Why is Ted spreading?

Beware, this is more of a rant than anything else. 😉 I’m trying to get to LA this weekend, and I’m noticing no low fare classes for a Monday evening flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, except for one flight which shows as being “L9,” which means the lowest fare class is available. Great, but then I look, and it’s listed as a “32S,” which means Ted! Worst of all, it’s listed as “United 4.” How dare you give Ted such a low, prestigious flight number, usually reserved for the sardine cans to Hawaii. C’mon now…. 🙁


  1. I get them a lot on the SF-LA flights. Frankly, I think this is pretty much the perfect route for Ted to live on before he dies off completely. Does F really matter for 30 min in the air if you can score row 11? I doubt UA ever gets much paid F traffic excepting connections anyway.

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