17. @ Jimmy — Really depends what you’re looking for, that’s a toughie. All things considered I would probably favor the Grand Hyatt due to the club lounge and location, but both are great hotels, in my opinion.

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